Weekly Workout Recap 3/13-3/26

27 Mar


Happy Monday everyone!!! Hope all is well with you. I’m writing this recap from my couch, on a sick day due to a bronchitis infection. woo! par-tay. 😉

Last week I was down in Florida with the hubby for some relaxation. We had a great time early in the week and even had the opportunity to visit Everglades National Park! But the day after we were at the Everglades I started to feel cruddy, but thought it was allergies.  Unfortunately after flying on a plane on Saturday – which probably made it worse – I decided I needed to head to the walk-in clinic.  After checking in with the doctor yesterday and getting some meds I am feeling signficantly better, but still had to stay home today. I’m hoping I’ll finally be back to work tomorrow.  It’s been eight work days since I’ve been there, between vacation and sickness, so honestly I’m looking forward to some normalcy soon.

I had kept up with all of my squats and push-ups through vacation, but on Saturday I gave in and stopped doing them since I was having some respiratory/coughing issues.  I’ll pick it back up hopefully today or tomorrow and plan to complete the challenge, even if it takes me 32 or 33 days. 🙂

Anyhow, here’s how my last two weeks of workouts were.

Monday 3/13 – 3.25 miles in the AM, GRIT Strength (my fav!!!) + 30 min BodyFlow in the PM. 145 squats + 29 push-ups.

Tuesday – 8 miles on the treadmill in the AM, BodyPump in the PM. 155 squats + 31 push-ups.

This day was SNOWPOCALYPSE! Work (surprisingly) closed because we got pelted with a ton of snow. It was a perfectly timed snow day for us since we had more time to pack and get the house ready to head out of town! I also had an opportunity to get a long run in (though it had to be on the treadmill…)

Wednesday – 5 miles on the treadmill in the AM. 160 squats + 32 push-ups. We drove to the city we flew out from in the evening so no gym workouts that evening.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday – Visiting with my in-laws. I had planned these as some nice rest days, but still got in my squats and pushups: 170/34, 180/36, 185/37


Sunday – 5 easy miles along the beach-side road. 190/38

Monday – 3 miles easy. 200/40…. 200 squats is a LOT guys. It takes a WHILE.

Tuesday – Rest day! 210/42.

Wednesday – 5ish miles. 220/44

Thursday – 10 miles!! 230/46. I always try to get a long run in when we are in Florida so I was glad I naturally woke up early enough to catch the sunrise and beat the heat!

We also went to the Everglades! I got a ton of steps in on Thursday haha.


Friday – Rest day since I started feeling cruddy. Still got in my squats and push-ups though: 240/48

Saturday, Sunday – Rest days because I was sick. No squats or push-ups either.

Hoping to rest up and get back on track late this week and next week!!

Have a good week guys, hope you’re staying healthier than I am!


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