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2014 Goals In Review

4 Feb

Hey there,

I just wanted to check in on how I did in my goals that I made for 2014!

My theme for my goals for 2014 was really all about getting stronger, mentally and physically.  And I think I succeeded in doing just that.

Healthy Living

Strength Training. Strength Training. Strength Training.  This was a huge success. BodyPump has been great for me and I feel myself becoming much stronger because of this.

I recently posted this on instagram but wanted to share a little BodyPump “Before and Current”… my first #transformationtuesday post.

Run Marathon #2 – Wineglass Marathon in October.  Success! and I PRed. I finished this race strongly and happy after a very strong training cycle.

Wineglass Marathon (4)

Focus on water intake.  I ended the year on a strong note with this, but it’s still something I want to focus on.

Yoga. Okay this was a pretty big fail. I did great with it during the Marathon taper period but other than that didn’t do so great.

Quality over Quantity with races.  The Wineglass Marathon was my focus in 2014. I did less races overall but have no regrets. I also feel like I finished many of my half marathons in 2014 feeling good and strong (though no PRs).

Battlefield Pro Photo

Focus on fresh and unprocessed. I did really great with this. I try to cook fresh, unprocessed meals, most week nights and have become much more comfortable with cooking as a result.  A lot of this is do to meal planning and prep on weekends.  It made a huge difference for me.


Focus on far away friends. I wish I could say I did better this year, but I didn’t.

More reading.  I definitely read more books in 2014 than I have in a while, but this is something I want to continue to improve on.

Focus on living in the now. I really tried to live in the moment in 2014 and overall I think I was successful. There were definitely moments where I was stressed out and a bit anxious but for the most part I was able to stop myself from wishing any moments away or worrying about the future.

At Home

Finish the basement of the house.  We finished this in March. YAY! A finished basement is a great thing. 🙂

Paint the interior. No progress on this… hopefully in 2015.

Overall I am happy with how I did on my goals in 2014, but feel there are definitely some things to continue to work on in 2015. I’ll be sharing my 2015 goals in an upcoming post soon!

2014 Goals Update

31 Jul

It’s (past) the mid year, so time to check on the goals I set for myself for 2014 at the beginning of the year.

Healthy Living

Strength Training. Strength Training. Strength Training.  I have pretty consistently been attending BodyPump 2-3 times a week and am loving the gains I am seeing. Doing well on this one.

Run Marathon #2 – Wineglass Marathon in October.  Training in Progress. 😉

Focus on water intake.  I was doing really awesome at this one for a while but in the past month or two have slacked. Time to refocus on this.

Yoga. What is it about yoga and my inability to commit to it? Ugh. I am trying to work in BodyFlow on the weekends if I can, especially as my running mileage increases. I still struggle with prioritization of this even though I know how good it can be for my hips and running.

Quality over Quantity with races.  I only have one more big race this year – the WIneglass Marathon. I do miss having lots of Halfs to look forward to but I’m hoping it’ll all be worth it when I finished the marathon. 🙂

Focus on fresh and unprocessed. This will probably always be in progress, but I am getting more and more comfortable cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients. Meal planning and prepping on weekends has been super helpful to success in this area too.


Focus on far away friends. I need to focus on this more for the remainder of the year.

More reading.  I am getting better at making time to read though I do feel like it’s still less time than I would hope for.

Focus on living in the now. This is something I do struggle with but am still working on doing. I do feel overall less stressed out during the daily grind lately, and try not to get overwhelmed with minuscule things. A work in progress for sure.

At Home

Finish the basement of the house.  DONE! So happy with how it turned out and so glad the renovations are over. 🙂

Paint the interior. No progress on this, not gonna lie I find it super intimidating.


I’ve got some things to continue to work on so it was nice to revisit these goals and seem where I’m at!

2013 Goals in review

2 Jan

Hey guys, I hope your holiday season was great!!! I took a little hiatus because 1. I wanted to give myself the opportunity to enjoy the holidays without being plugged in and 2. my holidays were pretty much the generic, visit with family, eat lots of great food, drink lots of great drinks, fun time. Nothing out of the ordinary. 🙂 I also broke a sweat with a bunch of bodyPump and spinning, and a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning and a race on New Years eve to finish off 2013 in the best way possible. I was pretty active on Twitter and Instagram so if you are curious/nosey/etc, feel free to check them out. 🙂

Since it’s the beginning of 2014, I wanted to check in on my goals from last year to see how I did.

Here’s my orginial goal-setting post in case you are interested.

– Keep on running, zumbaing and kickboxing.  I want to expand this goal in general to focusing on cross training. I think I did this in a big way in 2013, and am so glad I opened my eyes to new forms of exercise – zumba, kickboxing, BodyPump, and Spinning/RPM are all things that I try to incorporate week to week, in addition to my running.

– YOGA! The first half of the year was a little rough, but I finally go into the groove once I found a once-a-week lunch time yoga class at the building next to where I work. There was practically no excuse to skip. 🙂

– Drink more water!!! If I was giving myself a grade on this it would be a C. I’m really not as good about this as I need to be/should be.

– Race. Race. Race.  Specifically, do 13 races. I completed this goal with the Color Me Rad 5k in June (which included virtual races). In the end, I completed a total of 22 races – 1 marathon, six half marathons, a 10k, an 8k, a 4 miler, 2 color runs, 1 mud run, four 5ks, and 5 virutal races (all 5ks). I am so completely happy I blew my goal away. 🙂 And I love having the bling to show for it. 🙂

I’m also super proud that I completed 755 miles this year, which is the most I have ever completed in a year (these stats from Map My Run didn’t include the 5k I ran on New Years Eve)!

– Read. I enjoy reading, but for some reason I never make the time for it. I’m getting better but this is something I would like to continue to improve upon.

– Finish the basement of our house. The funds are saved, its just a matter of the hubby calling a few contractors for quotes now. So as far as I have control, this is completed. 🙂

– Landscape the backyard.  Done! We got some cute little trees that are slowly growing.

– Furnish our first floor. This one was done as of my mid-year check in. yay!

– Build more savings. Really, this is always a goal. You can never have enough money in savings right? 🙂

Overall I am pretty happy with how I did, and am looking forward to making some new goals for 2014.

Checking in on my goals

7 Jul

At the beginning of the year I posted my goals both personal and for my fitness. I wanted to do a little check-in to see if I’m still on target.

– Keep on running, zumbaing and kickboxing.  So far so good! Kickboxing is on a hiatus until September but I’ll start up again then. I’ll be starting Zumba this week for a few weeks but it will drop off again once kickboxing starts up. I also have started to take spinning which was unexpected but I really enjoy for a change of pace.

– YOGA! Okay. I suck at this one. Big time.

– Drink more water!!! Working on it. The past couple of weeks I have learned about the amazingness of adding lemons and/or limes to water (I know, I know) and it has made it so much easier to drink more water. I also had to find a water bottle that was easy to drink from. I know it sounds silly but the water bottle I had at work had a slow flow so I just didn’t drink as much at once. Once I found the Nalgene On The Go bottles, I bought one for work and one for home. It helped to take the “work” out of hydrating. As silly as that may sound.

– Race. Race. Race.  Specifically, do 13 races. I completed this goal with the Color Me Rad 5k a few weeks ago. But I since I included some virtual races the first time around, I’m secretly hoping to hit 13th real life races before the year is out.  It shouldn’t be too tough to hit it though – I’m already up to 10: Disney Half Marathon, Disney Marathon, 811 Run 8k, April Fool’s Day 5k, Hershey 10k, Beaver Stadium Run 5k, Pittsburgh Half Marathon, Memorial Day Race, Dirty Girl Mud Run and Color Me Rad 5k. Whew. I’ve got 5 races already planned for the rest of the year (four of which I am registered for).

– Read. I enjoy reading, but for some reason I never make the time for it. I’m getting better but I still tend to get distracted. I gotta keep working on this one over the rest of the year.

– Finish the basement of our house. We are now wondering if we want to actually get the work done to finish our basement right now.

– Landscape the backyard.  Not yet. oy, house stuff like this is just hard to get motivated to get one.

– Furnish our first floor. DONE. Thank goodness we got this one finished! Our house interior finally feels like a home! 🙂

– Build more savings. Always a work in progress but we are getting there.

Somethings are already completed on my list but others I have really slacked on… it was good to check in on it all. Here’s to the next 6 months!

My next goal

11 Jun

I’m nearing the end of my non-training time. It’s been a fun few weeks, and it’s been nice to be more flexible with my schedule and try out spinning, but I’m ready to get back into the running thing and start working towards my next goal: a Half Marathon PR.

I’ve trained for a Half Marathon PR… never. It may sound a little crazy but these first eight halves have been all about survival and building up my comfort level with the distance. Now that I know I can conquer it, I want to conquer it faster. My half marathon times have ranged from 2:56:26, two years ago in Cleveland to 3:31:39, last year in Cleveland. (Yes the same race holds both my current PR and PB.) The 2:56:xx happened when I wasn’t really trying. The weather was nice, the course was flat, and I was just feeling good. The 3:31:xx happened in the exact opposite conditions, as I’m sure you can imagine.

My goal? I want to get into the 2:40s. I’d be happy with 2:49:59, but of course even happier the closer to 2:40 I can get.

I’ve already contacted Jen and she’s working up a plan for me to hit this goal.  I’m looking forward to working with her again! I was successful in PRing in my most uncomfortable distance, I’m looking forward to challenging myself in a distance that I enjoy.

Loosely, I’ll be running 4 days a week, continuing Spinning once a week (I’ve been bitten by the Spinning bug, what can I say), and keeping up with my core and arm work a few times a week. I’ll also start kickboxing again when it starts up in the fall.

My target race is Rock n Roll Philly on September 15th. I picked this race because 1. it is flat, 2. I’m familiar with the course and 3. it was my first half marathon. I want redemption. 🙂

I start training next Monday. Bring. It. On. 13.1.