Ragnar Pennsylvania Leg 3

16 Jun

Last we left off my team had attempted to sleep and we were making our way to our last major exchange point!  By this point we had all completed 2 of our 3 legs and were excited to run our last leg, but also tired.

Saturday morning was the hardest point of the race for me because I just did not feel like running for a third time. In addition, Van 1 was doing amazing on their last legs and coming in way ahead of the estimated times which meant that in Van 2 we had less time to get breakfast and hang out than we expected.  I also felt a ton of pressure because everyone was doing so well. It may sound silly but since I was the last runner, I was so worried that I was going to let the team down and run my last (and longest) leg super slowly and bring the team down.  In addition, I was feeling the pressure of having my longest leg as my last one and being the one that literally gets team Runnersaurus Rex across the finish line.  Add in general tiredness/lack of sleep and being crammed in a van for over 24 hours at this point, it was the lowest point of the weekend for me mentally. I even shed a few tears in a Dunkin’ Donuts that morning while waiting for an egg sandwich. But, the beauty of Ragnar is that you have your team there and you are all in it together. My team members were amazing and supportive and helped me to relieve some of the pressure from myself. By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around and I was waiting for Day to run in to hand me the slap bracelet for the last time I was feeling nervous but good.

Ragnar PA Leg 3 (6)

And my team was there for me during that last leg when I needed them.

Ragnar PA Leg 3 (7)Ragnar PA Leg 3 (8)That is what Ragnar is all about.

I decided early on that I was going to enjoy the opportunity to run Leg 36 of Ragnar Pennsylvania, and I was going to run when I wanted to and walk up any crazy hills, and I did just that.  This leg was categorized as “very hard” like my first leg but I found it to be a lot easier.  The energy on the course from the other runners and the passing vans was amazing since we were nearing the finish. Everyone was excited and in a great mood. Vans often stopped to cheer everyone on.

As we wove through the Poconos by a sparkling lake, I knew I had to stop for a selfie. I was feeling good and having a lot of fun, and knew I would regret not stopping for a photo capturing the moment.

Ragnar PA Leg 3 (9).JPG

Ragnar had estimated I would be finishing this leg in a 13:00 average pace due to tiredness and course elevation, so I was thrilled to see I was coming in faster than that, just like the rest of my team did.

Ragnar Leg 3 Splits.jpg

As you can tell from my pace, there were two sizable hills but I really enjoyed just walking them, taking everything in, and enjoying my last moments on the Ragnar course alone.

In the last mile I caught up to a group of 3 men who were walking – one was also carrying an American flag. They were so sweet and kind, and the one guy told me to keep going and stay strong. In that moment I was so grateful to have the opportunity to run my last leg on that course, at that time. The running community is really the best.

As I neared the finish line and could hear the music I was so excited to finish my 8.5 mile leg and see my whole team!!! They joined me for the last .1 or so and we all crossed the finish line together.  It was great!

Ragnar PA Finish (2)

(Kudos to Ragnar for the FREE RACE PHOTOS!!!)  Team Runnersaurus Rex completed Ragnar Pennsylvania! 204ish miles!! 🙂

One last photo with Nick the Dinosaur…

Ragnar PA Leg 3 (10)

No kill goes uncounted:

Ragnar PA Leg 3 (11)

So thrilled to check off that last checkbox!!

Ragnar PA Leg 3 (12)

Van 2 represent!!! Notice our awesome driver! 🙂

Ragnar PA Finish (1)

Ragnar Pennsylvania was a truely unforgettable experience. It had its ups and downs but I will absolutely be doing another Ragnar (or 2…) in the future.

Ragnar PA Finish (3)

This post concludes my last race recap from Ragnar Pennsylvania but stay tuned because I have a few more Ragnar related posts coming up next week!!! One of them is a special guest Q&A that you won’t want to miss!


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