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Happy Valentines Day

14 Feb

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope that your day is filled with time spent with the ones you love the most, whether it is your best friend, spouse, or pet. Have a great day!

Superbowl Weekend

5 Feb

I realized I never shared some of the fun we had this past weekend, since I was writing about the Tackle The Miles Virtual 5k yesterday.

Backing up…

Friday I left work at noon and met up with my mom. We drove down to the Philly suburbs to see a concert. We had a great time taking our time driving down (and stopping for lunch along the way). The concert was great, dinner was great, and vegging in the hotel room afterwards until I drifted off to sleep was great as well. What is it about those hotel beds?!

Saturday morning we both pretty much slept until we woke up, which seems to be about 7:30 for me lately. Lame right? Anyhow, after a quick shower and breakfast we started our drive home. Along the way we stopped at some outlets and I managed to pick up a new Coach purse for work (it was $115, original price $350!). I have been waiting to buy a new purse and was so glad to finally get the opportunity to do so, and at such a steal of a price! I also grabbed two tops and a new pair of jeans at the GAP outlet, and some chocolate truffles at the Lindt outlet. YUM.

We got home around 5 on Saturday, after again taking our time shopping, stopping to eat and enjoying ourselves. I love road trips where you don’t have to rush home!

Sunday revolved of course, around the Super Bowl. When I woke up Sunday morning I saw that it had snowed a lot the previous night, and the temperature was hovering around 18F.  I had 8 miles planned so I took it downstairs to the treadmill. 8 miles on the treadmill was far from ideal, but I watched The Switch on my Kindle Fire while I ran, and half way through ran upstairs to refill my water. It helped to break it up at least. I felt great when I was done!

I threw veggies, beans and broth in the crockpot to make a vegetarian version of this awesome Olive Garden Pasta Fagoli and then the hubby and I got to work on a fun project.

Every year our friends have a Groundhogs Day Party where they encourage people to bring a food shaped like an animal. Last year we made Turtle Pizzas. This year I searched on Pinterest (the perfect source for ideas for this type of thing). We decided to make these Silly Snake Dogs. We changed the recipe slightly to make them a little simpler. We used crescent rolls instead of breadsticks (we couldn’t find the breadsticks at our grocery store). We also used cloves for the eyes and carrot matchsticks for the tongues since I had a bunch leftover from the Pasta Fagoli.

snakesonaplaindogThe hubby came up with the creative name: Snakes on a Plain…Dog. We also had some made with veggie dogs too. They came out really cute. I swear though, next year we are taking the easy route and buying animal shaped sandwich cutters or something.

After the Groundhog’s Day party, we spent the rest of the day eating the soup from the crockpot and watching the SuperBowl. Can I just say, Beyonce looked awesome! Regardless of it she was lip-syncing or not, I love how she embraces her curves and isn’t afraid to show a little sweat!

Happy New Year!

31 Dec

Happy New Year!!

Here’s to 2013!


21 Nov

Hey there! I hope your few days leading up to Thanksgiving have been good. Monday and Tuesday REALLY dragged for me at work. I guess it was because I knew I’d get a break from it all soon?

I took today off of work to just relax and enjoy myself. I was starting to feel a little burnt out from work so I knew adding an extra day before everything would be helpful. Usually when I “take off” I spend the day running errands and doing stuff around the house. I end up being productive but not feeling very relaxed. Today I decided my only obligation was to get in a three mile run and meet my parents for lunch. 🙂 No errands, no housework!

I took my 3 mile run pretty slow this morning and ended up turning it into a run/walk. I’m doing a 5k Turkey Trot tomorrow morning and wanted to save my legs for it a little bit. Anyone else have a turkey trot or some other type of exercise planned? I really love starting Thanksgiving off with a run (and Christmas morning too!) because I find it really clears my head and starts my day off on the right note. Running makes my happy so why not start the day off happy on the holidays, right?

I’ll try to post tomorrow after the race but no guarantees, so in case I don’t, have a great Thanksgiving to all who celebrate and for those who don’t, I hope tomorrow is a great day for you too!

Happy Halloween!

1 Nov

I hope your Halloween was a great one! We dressed up for work and I was super original… or not. But at least I was authentic!Runner Halloween CostumeAnd I was super comfy all day at work too.  Can’t complain about that. 🙂

I spent the evening pretty much relaxing with the hubby, handing out candy when kids came, and drinking some red wine. I eventually fell asleep with Geisha on my lap and woke up around 10:30 to go up to bed. It was a pretty nice evening, no complaints here!

This week has been pretty awesome on the exercise front.
Monday – 3 miles
Tuesday – was supposed to be Zumba but we were locked out of the room and the instructor opted to cancel it and add an extra class at the end of the session, bummer.
Wednesday – 3 miles, 1 hr of cardio kickboxing (ow my arms!)
Today – 3 miles
Friday – I’m planning to do some yoga but we will see. I may give myself a rest day.
Saturday – 6 mile run, 1 hr of spinning (what have I gotten myself into?! this will be my first spinning class ever, should be interesting. I’m planning to run before it though in case I kill my legs.)
Sunday – REST

It was a bummer that Zumba got cancelled but I have 3 for 3 in waking up at 5:45am in the pitch black, cold, and rainy/snowy mix, so I’ll take it.