Route 66 Marathon Goals

18 Nov

Hi guys – Happy Friday to you!

I am in Tulsa, and today we are planning on hitting up the expo and sight-seeing so that tomorrow can be reserved for resting my legs! Make sure you’re following me on instagram @beccarun for the most timely updates of race weekend!

I wanted to check in and share my goals for this marathon, and talk through what I’m thinking (for now at least) in terms of race day strategy.

I always like to make multiple goals for big races – one that is a given, and one that is based on my hopeful finishing time, and then a few others.

Goal 1: Have fun, feel strong, enjoy the 26.2 mile victory lap.

Goal 2: Participate in the Center of the Universe Detour. The Route 66 marathon offers a .3 mile “detour” that marathoners can participate in, where we cover a toal of 26.5 miles, and receive a medallion that says we completed the world’s shortest ultra marathon. 🙂

Goal 3: PR the Marathon. My last marathon time was 6:44:48 and barring anything awful happening, I know I can PR this marathon. Last time, I really struggled the last 6 miles, and I feel much more prepared for those late miles this time around since I ran 20 miles twice in training.

Goal 4: Finish 26.2 in under 6 hours. Keep in mind that this means I don’t have to finish the full 26.5 in under 6 to reach this goal – only the marathon distance. 🙂 This has been my goal and focus this entire training cycle. It requires a 13:44 average pace which I feel really good about – all of my training runs have been faster. But I do think I have to be careful with my pacing to not destroy my legs and slow down significantly in the last 6 miles.

…and that’s a nice seque into my pacing strategy for the race…

I want to feel strong during this race, and if possible, not completely hate my life in those last six miles. So, I plan to take the first 6 miles painfully slow (maybe even a 13 minute mile pace). From there I’ll guage how I feel but try not to hit the full accelerator until around miles 18-20. From there, depending on how I feel, I will try to pick up the pace to get to that finish line.

We will see how all this will go, but I really really want to try to not kill my energy early on. I’ll be reminding myself to take it easy in those early miles. The race offers a 6 hour pacer so I may stick with them for the first half or so before picking up the pace. I have to see what their pacing strategy is though, so I’m hoping to catch them at the expo.

Most of all, my plan is to run my own race. And have fun, strong race!!




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