Weekly Workout Recap 11/28 – 12/11

13 Dec

hey hey hey! I can’t believe how December is flying by so quickly!! Apologies for the quiet around here, I have been go-go-go as I’m sure many of you have.

After my recovery week post-marathon, I slowly started to get back to the gym and my “normal” routine. I readded BodyPump and some other classes, and started running regularly again. This time around I’ve decided to “back off” to a higher weekly mileage than I typically would, so I am trying to keep my runs to a minimum of 5 miles, and a minimum of 20 weekly miles. I got so much fitter over marathon training, and I don’t want to go all the way back down to nearly nothing. I want to try to find that balance of maintaining a reasonable amount of mileage (NOT 35 miles per week), and pushing myself enough to stay strong, in a sustainable, livable way.

I also realized that for the first time ever, I am within a shot of hitting 1,000 miles for the year!!  I have always wanted to do it sometime, and it became a realistic goal with the mileage required over the last few months for training. So, I am using that goal to keep motivated and moving as it gets colder and darker here in central PA.  Right now I am at 981 miles and have 18 days left of the year (the photo below was taken yesterday)!  I feel like I can really do it, I just have to keep logging the miles!


Here’s how the last two weeks went:

Monday Nov 28 – 5 miles easy

Tuesday – BodyPump

Wednesday – 5.5 miles easy in the AM, CXWORX in the PM

Thursday – BodyPump

Friday – 5 miles easy

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 5 miles easy

Monday Dec 5 – 5 miles easy

Tuesday – BodyPump in the AM, The Trip Immersive Cycling in the PM

Wednesday – 5 miles easy

Thursday – BodyPump in the AM, BodyAttack in the PM

Friday – 7 miles easy… oops. This was supposed to be a 6 miler but we under estimated the distance of the route so 7 it was!

Saturday – Rudolph Run 5k – I had a great 5k with my running buddies, and finished around 32:35 (10:40 pace). It was a great time!


Sunday – This was supposed to be a rest day but there was fresh snow from the first snowfall and I love love love running a short run in the early morning snow, so I did a super easy 3 miles, bringing me to 23 for the week. I’ll have opportunities to get in at least 1 if not 2 rest days this upcoming week to make up for it.


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