Baltimore 5k Race Recap (Baltimore Running Festival Part 1)

2 Nov

On Saturday October 21st I ran the Baltimore 5k and Half Marathon (The Baltimoron-athon challenge).  But first, lets back up a bit.

I have always wanted to run a race in the Baltimore Running Festival but the timing (or pricing) never seemed to quite work out. This year my dad and I planned way ahead and were able to register for the half marathon at the lowest price that was offered. A few months later the BRF facebook page advertisted their “Baltimoron-athon” opportunity, which meant signing up for the 5k, in addition to the half marathon, and running them on the same day, for a total of 16.2 miles. I am never one to back down from a challenge and had never run two races in the same day, so I convinced my dad and we signed up. 🙂

We drove to Baltimore on Friday the 20th and walked from the hotel directly to the expo, getting there around 5pm.  The expo was honestly a bit smaller than I expected, but there were booths selling all of the typical amenities. Picking up our Baltimoron-athon bibs was a breeze (no lines at all).Baltimore Packet Pickup (4).JPG

We received one bib for both races, and then the race shirt for each race.  The shirts are AWESOME, nice quality Under Armor shirts — short-sleeved for the 5k, and long sleeved (with thumb holes!) for the half marathon.

Baltimore Packet Pickup (3).JPG

After exploring the expo we decided to head right to Little Italy to get an early dinner, in order to beat any of the dinner rush.  But not without a stop at the Inner Harbor for a bib photo!

Baltimore Packet Pickup (1).JPG

For dinner, we ate at Amiccis of Little Italy which was fantastic. I had a Caesar salad, lots of fresh, warm bread, and gnocci with a creamy pesto sauce.

Baltimore Packet Pickup (2).JPG

We got back to the hotel, I set out my running clothes, and fell asleep before 9. It.was.glorious.

Baltimore Packet Pickup (5).JPG

The next morning we woke up around 5:30, got ready and grabbed breakfast in the hotel before walking to the race village area at the Inner Harbor.  The sun was coming up over the water and it was gorgeous.

Baltimore 5k (1).JPG

However, it was already a “comfortable” temperature for wearing a tank top. I knew this meant it would just keep getting warmer as the day went on.

My dad and I decided to check bags so that we would have a place to drop things and store things for both races.  The bag check was well organized and every time we dropped off our bags or picked them up we didn’t have to wait long at all, which was great!

After a port-a-potty stop (there were plenty, and short lines!), we got in the starting corral for the 5k.  The 5k started off with announcements by the Mayor of Baltimore, and the National Anthem.  It started right on time at 7:30.

My plan was to have fun during the races and look for the photographers (since I knew the photos were free!!) and just enjoy myself.

Baltimore 5k (2).jpg

Mission accomplished! 🙂

The 5k couse was flat and a simple out and back. It was really scenic and a nice way to start the day. It was in the high 40s, so I knew it was some of the most perfect running weather we were going to have all day, and just enjoyed myself.

My only real complaint was the crazy amount of crowding during the first mile. It was the worst I have ever experienced. Despite announcements to line up according to pace and only span two across if you were running with a group, there were times when we were forced to walk (after crossing the start line) because people did not line up appropriately, and honestly it was pretty frustrating.

Despite a rough first mile, I really enjoyed miles 2 and 3 and felt really good.

My splits were 9:56, 9:22, 9:56, 1:06 (9:05 pace). Official Time: 30:44, which I have zero complaints about. I had a good time, and to almost break 30 minutes on an “easy” run is pretty awesome.

Baltimore 5k (3)

I grabbed my crab shaped medal (from a Baltimore police officer handing them out!), some snacks to refuel with later, and waited in line for an official photo!

Baltimore 5k (4)

After the photo, I headed to the bag check to meet my dad and to drop off my medal and snacks, and grab my chews to start fueling up for the half marathon.  But, since this recap has gotten so long already, I’ll end part 1 here, and the half marathon will be up tomorrow in part two!


Weekly Workout Recap 10/16-10/30

31 Oct


Hey there! These last two weeks have been busy but fun! I haven’t gotten in a ton of cross training because I’ve been focused on finishing up the Fall racing season!  I’ll keep this short and sweet though, because I know I owe you some race recaps now! Here’s how the last two weeks went.

Monday 10/16 – GRIT Plyo in the PM

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – 3 miles in the AM

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – 3 mile shakeout run

Saturday – Baltimore Running Festival 5k and Half Marathon

Sunday – Rest


Monday 10/23 – Rest

Tuesday – BodyPump + 3 miles in the AM

Wednesday – 3 miles in the AM

Thursday – BodyPump (using no weights for Squats and Lunges) + 3 miles in the AM

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – 3 mile shakeout run

Sunday – End of the Road Half Marathon!  This was my last half of 2017! Crazy!!!

End of the Road (1).jpg

Wineglass Half Marathon 2017 Race Recap

19 Oct

On Sunday October 1 I ran the Wineglass Half Marathon in Corning, NY.  I had run the Corelle 5k the day before, and felt pretty good, so I was confident going into this race. But first, lets back up.

After the 5k on Saturday, we spent the day hanging out and exploring Corning.

2017WineglassHallf  (1).JPG

And carbing up (as one does)…


We ate at Louies in Horseheads.  Note: if you can, make reservations. There are so many runners looking for carbs the night before the Wineglass races!

The next morning started early. I woke up around 5am, ate my cereal, and got changed.

2017WineglassHallf  (3).JPG

We left the hotel around 5:30, and made it to Corning around 5:45/6 to board a bus to the start line. Since the Wineglass races are point-to-point, it means an early wake-up time so that you can get to the start line on time.  Luckily once we reached the half marathon start, there was a school where we could stay warm. It was super chilly – in the mid 30s. Despite it being so cold, I hoped it would be perfect while we ran!

Around 7:15 we were ushered to the start line and snagged a quick (chilly) photo before heading to our areas to start. 2017WineglassHallf  (4).JPG

Jen, Day, Bruno and I all had very different time goals so we all ran on our own. I ate a pack of ProBar chews as I waited for things to get going.

As far as my goals, I was had set 4 of them (ha!).

  1. My stretch goal was to come in under 2:20. I didn’t think it was possible given all of the travel I had done in September, but I told everyone at dinner that I would “loose my shit” if  I saw 2:1xx:xx on my time when I finished. I considered it a dream goal.
  2. Come in close to 2:20 – which would guarentee a PR (my Buffalo half marathon time was 2:24).  This was the goal I planned for, and visualized before the race.
  3. Come in under 2:30.  This would mean I had a decent race and had fun while focusing. But didn’t break any personal records.
  4. If nothing else, HAVE FUN.

In order to hit my 2:20 goal, I knew I had to run around 10:40 to 10:50 per mile. I thought and hoped this was a pace I could maintain, given my recent training runs. So, I lined up right with the 2:20 pacer and planned to hang on for dear life. I knew it would hurt, but I also hoped I could do it.

The race started right at 7:45 and we were off.  I pulled off my throw-away and was ready to go.

Within the first mile I knew that the 2:20 pacer was not right for me. She seemed to be surging when I would have hung back, and hanging back when I would tend to surge and weave. So, at the first water stop, when they slowed down to get water, I kept going.  I knew I didn’t need water yet due to the cold weather, and knew that I needed to get away from the pace group so that I didn’t psych myself out based on how they were running.

Mile 1 ended up being my slowest mile. 🙂

I planned not to look at my watch except for when it buzzed at the end of each mile.  Everytime my watch buzzed I was way ahead of the pace I needed to be, but I felt fine. It felt sustainable. I told myself I could slow down if I wanted to, and sometimes I did, but never to the “goal pace”that I had in mind.

I took a Gu at mile 4, and when I hit 6.5 miles in about 1:06:xx, I started to do the math. I knew that there was a chance I would end up slowing down, but also knew I had a lot of buffer time to hit a PR.  I felt great, and just kept going mile to mile, clocking in mile times well below where they needed to be. Around mile 11 I could see the 2:15 pace group in the distance, and was shocked I was able to make up the time between two pace groups (though I never did catch up to them fully. Post-race I realized they must have been running much faster than a 2:15 time..)  Coming into the last 2 miles, I knew I would be under 2:20, even if I walked them. But I didn’t feel the need to walk at all (which suprised me, because in the past the last few miles have been tough for me while going for a PR).  So I kept pushing, trying to see just how far under 2:20 I could come.


To say I looked down at my watch and was thrilled was an understatement.

2017Wineglass Splits.PNG

I am so proud of my drive during this race. I felt great overall, and every time it felt a little tough, I forced myself to keep pushing.

My official time is 2:14, which is a 10 minute PR from Buffalo (in May) and an HOUR off my time when I last ran the Wineglass Half Marathon in 2013.  I can’t believe I have cut an hour off my couse time. I really never dreamed I would finish anywhere near 2:15, much less under it.

2017WineglassHallf  (6).JPG

The PR bell was SO necessary. 🙂

2017WineglassHallf (7)

It was a great weekend in Corning for the Wineglass Marathon weekend and one I won’t soon forget. I hope to be back again!

2017WineglassHallf  (8).JPG

Weekly Workout Recap 10/9-10/15

17 Oct


Last week went well. I got back to cross training (lots and lots of strength training! yay!) and got in some runs, though my legs felt soooooo tired. I think becuase of the hard effort I put in during Wineglass weekend. (I know I still owe you a half marathon recap. It’ll be up soon, promise.) I took two rest days over the weekend because I just felt like I needed it, and I’m trying to listen to my body as I head into the last two half marathons of the year in the next few weeks.

Monday – 4 miles in the AM, GRIT Strength in the PM

Tuesday – BodyPump + 3 miles in the AM

Wednesday – 5 miles in the AM, 30 minute BodyPump + CXWORX in the PM

Thursday – BodyPump in the AM

Friday – 6 miles in the AM, 30 minute BodyPump + CXWORX in the PM.

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest

Weekly Workout Recap 10/2-10/8

9 Oct


Happy Monday friends!! Following the Wineglass 5k and half marathon last weekend, I took this last week super easy and took a bunch of rest days just becuase I felt like I needed it.  I did get back into BodyPump though, which felt really great!

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 3 miles + BodyPump in the AM

Wednesday – Lunctime yoga… and it felt goooood.

Thursday – 3 miles + BodyPump in the AM, BodyAttack in the PM

Friday – 7 miles in the AM. I was thrilled to get in a longer run and felt pretty good!  30 minute BodyPump + CXWORX in the PM.

Saturday – Rest day

Sunday – 3 miles easy in the afternoon.

Have a good week guys! My wineglass half marathon recap will be up soon!