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Friday Fitness Recap – January 17

17 Jan

I hope your January and 1014 is off to a great start! I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for the year (and signing up for lots of races…what else is knew, haha) so I’ll be posting about that soon. I like to take some time to think about instead of rushing to make a list on January 1.

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to get back into a routine with going to the gym (I am still loving RPM and BodyPump) and running regularly. I have found that predictability works well for me and I enjoy “scheduling” my Β work outs in to my calendar each week to hold me accountable.


My goal each week is to run 4 times, BodyPump 3 times, RPM (Spin) twice, and get in for some yoga once. I also need to make sure I’m taking one full rest day. I may occasionally take some Zumba classes or something too, but that probably won’t be a regular thing.

This week I managed to hit all the totals I wanted, with the exception of Yoga, which doesn’t start up again until next week.

Here’s how things worked out:

Saturday – Run: 10 miles
Sunday – BodyPump & RPM (Spinning)
Monday – Run: 3 miles easy
Tuesday: Run: 3 miles with some speed work, Sh’bam (a Zumba-like class), BodyPump
Wednesday: RPM (Spinning)
Thursday: Run: 3 miles with some speed work, BodyPump
Today: Rest

Total Miles: 19 (yay!)
Runs: 4/4, BodyPump: 3/3, RPM: 2/2, Yoga: 0/1

A friend of mine got me an awesome Runner’s World Tip-A-Day calendar. I thought some may be fun to share in my weekly wrap ups.


(Click to expand the photo)

Have a good weekend!


Friday Fitness Recap – October 18th

18 Oct

Hey guys, thanks for the sweet comments on the two race recaps I got posted. I owe you two more, or actually after this weekend I’ll owe ya three. That’s just how I roll for now πŸ™‚ haha.

I’m excited to be running the Runner’s World Half Marathon on Sunday morning. I’m hoping to meet some cool people in the running community, enjoy the pretty course (and what’s looking to be perfect running weather – knock on wood) and just enjoy my last half marathon of the year. I feel pretty bittersweet about it being my last one of 2013 – my legs are ready for a nice rest, but I also need to figure out *some* type of goal to keep me moving week to week.Β 

Last weekend I had planned to do a mid-length run, but when I woke up Sunday I axed it. I just wasn’t feeling it and figured an extra rest day wouldn’t hurt. So this is how the week shook out:

Saturday – RPM (Les Mills Spinning) + BodyPump
Sunday –  Rest
Monday – 4 miles with hills
Tuesday – 3 miles easy, BodyPump
Wednesday – RPM (Les Mills Spinning), Yoga for an hour
Thursday – BodyPump
Friday – Rest

Total miles: 7 miles
Total time: 7.5 hrs

Friday Fitness Recap – Oct 11

11 Oct

Hey guys!

How’s your week going? TGIF! I am so looking forward to this weekend – I am actually going to be home, and I have a list of errands and things I want to get done (including baking sugar cookie dough balls, because that is a necessity, clearly). One of those things includes catching up on the FOUR race recaps I owe you – Harrisburgh Half Relay, RnR Philly, The Color Run, and the Wineglass Half this past weekend. I want to get these typed up before I forget the fun details! πŸ™‚Β 

I have been trying to let my body recover from the Wineglass Half last weekend while still keeping my legs moving because I have the Runners World Half Marathon next weekend! So, it’s been a bit of a balancing act but I’m pretty happy with the exercise I fit in this week.

Saturday – Rest
Sunday –  Wineglass Half Marathon!
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 4 miles with speedwork, BodyPUMP
Wednesday – RPM (Les Mills Spinning), Yoga for an hour
Thursday – 3 Miles with hills
Friday – Rest

Total miles: 20.1 miles
Total time: 6.7 hrs

This weekend, since I am home, I am hitting up an RPM class followed by a BodyPUMP class tomorrow, and then planning a mid to long run Sunday – I’ll be happy with anything in the 6-10 mile range. Enough to keep my fitness and my legs loose, but not enough to tire myself out. Then next week I’ve just got two runs planned early in the week and then it’s taper time before my last Half of the year!

Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

Friday Fitness Recap – Sept 27

27 Sep

Wow does it feel good to be back at it after being on the couch sick last week! I managed to squeeze in an extra BodyPump session for a total of three this week. Love that class! I tried to do a mid-long run to keep my fitness up but not burn myself outΒ becauseΒ I have the Wineglass Half Marathon a week from Sunday.

Saturday – BodyPump
Sunday –  8.5 miles easy (2:10:xx)
Monday – 3 miles easy with warmup (42:00)
Tuesday – 4 miles hills (55:59), BodyPump (1 hr)
Wednesday – RPM (Les Mills Spinning) – 1 hr
Thursday – 5 miles with 1/2 mile intervals of speedworkΒ (1:02:12), BodyPump (1 hr)
Friday – REST!

Total miles: 20.5 miles
Total time: 8.8 hrs (WOW)

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Though I’m going to take it easy on the running front (with just an easy 10k) I’m taking an RPM class that is a new release (my gym really makes the new releases fun, with multiple instructors and such), a BodyPump class, and then The Color Run on Sunday! We have a group of about ten of us doing it – though I’m sure we won’t be hardcore running it, I’m sure it will be a blast!

Have a good weekend!!

Friday Fitness Recap – July 5

5 Jul

Hey there!! I hope that if you’re in the USofA your holiday yesterday was a great one! We played it low-key and sort of stuck around home and found a close by place to view the fireworks from. I was planning to do a 4k race but when I woke up I was REALLY REALLY not feeling it. I got in a run later in the evening though, and did it like the race would have been – 1 mile warm up (which I walked) and then 4k of running. My coach wanted me to hit 11:00 pace (is she nuts?! ha) but I ended up around 11:30, coming in at 28:35.

Overall, my week went great and I hit all of my work outs. I do think I could have pushed myself harder on the hills on Tuesday. My heart rate monitor didn’t show as much of a burn as I expected. Lesson learned.

Saturday – Rest
Sunday –  7 miles (1:30:16)
Monday – 3 miles easy (35:24),Β EA Active arms and core (30 min)
Tuesday – 4 miles hills (55:10)
Wednesday – EA Active arms and core (30 min)
Thursday – 3.4 miles – 1 mile walk, 2.4 @ 11:30 (45:57)
Friday – Spinning + Core (45 mins)

Total miles: 17.4 miles
Total time: 5.5 hrs

Next week I’ll be starting up a Zumba session again over my lunch break on Thursdays. But my running schedule and everything else will stay the same. I just needed to mix it up a little, and since a friend is doing it with me I figured I would be a little more motivated.

Have a good weekend!!