Route 66 Marathon Training – Weeks 8 & 9

19 Oct


Oh my gosh you guys. I have clearly been horrible about sharing my weekly recaps for marathon training and blogging in general. I have been traveling almost every week and really have prioritized running and keeping things organized on the home front and at work so blogging fell to the wayside! But I have pretty much stayed on track with training (which is really pretty miraculous) so I’ll share the last four (yikes) weeks of recaps over the next two days. Consider this all advice on how to prioritize running even when you have a crap ton of traveling going on. k?

Last we left off was week 7, and I had just gotten back from Harry Potter World and squeezed in my first 16 mile long run before we went out of town.

Monday (September 19th) – Rest – I had planned to run with my running group but after flying home was feeling pretty exhausted, so I decided to “sleep in” and get in my run on my own the next morning.

Tuesday (September 20th) – 4 miles easy in the AM on the treadmill, BodyPump + The Trip Immersive Fitness in the PM

Wednesday (September 21st) – 6 miles easy in the AM

Thursday (September 22nd) – BodyPump in the AM

Friday (September 23rd) – 12 miles easy (about 12:30 pace) in the AM. I had to fit my long run in on Friday morning because in the evening I left town to head to my 10 year college reunion for the weekend!

Saturday (September 24th) – Rest – Out of Town!

Sunday (September 25th) – I had 6 yasso 800s on the schedule and had brought my running clothes to complete them outside on Sunday morning. Buuuut, first I went outside the hotel and wasn’t dressed warm enough, but I kept running to a local park with a path where I figured I could do loops. However the park ended up being tiny and not nearly long enough so I ended up running back to the hotel to jump on the treadmill. The treadmill was awful though, it was shaking as I ran, and the room was super hot. so after about 1.5 miles of warm up pace I through in the towel. It just wasn’t going to happen and it wasn’t worth forcing myself into it.

In summary… 

Total running miles: 22 – a little low since I missed one workout.

Strength workouts: 2

Core workouts : 0

BodyFlow workouts: 0


Week 9 of training was the perfect example of me basically dropping everything except running. The hubby and I were planning to leave on Friday around noon to head to Virginia for a nice vacation away, so I had to make sure I fit all my runs for the week in before we left. Especially since I knew the following week would bring some challenges with fitting in runs while we were out of town.

Monday (September 26th) – 6 miles easy in the AM

Tuesday (September 27th) – 5 miles easy in the AM, BodyPump in the PM

Wednesday (September 28th) – GRIT Strength in the PM

Thursday (September 29th) – 3 miles kinda speedy (11:00 pace) in the AM

Friday (September 30th) – 16 miles easy in the AM – I felt really great and strong during this long run. It was a major confidence booster!


Saturday (October 1) – Rest from training but 4 miles of hiking around Shenandoah National Park!


Sunday (October 2) – Rest from training but 6 miles of hiking around Shenandoah National Park, covering two different trails.


In summary… 

Total running miles: 30!

Strength workouts: 2

Core workouts : 0

BodyFlow workouts: 0


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