Weekly Workout Recap 1/9 – 1/15

16 Jan


Monday – 5 miles easy in the AM, GRIT Strength + 30 minute BodyFlow in the PM

Tuesday – BodyPump in the AM

Wednesday – GRIT Strength + CXWORX in the PM — I was supposed to run in the morning but we got hit with an ice storm so my running group had to cancel (it was super unsafe to even drive, much less run outside). I could have run on the treadmill on my own but my motivation was just not there, so I hung out in bed instead.

Thursday – BodyAttack + BodyPump in the PM — I thought of making up my missed run this morning but I was feeling pretty tired and opted to sleep in. Sometimes you just gotta listen to your body you know?

Friday – 5 miles easy in the AM with my running group. I was so glad to get back to running and it was a nice easy comfortable paced run with a killer hill at the end.

Saturday – BodyPump 100! If you’re not familiar with Les Mills programs, they do a new “release” of every program every 3 months. This means that there is new music and routines released to keep the programs fresh. Saturday was the global launch of BodyPump 100 which means the program has been around for 25 years!! Gyms across the world did the new release on the same day, which made for a lot of excitement and fun.

Sunday – 9 miles running in the morning. This run felt REALLY hard. My legs were tired from BodyPump the day before, the route was pretty hilly (though super scenic) and there were ice patches we had to dodge. My running group did a 5 mile loop and then 2 of us continued on a 4 mile out and back to hit a total of 9 miles.  The pace felt tough and there were many times I wanted to stop and walk. Luckily it didn’t happen, thanks to the fact that I was running with others. Despite it feeling tough I was super surprised when I hit stop and saw a 10:20 average for the run. No wonder it didn’t feel easy! Sometimes it really pays off to ignore your watch and just run by “feel” – you don’t psych yourself out if you are running “too fast” or “too slow.”


In summary…

Running miles: 19

Corework (CXWORX): Check!

BodyFlow: Check!



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