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Resting for race day

1 May

Hey there. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! This week is flying by!

I’ve been taking it super easy this week to let my legs rest up for race day on Sunday. Monday I did 3 slow miles, and then yesterday I did this 35-minute walking workout from The Fitnessista. I’ve also been using my Stick daily, hoping to keep my calves feeling good.

thestickNot to mention hydrating a ton. It’s so annoying to have to constantly have to sprint to the bathroom at the end of my work meetings though! ha.

I’m taking a rest day today and tomorrow I’m going to do some arms and abs, and then its nothing until Sunday.

I’ve also started to think about what I want to do after the race from an exercise perspective. I don’t have another half until September, so that gives me about two months between Sunday and when I have to start training again. I can also tell that I’m getting a little bored with running. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I’m definitely feeling a little burnt out, and taking some time to take it easy will help me feel a little rejuvenated I think. In addition, I’m sort of Zumba-ed out for now but want to start up again in the fall, and kickboxing is on a break until September as well. So that means I have a few open months where I could really do whatever I want.

A commenter suggested a bootcamp class, and I love that idea! As luck would have it, a groupon came out yesterday for 10 classes for $40 at a local gym. What a steal! I looked at their schedule and they have spinning and bootcamp classes in the mornings at 5:45, so I could easily drive their to take the class, drive home, shower and get ready and still get to work on time! So I’m thinking I may try to do a couple of these classes a week plus 1 or 2 easy runs during the week and a longer weekend run.

I have to admit though, the idea of taking a spin class and a bootcamp class kind of freaks me out. I took a spin class before (but only once) and still have no idea how to adjust the bike and how it should be adjusted for me. And bootcamp, man, it just sort of freaks me out.  But I guess I should just get over it huh? 🙂


The big 2-0

27 Nov

I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was a good one. It was pretty relaxing for me. I bummed around, ate a lot and ran a lot.

My turkey trot went well – my time was 37:56ish (no OT posted yet). I was pretty happy with that and it felt nice to run “faster” again.

I also ran 20 miles on Sunday! and I have been on an endorphin high ever since.

It was cold – low 30s to mid 30s the entire time, but I think it worked in my favor. My legs were sort of numb the whole time and I felt virtually no soreness on Sunday or the day after.  I also skipped the ice bath because I was already chilled when I got home and I didn’t want to risk making myself sick. Maybe there is some benefit to running in the cold? 🙂

I’ve been asked a couple of times I’ve I’m training for something. The answer is, yes. I am.  I’m not going to disclose the actual event until it’s over though, because I kind of like not having a lot of pressure on myself, you know? I’ve been sort of lax about this whole training cycle – attitude-wise at least. I don’t constantly think “OMG IM TRAINING FOR A MARATHON.” I just check my training plan, do the miles and keep on moving to the next planned run. But anyhow, the event is in January, and the plan I’m on has me doing 23 miles in two weeks as my longest run, then 20 miles two weeks after that and then tapering.

In other news, my treadmill was delivered and unfortunately it was broken when I opened it. Amazon is awesome so they’re going to fully refund me and pay for return shipping and all of that. But it was a bummer. I sort of threw in the towel after we lugged it into the basement, opened it, saw it was broken, had to repackage it up and deal with all the return stuff.

Luckily, my husband had a great idea. I work in a business park, and there is also a large hotel on the property. Anyone who works in the business park can buy a “membership” to the hotel’s fitness center, pool and locker room. It’s $30 a month and literally a 3 minute walk from work. There’s also no contract – you just pay for a month (or multiple months if you want), they give you a hotel key card to get in, and then it just expires after a month. Then you can go renew it, or not.

I’ve gone yesterday and today, in the morning before work, and so far so good. It requires me to get up at the same time I did to run in the mornings at home, so that was an easy switch. The locker room is clean, there’s towel service for the gym, pool and showering towels, and it’s relatively empty. Also, I’ve been soaking my legs in the hot tub after I work out every morning – can’t complain about that. 🙂 I’m going to go four mornings a week, and spend three of them running and one doing some other form of exercise – elliptical, stair master, ab work, weights, bike or maybe swimming. I’ll just stick with it for about three months or however long it takes the weather to get warm enough to run outside at 6am again. It’ should be good.

Easy eight

17 Nov

Alright… I am typing this from my kindle fire, because I’m lazy like that, but I applogize if formatting and stuff is off.

I ran eight easy miles today around 9. I procrastinated hoping the temperature would go up a little bit from the 29 degrees it was at when I woke up. Thank goodness it did-i still had to wear tights, a long sleeved shirt, my vest and gloves but I was pretty comfortable. Anyhow, its crazy/awesome how your perspective changes as you build mileage. Eight miles felt like a walk in the park compared to the 17 last weekend.

After my run I ran a few errands and started on laundry. I am currently hanging out on the couch, where I plan to remain for the rest of the day if I’m not switching the laundry out. 🙂

In random news, my husband noticed that I was using my kindle to look up recipes frequently (thank you Pinterest). So he had the idea to somehow mount it on our kitchen wall above the counter. We found this mount that attaches to the wall using those 3M sticky strips, which is awesome because if we ever want to removed them we can. And the Kindle just sort of slides into it so there’s nothing permanently attached to the Kindle either. It is really awesome and has already gotten a ton of use. I feel super high tech in the kitchen now, ha.


Pretty cool right?

I’m off to switch the laundry. Have a great weekend!!

First time spinning

13 Nov

Last weekend I went to my very first spinning class. It was a 50 minute class, with all proceeds going towards Ride to Recovery – a program that supports rehabilitation programs for wounded veterans. I found out about it because my boss’s wife was teaching the spinning class, so myself and three of my coworkers signed up. We thought it would be a great low-pressure way to get our feet wet in a new form of exercise while benefitting a really great cause.

When we got to the class the instructor was awesome and helped us each adjust our bikes to the ideal heights for us. It was so sweet of her to do this because it definitely made me feel much more comfortable. The bikes are a little intimidating if you’ve never used them before!

At the start of class she turned the music up and the lights down. It created a really cool environment where you were really focused on your own progress and not anyone else in the class. She then explained the planned ride for the class, and showed us a drawing of it she had created. It was two big hills. yikes!

About five minutes into starting I was always feeling tired. My legs had never worked that way before. But then as the class went on and the instructor led us through upping the resistance to go “up” the hills, and lowering the resistance to go “down” them I quickly lost track of time. She led us through various positions on the bike – standing, sitting, different hand positions and such. It was also really motivating to see the instructor break a sweat just like the rest of us.

Oh the sweat. I don’t think I’ve sweated that much in 50 minutes before. I was so glad I had the foresight to bring a towel and a full nalgene of water. It was a great workout.

The next day the area below my knees was super sore (probably from the standing spinning) and my thighs were obviously pretty sore too.

I would definitely spin again, but it’s not something I could do regularly while trying to focus on running. It really shredded my legs. But it was a lot of fun too and I think it would be great as a form of occasional cross training.

First time at Kickboxing

24 Oct

I have deemed this month “the month of trying new things with exercise.”

I started a women’s kickboxing class today. It goes for 8 weeks and is over my lunch hour which is perfect. In a few weeks I’ll also be taking my first spinning class (ahh!).

I was pretty nervous about kickboxing class today. I knew it was going to be tough. I have very very little upper body muscle – which is what prompted me to sign up in the first place.

We did a serious of drills around punching (jabs and cross-jabs) and kicking. We also learned how to step-and-slide to move around. We worked with partners for part of it and I got teamed up with the instructors male assistant. It was great being paired with him because he was able to give me some great one-on-one feedback on my form. But holy cow, he was tough when he was punching/kicking and I was holding the pads. My arms are so sore from it!

It was really really fun though. The hour flew by, I worked up a ton of sweat, and I think it’ll be a great addition to my workout routine. I’m excited to build up my arms strength and in general feel like a bad ass. 🙂