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24 Sep

Hey there.

I’m not sure if anyone here follows me on twitter, but if you do you might have seen a few tweets last week…

A week ago I had my tonsils and adenoids removed. I try to make this blog to focus mainly on running but every now and then some personal stuff pops in. Anyhow, back to what happened.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a few heart conditions. The way I actually found out about them was originally going to see my doctor about fatigue and stomach cramping. Long story short, I did two sleep studies (they are not fun, trust me) one regular and one with a CPAP. I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. The studies showed wake up about 8 times an hour which was slightly improved with a CPAP.

My entire life I have been told my doctors and dentists that I have large tonsils and adenoids. I even (embarrassingly) snore. My snoring has been something that has been an extremely sensitive subject my whole life – both with friends and family. When I was little my parents were told by a doctor that as long as my snoring wasn’t waking ME up, there was no need to get them removed. However, as shown by the sleep studies there was potential that they were effecting my quality of sleep without me realizing it.

After the sleep studies I met with an Ear Nose & Throat Doctor and a Sleep Doctor to review my results and talk about the next steps. I went in knowing that if I was a good candidate for the surgery, I would much rather go that route than get a CPAP. Both doctors supported me in this, saying that I was a prime candidate for surgery, and the Sleep Doctor told me he had confidence it would take me from having mild apnea to none at all. After meeting with them, the decision was clear. I scheduled the surgery and was able to get in for it a few weeks later.

I’m not going to go into detail about the surgery (if anyone out there is going to be going through this and would like to know more about it from a patients perspective, feel free to email me), but I went in at 6:15am last Monday and was home by 9:30. Gotta love outpatient surgery.

I was told the recovery would take 7-10 days. I’m now on day 8 and I find this totally accurate. I took last week off of work, and hope to be back tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning. Last week was tough, especially Tuesday and Wednesday. Swallowing was painful and I had a lot of nausea from the pain meds and antibiotics. Because swallowing was so painful I haven’t eaten much in a week, and my body is weak. But I’m doing better and can already tell that I’m sleeping better, which was the whole point of this anyhow.

How is this changing my running? Well, it’s been non-existant since last Sunday. And honestly, I have felt so crappy that I haven’t missed it. I skipped Zumba last week and will be missing it this week as well. I’m hoping to get back on the running train on Saturday or Sunday with a short 3 miler.

A temporary break from running, but I think it will be well worth it to feel well rested during the day. 🙂

Guess who’s back

13 Apr

Yikes. I’m sorry it’s been like a month

Life really got in the way this time. And since I’m a list maker, here’s a list of what has happened in the past well, month.

  1. WE CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE! What a relief it was to finally close on it. The actual “closing” was the easy part. Getting everything together for our mortgage approval and wrangling in the builders for 8 months was the difficult part.
  2. We moved into the new house. We sort of did this over two weekends. After we closed on March 16, we spent the following Saturday and Sunday at the house. Our appliances (washer, dryer and fridge) got delivered, and so did our new mattress and box spring. The following weekend we had the “big” move, with the moving truck, lots of the hubbys friends and lots of pizza. I took a few days off of work after that to work on unpacking, organizing and getting the utilities hooked up.
  3. We unpacked the last set of boxes just a few days ago – or rather, moved them into the basement where they will ultimately be stored. 😉 Thank goodness for basements, we’re not pack rats by any stretch but there are some things we just couldn’t get rid of. The scary part is my wedding dress plus tons of childhood stuff are still at my parents house…but we’ll deal with that later, once we get everything in the house under control.
  4. The house is slowly coming together. We’ve made a ton of trips to Lowe’s, Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond over the past month. Last weekend we purchased a bed frame & headboard and a secretaries desk to organize our bills and paperwork. Here’s an awkward photo of the secretaries desk at the store.  We love it, and the price was AWESOME.

    We still have a list of some other things we need to buy, but we’ll get there. One of the top things on this list is blinds… one downside to building your own house is that there’s no blinds left there from the previous owner. The duck-taped sheets that are covering our bedroom and bathroom windows are starting to get to me so hopefully we’ll get the blinds installed soon.Onto the non house related stuff…
  5. I finally got to try the whole spaghetti-squash-as-pasta-thing. I’ve been wanting to try it forever. It was simple and was definitely a nice change from eating pasta. The recipe I used was from here but didn’t do the whole garlic and butter thing. Instead I just added some pasta sauce to it.
  6. The Pittsburgh half is getting closer and closer. This weekend I hope to run 9 or 10 miles for my long run. Training is going well and I’m starting to get excited. I also realized that since the Pittsburgh half and the Clevland half are 2 weeks apart I’ll qualify for the lowest level of Half Fanatics once I complete them. SWEET.
  7. I ran a 5k about 2 weeks ago. It wasn’t my best, wasn’t my worst. Nothing really to report about it. A friend did get a pretty cool photo of me running in it though. At least I’m smiling?
  8. I met with my cardiologist to review the reports of the echo cardiogram I had done. I have a small hole in my heart that apparently 1/4th of the population has. One of the outer walls is also slightly thicker, and the cardiologist said he wasn’t exactly sure why, but he wasn’t concerned about it either. I’m going to go back in 6 months to see him again to check in, and in the meantime he asked me to check my blood pressure occasionally, sometimes after I exercise because it was slightly high (which I had been attributing to all of the house stress). Most importantly, he said I can exercise just like I have been, and he said running is no problem at all, in fact it’s encouraged. He said there’s nothing to worry about. The findings are more so just interesting factoids that are good for me to know, but shouldn’t effect my daily life. Hearing this was a gigantic relief!

So all in all, things are going well and my stress levels are lowering. The house is bought, we are moved and mostly unpacked, running is going well, and my heart is a-ok. Can’t ask for much more than that. I am truly thankful.

On Location

9 Mar

Happy Friday! 🙂

I’m working from the local Barnes & Nobles today. I’m on a project at work were I really needed the opportunity to “get in the zone” and my boss is awesome so he suggested I work from home today to work on it. I knew better than to actually work from home though – there are too many distractions there between the kitties, all of the boxes begging to be packed and general housework/laundry/etc. So I parked myself at the Barnes & Nobles cafe this morning around 9.

I grabbed an iced vanilla latte so that I felt that I “paid my dues” and am planning to stay here at least until I get hungry for lunch, if not later.

starbucksicedI’ve made a good amount of progress this morning, and it has been great to put on a pair of headphones and be away from work distractions – I should really do this more often.

All week I’ve been sort of scared to work out because of the heart stuff. But last night I couldn’t deal with it anymore, I was just feeling so antsy. So I did an EA active work out and I felt GREAT during and after it. It really changed how good the rest of my evening went too – I felt completely energized and was in a good mood. I’m glad I did it, because I got a voicemail from my cardiologists office and they pushed my appointment back another week. 😦 So I plan to just do my typical exercise stuff until my appointment but pay attention to how my body is feeling, my heart rate, and do modifications if necessary. I’m heading back to yoga tonight so I’m excited about that and I’m going to try to get a run in this weekend too.

In new house news, the house is pretty much done! We had a walk through on Wednesday and everything was as it should be. The builders had left some marks on the walls as they moved the appliances, flooring and other stuff in, so we walked around with some blue tape to mark all of the scratches and such we saw for them to go back and touch up/clean. We have our last walk through this Wednesday, and our closing next Friday. 🙂 It’s getting close!

Have a good weekend guys!

Coming Clean

2 Mar

Hey there! TGIF right?!

This week has been a little bit hectic to say the least. The reason I haven’t posted much this week is because I’m feeling pretty emotionally drained. I apologize in advance if this post seems kind of negative and down, but that’s because, well,  that’s how I’m feeling. After the last few days I finally feel like I can share my feelings.

On Wednesday I went to my doctor. Condensing a really long story to get to the punchline; basically, there are some things they found when they did an echo cardiogram on my heart. My doctor doesn’t think they’re super duper serious, but she wants me to see a cardiologist. When I my doctor started talking about this, for the first time ever I actually started crying in the office. It was all just very overwhelming. and then I asked her what I was dreading to know the answer to “Can I run?” She advised not pushing my heart too much – meaning with hot yoga, zumba or running. But she assured me that she would refer me to a cardiologist as soon as possible, but until then I needed to take it easy.

After being so emotionally drained on Wednesday, I decided to take yesterday off of work. I got a call from cardiologists office in the late morning, with an appointment… on March 12th. When I heard how “far away” it was I was really upset. I couldn’t not do my hard-core running and exercise for 10 days! and even after that I may not be able to, depending on what the cardiologist says. I know, I know. I was probably being a tad dramatic with my emotions – a week and a half to see a specialist is really not that bad.

But I saw it as a week and a half of sitting on the couch, of not knowing what was wrong, of waiting.

I gave the hubby a call around lunch and he knocked some sense into me. Thank goodness.

I realized that going for a run is not worth doing permanent damage to my heart – duh. I also realized that my IDENTITY is my exercise and sweating. It’s how I measure myself. How I have pride and confidence in myself.

I’m going to come clean about something else. Since August, the hubby and I have been building our first house. I haven’t talked about it because, well, it’s a lot of pressure and a lot of stress. And frankly until I have the keys in my hand I’m not sure I’ll feel completely secure. But at this point we have a closing date (2 weeks from today).

But it also means that the past few months have been stressful and the next 2-3 weeks will be very stressful. And without being able to exercise as normal I got worried about keeping my sanity.

I have calmed down now though. I realized I can still do yoga (though not hot power yoga, which raises my heart rate like crazy). Zumba classes take a 1 week break next week, which is “perfect” timing. And I can still run… or at least run/walk very slowly (though probably not the 6 miles I had planned for this weekend). And I can definitely go for walks and hikes (the hubby and I went for one last night instead of me going for my planned 4 mile run).

To be honest though I haven’t looked at my half training plan this week. Because I don’t want to. I hope I can still be prepared to run a good race at Pittsburgh on May 6th. But if I can’t make it a “great” race, I hope to still be there – even if I have to run/walk the whole thing.

But I’m hopeful I’ll go to the doctor on March 12th and he’ll say I can continue running like I have been. My dad has a similar condition (apparently it can be genetic) and he ran his first marathon this year with the huge encouragement of his cardiologist, who is the same doctor I will be seeing.

Sorry if this felt negative and sad, I just had to get it out. It was time to come clean I guess.

I hope to be back to a somewhat cheered up state next time I post. 🙂

Have a good weekend!


21 Sep

It’s wednesday – hump day! woo!

I spent the morning at home (more on that later) and wrestling with my work email to get it to work properly. Super fun.

Yesterday after work the hubby and I went to pick up our CSA. We got lots of eggplant and one of these things…we had no idea what it was so I posted the photo on twitter asking for opinions. I quickly (gotta love twitter) found out it’s kohlrabi. I guess its a relative of the cabbage? So I’m going to try to figure out what to make with Kohlrabi and eggplant in the next week. Should be fun. 🙂

After we picked up our CSA I went for a 30 minute run and felt pretty amazing. I wore an Air Force Marathon tech shirt I bought at the expo so maybe that was part of the reason. The hubby and I settled down to watch Dodgeball around 7:30 so that was our evening.

This morning I got to work about 8. Around 9am I started feeling super duper nausea. I knew it was probably from the medicine I’ve been taking for a week or so for my acne (it’s a known side effect). It was bad though. So I texted the hubby and asked him to come pick me up and take me home (we carpool to work together in his stick-shift car  so I couldn’t drive myself home). So from about 9:30-11 I chilled on the couch with the kitties and watched Regis & Kelly. I felt much better around 11 and got up to drive myself back into work.

Then I spent about an hour wrestling with my work email system. So wow, my morning flew by, though it wasn’t too fun.

Lunch today is egg salad on whole wheat, a green apple and the same chips I brought yesterday. The most boring lunch ever. But at least it’s in a lunch cube. 🙂Heated Yoga tonight! As long as my nausea doesn’t return at least.