Weekly Workout Recap 5/29-6/4

7 Jun


Happy Wednesday and Happy Global Running Day Ya’ll!! I most likely will not get to run today because I am still recovering from Ragnar PA craziness, but I hope if you are able to get out there you have a blast!

Last week was an interesting one because I was coming off of racing the Buffalo Half Marathon and the week ended with my first Ragnar experience!! So, I tried to balance some recovery, with maintaining strength and core fitness (the first things to go for me), while also tapering a smidge for Ragnar. whew.

Monday – Rest Day (to recover from Buffalo)

Tuesday – BodyPump + 3 miles in the AM

Wednesday – 3 miles in the AM, GRIT Cardio + CXWORX in the PM

Thursday – Rest Day (to try to rest up for Ragnar)

Friday – RAGNAR PA DAY 1!!!  My first leg was 7.75 miles around 4pm!

RagnarPA_Leg1 (1)

Saturday – RAGNAR PA DAY 2!!! My second leg was 2.26 miles around 2:30 AM, and my third was 8.58 miles around 3pm!

I’ll have some major recaps of my Ragnar legs and experience coming up soon… just trying to figure out how to organize it all. 🙂

Sunday – Rest, rest, rest. and sleep. 🙂


One Response to “Weekly Workout Recap 5/29-6/4”

  1. Darlene June 8, 2017 at 11:00 am #

    I’ve never done a Ragnar. Can’t wait to read about how it went.

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