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Harrisburg Half Marathon Relay (Race Recap)

14 Oct

On September 8th I ran the Harrisburg Half Marathon Relay with a good friend of mine.

This is a smaller race, and the relay makes up a small portion of it (there were only 32 relay teams). The relay is divide into two sections – the first is about 6.7 miles, the second is approx 6.4 miles.

My friend and I were able to get to Harrisbug to pick up our packets the night before, no issues. I really liked the race shirt. Though it was cotton it is green which is a nice change. 🙂 We stayed across the river from the start line.

The morning of the race we walked across the river, and I waited with my friend (who had leg 1) until about 10 minutes before the race started. From there I walked about a mile and a half to the relay exchange point.

It was a gorgeous walk along the river.

2013-09-08 08.11.53


Once I got to the exhange point, I ate some Gu Chomps, and drank a little water from my hand held. From then, I just waited.

It was really fun to see the lead half marathoners come in and cheer them on. Based on my friends estimated time, I knew when to get into position for an easy hand off. Really, we had nothing to “hand off”, but I had a bag with a sweatshirt for her to put on so I wanted to make sure to give it to her before I took off.

I forget the time she came in at – between 1:05 and 1:15 I think? It was so fun to see her coming in and I started jumping up and down so she could see me. Then I took off. WAY too fast. My friend had been running with runners that are way faster than me and unfortunately (or fortunately, I’m not sure), I kept up with them for the first mile. whoops.

We ran along the river for another mile or two before looping back through some scenic neighborhoods and ending back up along the river. The last mile and a half or so was really rough – the sun was beating down and I was feeling sick to my stomach. I think having my handheld water bottle with me actually made me drink MORE water than I would typically and made me feel sick. Lesson learned.

The last stretch of the race crossed a bridge back to City Island, and it was so so scenic. The finish line was right at the end of the bridge so you could see it the entire time and know when to pick up the pace. I cross, got a medal (love that the relay finishers got medals too!), and found my running buddy.

My half of the relay was way slower than I had hoped (our combined time was 2:38:xx). I felt really bad – my friend did a great job during leg 1 and I just couldn’t keep it up during leg 2.

But despite that, it was really fun to run a relay, and definitly something I would do again. Maybe I just wouldn’t be the anchor leg. 🙂



Things I’m loving lately

13 Sep

I’m back! I accidentally fell into a brief hiatus there for a while! I got the urge to blog on Wednesday, but since it was a September 11th I felt weird blogging about things that (by comparison) are so minor. So here I am, today.

I wanted to share a few random things I’ve been enjoying and also update you on what’s been up for the past month!


Image (source)

Remember how I was talking about how I wanted to figure out a way to work weights into my weekly routine? Well, I bit the bullet and joined a local gym that has all the Les Mills classes. The first one I tried out was BodyPump, and I am glad to say that I love, love, love it. I was so scared to go to my first class – barbells and weights are really intimidating to me. But the instructor was so welcoming and I loved the way it worked my muscles. I’ve been going twice a week and am already seeing improvements in the amount of weight I can handle. It is exactly what I needed! I’ve also been going to RPM (a spinning class) and taken a BodyFlow class (which is basically a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates). I’m excited to try out other Les Mills classes as they fit in my schedule, but am especially glad to be able to go to BodyPump twice a week!

2. The end of half marathon PR training.

My goal PR race is THIS WEEKEND at Rock n’ Roll Philly. I can’t believe it’s here already. Jen gave me an awesome plan that I really hope will pay off come Saturday! I’ve been hydrating like crazy all week and am ready to hit up the expo tomorrow.

Only downside? I was 1.8 miles short of 100 in August. #runnerproblems haha! I was so mad when I saw the tally on the first day of September, but there’s nothing I can do now!


3. Harrisburg Half Marathon Relay

I’ll have a (short) race report up in a bit but I ran my first relay and it was a BLAST. I ran the second 6.4 miles of the Harrisburg Half Marathon. I didn’t hit the paces I want to the whole time (thanks to cramps and nausea – awesome), but I had so much fun cheering on my friend as she ran in and taking off to try to represent! I’d love to do another relay in the future.Image

4. Oats & Honey with Coconut Kind Healthy Grain Bars

Image (source)

I’ve been looking for lower-sugar granola bar options and I stumbled across these. They are delicious – a little chewy, a little crunchy, and have the coconut taste that I love. And at 7g a sugar they are a good mid-morning snack at work.

Have a good weekend!