Route 66 Marathon Training – Week 13

31 Oct


Well, peak marathon training is done!!! And it’s time to taper!! and man am I ready!! The beginning of last week was really tough. My body was just so tired, and my motivation was gone. Waking up early to run felt SO difficult. I am really grateful to have people to run with on those mornings when I just want to stay in bed. But that being said, despite the tough week mentally, it was a really strong running week for me and ended on a great note!

Monday – Rest – I woke up to run but my throat was sore. After determining it was NOT my lack of motivation making me not want to get out of my bed, I went back to sleep hoping I’d wake up and feel fine – I did.

Tuesday – 5 speedy miles (10:44 pace) in the AM, The Trip Immersive Cycling in the PM

Wednesday – 4.5 miles REALLY speedy, thanks to my running mates (10:15 pace…what?!)

Thursday – BodyPump in the AM

Friday – 6 miles easy (11:44 pace) in the AM- these miles felt easy compared to the faster runs earlier in the week. I was super thankful for some slower miles that helped build my confidence since I didn’t feel like my lungs were going to explode.

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 20 miles – Sunday was the perfect last day of hard training for the marathon. I woke up around 5:30 and ran 7 miles around Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada.  From there I caught the shuttle (with my dad) to the start line of the Niagara Falls International Half Marathon!!! I had a great time running the race, despite head winds and rain, and I managed to break the 2:30 mark (finally!!) and PR with a time of 2:28:35!!! I was thrilled and shocked but also felt great to have pushed myself for the race, despite having run 7 miles before it started!!! I’ll have a full race recap soon (and it’ll be a good one), but I was so happy to end the week and peak training on such a high note!! I ended up running the full 20 miles in just under 4 hours too… my fastest long run this cycle!!

In summary… 

Total running miles: 35.5

Strength workouts: 1

Core workouts : 0

BodyFlow workouts: 0

Bring on the taper!!!


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