Ragnar Pennsylvania Leg 2

15 Jun

When we last left off my van (van 2) was eating dinner before heading to major exchange point 18. If you’re totally lost, I recommend reading my Leg 1 recap where I explain some of the Ragnar basics.

Since we went to dinner right after my hot 7.8 mile leg my appetite was pretty non-existent. So, I ordered a cup of soup and a huge Caesar salad that I boxed up to take in the van to munch on over the next few hours (since I wouldn’t be running again until 2 or 3 am).

It typically takes a team around 36 hours to complete a Ragnar relay which means many runners end up running in the dark of night! While it means your sleep may be a bit limited, it also means that you get to run in a place you’d never get to run, at a time of the night you would never run! For my van, it meant we ran from around 10pm until 3am.

We drove to exchange 18 and rested as we could while waiting for the last runner of van 1 to come in.  Ragnar PA Leg 2 (1)

From there we played leap-frog with our runners and cheered them on as they ran through the night. Seeing all of the runners out was a true testiment to the importance of reflective gear, and the safety requirements Ragnar has for night time hours.  Ragnar requires everyone to wear reflective vests anytime they are outside of the van during night time hours.  They also require all runners to have a headlamp and a blinking tail light. This meant that the runners were practically illuminated and easy to see as we drove by.  It was really a cool sight, though nothing that could be easily captured in a photo.

My 2nd leg (Leg 24 of the race) started at 2:30 am. Ragnar PA Leg 2 (2)

I had all the safety gear, plus a flashlight and ran in a long sleeved shirt since it had cooled down quite a bit and was in the mid-50s.

My nighttime leg started on a bike path before heading through the town of Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. It was a short “easy” leg, so I knew I wanted to push my pace as much as possible.

Ragnar Leg 2 Splits

The course was pretty much flat. There were a few hills but nothing to write home about.  There were runners pretty much around me the entire time which made me feel safe. I was thrilled to see a 10:22 average pace when I entered the exchange point.

After attempting to nap after my second leg, I woke up and marked off my 1 kill and checked off my leg on the van.

Ragnar PA Leg 2 (3)Ragnar PA Leg 2 (4)

(Note the “Pajamas.” Ha)

I’ll see you tomorrow for my Leg 3!


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