Oh hi again…

13 Mar

Goooooooooood morning!

I hope you all are doing well, and if you’re on the east coast like me that you’re stocked up on bread, milk and eggs for all that french toast we need to make for this impending snow storm! 😉

I apologize that’s its been a while, but as I explained to my running group (who has found my blog and online persona, much to my dismay lol) February was full of some weird weeks because I got sick a few times and also traveled to visit a dear friend in Texas. But that’s no excuse, because this blog is all about keeping it real and balancing training and working out with real life. So, I’m back, and now that I’ve thought about it, I have a bit to say. So here’s a quick summary, and I’ll get some more posts up soon that will go into things in more detail.  I’ve also got a workout recap for last week coming up soon too. I get a lot of great feedback about those posts, so I’m glad they don’t bore you guys!

First Half Marathon of the Year! Springfoot Half Marathon in El Paso, Texas!

About a month ago I flew to El Paso, Texas to visit a friend of mine, and of course we planned my visit around a half marathon. I had the pleasure of helping her cross the finish line of her FIRST (and hopefully not last) half marathon, and loved running in El Paso!  The burritos they gave us at the finish line didn’t hurt either. 🙂 I’ll have a recap of that race up soon.


That is the look you get when you see someone close to you experience their 13.1 finish. Pure elation. 🙂

March 30 Day Challenge

In March I decided to take on a new kind of challenge, and started a squat/push-up challenge. I am happy to say that yesterday I completed day 13, and I’m still managing to do all those push-ups on my toes! I really am trying to build strength in my shoulders and upper body this year, and am hoping this challenge will help me push my limits.

30 daychallenge

I have been posting on my Instagram stories daily to keep some accountability so feel free to follow along there (and bug me if I don’t post).

Races! Races! Races!

My race schedule for 2017 is coming together and you can follow along over there in the side bar. —>  As always, if you see me at a race please come say hi! I’m introverted and maybe a little awkward sometimes but I love meeting people who find my blog helpful. Especially since we’re often able to bond over the crazy Pennsylvania winters. 🙂

Meeting fun people!

And speaking of meeting readers, I have to give a shout out to Steph who came up to say Hi when we were both at a local Cidery over the weekend! Best of luck to you in the Pittsburgh  Half Marathon Steph! (Oh, and I should have found out if you have social media accounts so totally let me know so I can follow you on anything you have!)Steph

Goals! Goals! Goals!

Since my races for the year are firming up I’ve also got a good handle on my 2017 goals and am ready to put them out there and share with you guys. Look for a post on that soon!

Hopefully that’s a good quick summary of what I’ve been up to for the last month or so.  As always, I’m pretty active on instagram so if you need any daily accountability/motivation/entertainment swing over there. In the mean time, I hope you stay warm and dry!



2 Responses to “Oh hi again…”

  1. Bear To Otter March 15, 2017 at 9:22 am #

    That squat/push-up challenge looks intense! I might steal it after my Half training is done….

    • Becca March 15, 2017 at 12:57 pm #

      Definitely give it a shot!!

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