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Fall Race Schedule

24 Jul

Hey there and Happy Friday!

You may or may not have noticed that over there —-> my “upcoming races” list has gotten much bigger compared to what I was planning earlier in the year. A lot of really cool opportunities/cheap flights have presented themselves and so my fall race schedule has gotten a little crazy. I’m also getting a late start – no big races in September – because of some weddings and other stuff we have going on.

So here’s how the second half of the year looks for me:

8/16/2015 – Trail to Wine 5k – This looks like it’ll be a fun run around a winery with of course, wine at the end!

10/17/2015 – Monster Mash Half Marathon – In our quest to run some of the neighboring states, my dad and I found this race in Delaware to run!

10/31/2015 – Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon – Two weeks after Monster Mash we are heading back to Philly to run this race for the third time! It was my first half marathon back in 2010 so I love heading back! This race is typically in September but since the Pope is visiting Philly at that time they’ve moved it to Halloween weekend which will be a fun change for this year! The medals and shirts have Halloween touches which I love!

11/1/2015 – Delaware & Lehigh Valley Heritage Half Marathon – Yes, you read the date right. This will be Half Marathon #2 in a weekend. I wanted a new challenge, and though I’ve done back-to-back races during the Goofy Challenge, I’m not really interested in running a marathon this year. So back-to-back halfs it is! It will also give me the opportunity to “moon” up in the Half Fanatics and reach a new level! I’ll moon up from Neptune (1 moon) to Jupiter (4 moons)!

11/7/2015 – Rock n Roll Savannah Half Marathon – Just one week after the back-t0-back weekend I’m heading to Savannah to run a race in GA that I have heard such wonderful things about! I’m excited to explore a new city on foot!

11/8/2015 – Rock n Roll Savannah 5k – Since I’m there I might as well complete the remix challenge, right? Right.

11/22/2015 – Philadelphia Half Marathon – This has a bucket list race for me for years. They offered a huge registration discount on National Running Day and since I have friends in the area I can stay with, I was sold.

1/15/2016 – Bermuda 1 Miler
1/16/2016 – Bermuda 10k
1/17/2016 – Bermuda Half Marathon
Another bucket list race experience that I am SO excited about. It’ll help me get through cold December for sure! Airfare to get to Bermuda from the easy coast is actually pretty inexpensive, who knew? And if we’re heading to Bermuda we might as well do the whole “Bermuda Triangle Challenge”! I have some friends who did this race/challenge and have heard wonderful things about the organization and the course so I’m psyched to get to experience it.  Plus it’ll be the first International race I’ve ever done! How cool!

So there we have it. Five halfs before the end of the year, and then another right after the start of the new year. I’ll probably fit a turkey trot in there on Thanksgiving, and run my normal New Years Eve 5k just for fun too. It’s going to be an exciting and busy fall!