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Thankful Thursdays: interest rates, job offers and vegetables

3 Nov

I have a lot to be thankful for. Yesterday was a really really good day.

I’m thankful for yesterdays low interest rates. The hubby and I pulled the trigger for our mortgage application and locked in our rate. This is a huge step that we both feel really great about. I’m not ready to share much more than that – I don’t want to jinx anything – but once things start to happen I’ll be updating more about our house adventures.

I’m thankful that yesterday I got a job offer letter. It’s for the job I already do, but instead of working a weird part-time type of schedule, as of today I am now full time. YAY for paid sick and vacation time!

I’m thankful for Google Calendar and Tasks. And the fact that they both sync with apps in my phone. This week has been about getting back into the groove, which also running around like crazy people with house related meetings. Having a to do list (really, when do I ever not have one) and my calendar has helped to keep our schedules straight while making sure a bunch of miscellaenous things get done that need to get done.
I’m thankful for my hubby and the fact that yesterday after I told him the job news and the interest rate news he said “lets go out to dinner this weekend – anywhere you want!” Sounds good to me.

I’m thankful for our upcoming weekend of pretty much no plans. I’m hoping to bake a few things in the kitchen (biscoff fudge and peanut butter granola) and catch up on my hulu queue from last week.

I’m thankful  for running. I banged out 30 minutes last night after work. The weather was perfect, I wore my Hershey Half tech shirt, and it felt good to be getting back on track.

I’m thankful for a fridge full of healthy food. The endless buffets and desserts and snacks and crepes last week were great, but it’s nice to eat vegtables and fruit again.

Fire alarms

4 Oct

The fire alarms at work just went off again – for the 2nd day in a row. and it was a false alarm. They are so friggin loud and the one alarm is practically in my cube so every time I jump out of my seat and have to deal with my ears ringing all day. I’m all for fire drills and such, but two false alarms in two days? really?

side note: I created a new blog category called Annoyance just for things like this, haha.

Now that I got that off my chest…

Last night we made a homemade pizza with broccoli, onion, black olives, green peppers and garlic. It was crazy looking, I wish I had taken a photo. Our breath smelled pretty awful after we ate it too.

After gargeling some mouth wash we went over to the hubbys coworkers house and spent the rest of the evening there. They live in the neighborhood where we hope to build our future home (and used the same builder) so we were just picking their brain about the building process. The hubby’s coworkers husband is also a mortgage guy with a local bank so we asked him lots of questions about the whole financing thing too. It was a good evening – I feel pretty informed and excited about being a homeowner after it. Since we spent the whole evening there it was a no run day for me.

I’ve been pretty exhausted and sleepy for some reason so I was fine with an extra day off. I’ll run tonight.

Breakfast was a bagel thin with butter, no surprise there.

Lunch is some leftover lasagna from my parents, CSA salad and two sugar cookie balls.This morning on the drive to work I had the idea to dip the sugar cookie balls in a tad of biscoff spread. too much? maybe so but I think I’m going to try this tonight. 😉

I’ve also been drinking a lot of tea at home lately so I decided to bring some with me to work today in an effort to mix up the sleepiness I’ve been feeling for the past day or two.It didn’t really work, I think it might have actually made me more sleepy. Maybe I need to get something with caffeine in it?

Rain rain go away

6 Sep

It’s raining like crazy here. And from the look of the forecast for the week its going to keep raining. At least it’s a short work week!

Here’s a not-long long weekend recap in bullet form 🙂


  • Worked 1/2 a day
  • 90 minute long run
  • Grocery shopping
  • A mystery CSA veggie


  • Lots of relaxation
  • Chocolate chip kodiak cakes
  • Peanut butter marshmallow squares
  • Abs, Arms & Squats
  • Blush wine
  • Bathroom cleaning (ew)


  • My brother’s graduation party
  • Lots of Riesling. lots.
  • Lots of cake too.
  • Great times with family and friends


  • 30 minute run and Abs, Arms & Squats
  • Lunch for my Grandma’s birthday – I got a Gardenburger, it was awesome.
  • More cake.

Today, I slept through my alarm – whoops. Guess the later mornings from the weekend were becoming a habit. 🙂

Lunch today is a mish mash to try to clean out our fridge. We have lots of leftovers from the weekend. A red delicious apple, cantaloupe, two smart dogs with mustard (leftovers from my brothers graduation party), CSA salad with onion salad dressing and a piece of cookie cake (also left over from my brothers graduation party).

After work we’re going to the bank to get pre-approved for a mortgage – we’ve already been pre-approved once but we’re shopping around to get the best rate. 🙂 After that I’m hoping to get a 30 minute run in.

Enjoy your Tuesday!


13 Jul

Wowsa. Already Wednesday – major props for that! Yesterday after work I spent from 5pm-8pm working on the hubbys anniversary present. Our anniversary is in October but I had to get started on it ahead of time. It’s a surprise for him so it’s been tricky to sneak around getting things ready. But I should finally get to see the reward for my sneaking around in a few weeks. I’ll ultimately be giving it to him when we go to Mexico (yay for an all inclusive!) for our anniversary. You better believe I’m not going to even mention what it is on here, I’m trying so hard to keep this a complete secret from him!

After I “took care of things” I stopped by to get our CSA box. Lots of cool veggies this week! A photo and description will come soon, I had zero time last night to even begin cleaning, chopping, etc. Dinner was indian food over quinoa.  We’re trying to incorporate quinoa into our diets more, and pretty much replacing rice with it when possible. I was a little unsure of how it would taste when Indian food was put over it but it worked well! and it didn’t leave us with a super bloated feeling like rice tends to do. After a late dinner and watching a quick episode of Futurama, we hit the hay.

This morning I planned to get up and run but my body was craving sleep. I’m trying to take it a little bit easy in preparation for my 10k Sunday so I didn’t force myself to get a run in. I’ll see if I can squeeze it in this evening, but if not it’s no biggie.

Breakfast was nothing notable (granola + almond milk + blueberries mixed in). Lunch was another evol veggie curry wrap. They don’t photograph well but they taste awesome!!! Dinner tonight is probably going to be subway – something super quick – since we’ve got a meeting with a Realtor to tour our first round of houses! I’m so excited about this!