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After the furniture haul!

7 Mar

Happy Thursday! One step closer to the weekend. 🙂

The husband and I have spent the entire week after work picking up our new furniture, assembling it, and arranging our living room and dining room. My initial post with our reasons for doing all of this is here.

So without further ado….

Our new dining room! We finally have a dining room tablet and a bookshelf that is the right size and color for the room. We have more than enough space for all of our books! In the back right corner is a secretaries desk that we bought a while back.

And here is our new living room! You can see the stools at the counter that opens into the kitchen in the back of the photo. The new coffee table is also shown. This thing is awesome, it is on wheels so we can easily move it around and it has a lift top!


There’s also a small end table between the two chairs, another on the right side of the couch where the chaise lounge is and another on the left end of the couch that you can’t see.

livingroom_after2We still have to pick up a few things, like a floor lamp to go on the right side of the couch and a new entertainment unit. We also need to replace the rug which REALLY doesn’t match the style of the furniture (but it was a hand-me-down so we’ll keep it until we paint the room probably). We also need to get a rug for under the dining room table and obviously paint. We want to paint our bedroom too but will probably just pay someone to come in and do it all in one swoop. That’s money well spent in our mind.  For the most part though we are there, we are so psyched that it’s all finally coming together after being in the house for a year!

Weekend Recap: Furniture Haul!

25 Feb

Good morning! I hope your weekend was awesome! Ours was pretty crazy busy but we also are feeling super accomplished from it, so that is always good!

On Saturday the husband and I went furniture shopping – big time.

We had a goal to furnish our first floor and be finally done with it. Since we moved in (last March) our living room has been pretty bare, and our dining room is pretty much completely empty. Minus a crappy hand-me-down bookcase that is slowly falling apart. Our first floor kitchen, living room and dining room is an open floor plan, so needless to say it all felt pretty sterile to say the least. We also haven’t painted any colors on the walls or hung any photos. The lack of feeling “home-y” finally go to us to work towards furnish our living room and dining room.

Our living room is a weird size. It’s long and skinny. This is how we had it set up before this weekend:


Notice the lack of end tables for the couch – this was driving me crazy!!! We also kept putting off buying bar stools for the counter that opens up into our kitchen. I wanted to get those from the time I saw the plans for the house, before it was being built!

So, I played around with the floor plan, and came up with this:

living room-after

I re-oriented the tv so that the room would feel larger. Also added secondary lighting so we don’t have to use the over head light, and a coffee table and end tables. I even played with the idea of a couch table behind the two chairs but we ended up nixing that idea after we went shopping. I also was hell-bent on getting those bar stools (not shown it the floor plan above)!

We went shopping Saturday and about 4 hrs, multiple stores, and purchases from 3 different stores we found EVERYTHING we went looking for. 

We found the bar stools, and were able to take them home so they are already set up (and look fabulous!). stoolsatkitchencounterWe also ordered a dining room set, a new bookcase for the dining room, and a set of tables for the living room – two chair side end tables, a regular end table and a coffee table. The stuff will slowly trickle in, which is probably best so we can adjust things as we get them, but we get to pick the dining room set up on Tuesday are we are really psyched! Our house will finally start feeling like a home… next we just have to finish the basement, paint the walls and starting hanging some photos up. Oh and I’ve got to find a floor lamp that will match our table lamps that we already have. 😉

On Sunday I woke up to get in a 7 mile run on the treadmill. I took it easy (especially the first mile or so) and finished in 1:37:18. I watched No Strings Attached (the movie with Ashton Kutcher) on my kindle fire while I ran which helped the time to pass. The movie was just okay – it was a nice one to watch while sweating though because it didn’t require a lot of thought to understand what was going on in the plot. 😉

After my run, I worked with my dad to get our taxes submitted. Our federal taxes are done and e-filed, the state ones I have to mail out today and the local ones still have to be done (their website was being screwy), so I guess we’re about half way there.

After taxes I was off to a Zumbathon! Two hours of Zumba! whew! It was a lot of fun though! Once it ended I came home, we ordered a pizza and I promptly fell onto the couch for the rest of the evening. I was pretty exhausted but felt really great about the weekend I’d had.

Lets hope this week goes just as well!

Easy eight

17 Nov

Alright… I am typing this from my kindle fire, because I’m lazy like that, but I applogize if formatting and stuff is off.

I ran eight easy miles today around 9. I procrastinated hoping the temperature would go up a little bit from the 29 degrees it was at when I woke up. Thank goodness it did-i still had to wear tights, a long sleeved shirt, my vest and gloves but I was pretty comfortable. Anyhow, its crazy/awesome how your perspective changes as you build mileage. Eight miles felt like a walk in the park compared to the 17 last weekend.

After my run I ran a few errands and started on laundry. I am currently hanging out on the couch, where I plan to remain for the rest of the day if I’m not switching the laundry out. 🙂

In random news, my husband noticed that I was using my kindle to look up recipes frequently (thank you Pinterest). So he had the idea to somehow mount it on our kitchen wall above the counter. We found this mount that attaches to the wall using those 3M sticky strips, which is awesome because if we ever want to removed them we can. And the Kindle just sort of slides into it so there’s nothing permanently attached to the Kindle either. It is really awesome and has already gotten a ton of use. I feel super high tech in the kitchen now, ha.


Pretty cool right?

I’m off to switch the laundry. Have a great weekend!!

Guess who’s back

13 Apr

Yikes. I’m sorry it’s been like a month

Life really got in the way this time. And since I’m a list maker, here’s a list of what has happened in the past well, month.

  1. WE CLOSED ON OUR HOUSE! What a relief it was to finally close on it. The actual “closing” was the easy part. Getting everything together for our mortgage approval and wrangling in the builders for 8 months was the difficult part.
  2. We moved into the new house. We sort of did this over two weekends. After we closed on March 16, we spent the following Saturday and Sunday at the house. Our appliances (washer, dryer and fridge) got delivered, and so did our new mattress and box spring. The following weekend we had the “big” move, with the moving truck, lots of the hubbys friends and lots of pizza. I took a few days off of work after that to work on unpacking, organizing and getting the utilities hooked up.
  3. We unpacked the last set of boxes just a few days ago – or rather, moved them into the basement where they will ultimately be stored. 😉 Thank goodness for basements, we’re not pack rats by any stretch but there are some things we just couldn’t get rid of. The scary part is my wedding dress plus tons of childhood stuff are still at my parents house…but we’ll deal with that later, once we get everything in the house under control.
  4. The house is slowly coming together. We’ve made a ton of trips to Lowe’s, Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond over the past month. Last weekend we purchased a bed frame & headboard and a secretaries desk to organize our bills and paperwork. Here’s an awkward photo of the secretaries desk at the store.  We love it, and the price was AWESOME.

    We still have a list of some other things we need to buy, but we’ll get there. One of the top things on this list is blinds… one downside to building your own house is that there’s no blinds left there from the previous owner. The duck-taped sheets that are covering our bedroom and bathroom windows are starting to get to me so hopefully we’ll get the blinds installed soon.Onto the non house related stuff…
  5. I finally got to try the whole spaghetti-squash-as-pasta-thing. I’ve been wanting to try it forever. It was simple and was definitely a nice change from eating pasta. The recipe I used was from here but didn’t do the whole garlic and butter thing. Instead I just added some pasta sauce to it.
  6. The Pittsburgh half is getting closer and closer. This weekend I hope to run 9 or 10 miles for my long run. Training is going well and I’m starting to get excited. I also realized that since the Pittsburgh half and the Clevland half are 2 weeks apart I’ll qualify for the lowest level of Half Fanatics once I complete them. SWEET.
  7. I ran a 5k about 2 weeks ago. It wasn’t my best, wasn’t my worst. Nothing really to report about it. A friend did get a pretty cool photo of me running in it though. At least I’m smiling?
  8. I met with my cardiologist to review the reports of the echo cardiogram I had done. I have a small hole in my heart that apparently 1/4th of the population has. One of the outer walls is also slightly thicker, and the cardiologist said he wasn’t exactly sure why, but he wasn’t concerned about it either. I’m going to go back in 6 months to see him again to check in, and in the meantime he asked me to check my blood pressure occasionally, sometimes after I exercise because it was slightly high (which I had been attributing to all of the house stress). Most importantly, he said I can exercise just like I have been, and he said running is no problem at all, in fact it’s encouraged. He said there’s nothing to worry about. The findings are more so just interesting factoids that are good for me to know, but shouldn’t effect my daily life. Hearing this was a gigantic relief!

So all in all, things are going well and my stress levels are lowering. The house is bought, we are moved and mostly unpacked, running is going well, and my heart is a-ok. Can’t ask for much more than that. I am truly thankful.

We bought a MAILBOX

14 Mar

Happy Wednesday! How’s everything going?

Last night the hubby and I bought a MAILBOX. That’s right. Shit is starting to get real now 🙂 We’re going to be home owners soon! I’m going to go knocking on a ton of wood now because I’m so freaked I’m going to jinx it. Anyhow, I just got back from our second of the “final” walk-throughs. We marked up the inside of the house with blue tape so the painters and cleaners know where to touch up the paint and clean. 🙂 Our next one is Friday… an hour before our closing. yikes! Everything is looking really good though, and at this point, as I was telling the hubby, we’re just being super picky.

The weather this week has been awesome here. Sunny or partly cloudy and in the mid-60s. I wish it could stay like this year round. This type of weather just makes me feel happy.

Zumba started back up last night and whew it was a tough one. The room the class is in was super hot (rumor has it, around 80) so I was sweating before the first song was over. During the class my body definitely got used to the heat and by the end it wasn’t bothering me very much. I modified a few moves to be slightly lower intensity to keep my heart rate in check. Overall I felt great though. So glad I’m past my stage of being scared to exercise.

Today’s a rest day, I’ve got a little happy hour after work which should be fun, and then the hubby and I are planning on parking it in front of the TV for the majority of the evening. The next couple of days/weeks are going to be doozies so we’re trying to rest up and enjoy the quiet time while we can!

Enjoy your Wednesday!