Weekly Workout Recap 10/30-11/6

7 Nov


Happy Monday Tuesday friends! I hope your week is off to a good start.  It’s been rainy and cold here… I feel like it’s been raining for at least a week and honestly it’s put a bit of a damper (ha) on my running.

Luckily, since last week was my first full week post-fall race season, I was able to take a full week off a running and focus on cross-training — especially strength training.  It was a nice breather (especially since the weather was cruddy), and I’m feeling a little bit more motivated to run through the winter now.

Monday – GRIT Strength in the PM

Tuesday – Halloween BodyPump in the AM!!! It was so much fun to dress like a bumble bee to lift some weights. 🙂


Wednesday – Lunchtime yoga (it felt SO GOOD), GRIT Strength + CXWORX in the PM

On Wednesday (Nov 1) I also started this 31 day Burpee Challenge! 5 Burpees!


Thursday – BodyPump + a walk in the AM. 5 Burpees.

Also an awesome mail day when I received my age group award for the Standing Stone 5k!


Friday – BodyAttack in the AM, 30 minute BodyPump + CXWORX in the PM. Burpee Rest Day.

Saturday – 5 miles! Back to running!! 5 Burpees.


Sunday – 1 hour BodyFlow. 7 Burpees.


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