Route 66 Marathon Training – Weeks 10 & 11

20 Oct


I’m continuing to catch up with my marathon training workout recaps!!! Here are the last two weeks of training. 🙂  Last we left off, I was in Virginia on vacation and hiking around Shenandoah National Park! So week 10 started out with lots of hiking, followed by lots of running, and one missed run.  Overall though, no complaints.

Monday (October 3rd) – Rest from training but we hiked 4 miles around Shenandoah National park, covering two different trails, and climbed to the highest point in the park! I definitely got some good hill training in.


Tuesday (October 4th) – Rest, still on vacation. We didn’t hike as much today but we enjoyed some gorgeous vistas in the park.

Wednesday (October 5th) – 5 miles easy, We got back home in the early afternoon, and I ran in the evening. Running in the evening is not my favorite, but I still got in the scheduled 5 miles and kept a pretty good pace (11:30).

Thursday (October 6th) – 6 miles easy. REAL easy. This run was horrible. I took the day off of work, and spent the morning running errands, so by the time I got out there it was sunny and hot. I ran the first three miles pretty strong, but then my stomach started to feel uneasy and I basically walked the last three. Oh well, at least I got the miles in! Can’t win em all. 🙂

Friday (October 7th) – 18 miles easy. I ran the first three miles with my running group and was honestly very nervous about the last 15. I’m not sure why I was so nervous about it all, but I was glad and proud when this run was done.


Saturday (October 8th) – Rest

Sunday (October 9th) – Speedwork was planned for today but I was pretty tired from 3 days back-to-back-to-back of running, so I decided to take another rest day.

In summary… 

Total running miles: 29

Strength workouts: 0

Core workouts : 0

BodyFlow workouts: 0


And now we are caught up to last week! Week 11 of training!

Week 11 brought with it lots of running, including the big 20 miler! In addition, I had a race on Sunday that I ran with my running group. I ended up cutting out BodyPump just to make sure I had enough rest and recovery to tackle both of those challenges.

Monday (October 10th) – 5 miles easy in the AM

Tuesday (October 11th) – Rest

Wednesday (October 12th) – 3 miles easy in the AM

Thursday (October 13th) – 20 miles! I dialed back the pace a tad because I could tell my body was craving a long slow run. When I finished I felt great and I truly had minimal soreness after so I felt really great about this run!  After my run I showered, stretched, ate and drove to Lancaster Pennsylvania to visit with friends for a long weekend.


Friday (October 14th) – Rest…. and the Turkey Hill Experience!


Saturday (October 15th) – Rest

Sunday (October 16th) – 6.5 mile race! On Sunday I met up with my running group to run the Hershey Half Marathon Relay. We had two relay teams and all agreed to run together. I ran leg 2, which was around 6.5 miles long and pretty hilly. I told my friend I wasn’t going to look at my watch and just run by feel and it worked out great! I found a great pace that was slightly uncomfortable but felt sustainable, and was shocked when I hit stop on my watch and saw our pace! This was a much, much better experience than when I ran the entire Hershey Half Marathon in 2011.


In summary… 

Total running miles: 34.5 – holy crap.

Strength workouts: 0

Core workouts : 0

BodyFlow workouts: 0

Only two more high mileage weeks to go and then it’s taper time!!


3 Responses to “Route 66 Marathon Training – Weeks 10 & 11”

  1. KJ Coco April 3, 2017 at 2:14 am #

    I find that Flow or CXWORX always help my running form, less likely to slip into poor running postures.
    But I guess I’m not doing them while building up to a huge race.

    • Becca April 5, 2017 at 3:25 pm #

      I totally agree. CXWORX has helped me to improve in my running big time!!!


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    […] – 6 miles easy in the AM – This run felt tough because I had just run the Hershey Half Marathon Relay the day before at a pretty fast pace. I knew I had to get the mileage in though, and if anything, it was good […]

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