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Anniversary Celebrations Part Two

8 Nov

After a night of Seinfeld, cake and packing, (read about our anniversary celebrations part one) we woke up early (4:30am!) to get to the airport and security for our 6:00am flight (it’s a small airport).

By 12:45pm, we were lying pool side sipping pina coladas. 🙂

The rest of our week consisted of eating, walking along the beach and lots of hammocking.

I caught a gorgeous sunset one evening while out for a walk:We had a free cake delivered to our room in honor of our anniversary. It was covered in fondant, which I ate off of the entire cake because it was so good.

Notable eats included awesomely seasoned veggies wrapped up and topped with two eggs at the Spanish restaurant.And red, yellow and green tortilla chips (with amazing salsa and guac) at the Mexican restaurant.Lots of these guys were roaming around the resort:

We played the coolest, most jungle-y mini golf ever.And even went to the gym most mornings for about 30 minutes. The gym was awesome, the weight area was open air with no walls, and the cardio area had floor to ceiling windows.The hubby had some super fresh coconut milk.On the Thursday we were there (day 5) the weather started getting much windier, and we heard Tropical Storm Rina was going to make an appearance. They prepped the resort for the rain and winds. They closed the storm doors on all of the balconies in the guests’ rooms.And boarded up the ocean front shops.The waves got rough too.We had to stay in our room for part of the day for our own safety. We went to bed with to the sound of thunder. It really didn’t seem to get too bad. The next morning the sky and ocean cleared and luckily we were able to enjoy our last day there out at the pool.

Unfortunately, getting home on that Saturday was a mess. It was snowing in the north east which caused a turbulent first flight to Philly. And then our flight from Philly to home got completely canceled. So we got a rental and drove home – it took almost double the time it should have – and the roads were a mess for most of it.

Not a fun way to end our anniversary trip. But luckily we have the memories from the first part of the trip!!

Anniversary Celebrations Part One

2 Nov

The night before we left for Mexico to celebrate our anniversary we had a few other exciting activities planned.

Coincidentally Jerry Seinfeld was coming to town that evening. The hubby is a huge fan of his and has been his whole life, so when tickets went on sale in September we jumped to get them. I really like Jerry’s sense of humor -he keeps it clean and doesn’t pick up race, gender or minorities, and he jokes about things that I think everyone thinks about at some time in their life. My favorite joke was “marriage is like a chess game where the board is floating on water, the pieces disappear and the moves you make don’t matter”.

It was a good show and pretty surreal to see him in person. He even did a Q&A session at the end where people asked whatever they felt like asking. This was a really neat idea and not something I’ve seen many comedians do.

After getting home from the show we dug into our last piece of wedding cake. We only saved one piece from the top tier because we knew it wouldn’t taste too great and we wanted to enjoy it when we got back from the honeymoon.

Here’s a picture of our wedding cake.

Our slice tasted very moist and we actually ate it all. The frosting had lost a little bit of its sweetness. And the bite of purple fondant tasted good as new. I’m a big fondant fan. 🙂

After eating our cake we double checked our luggage and hit the hay for an early wake up call to the airport with Mexico as our final destination.

For the hubby

23 Oct

One year ago, at this time, I married my best friend.

It was the best moment of my life when I saw him for the first time on October 23, 2010.

On that day we legally confirmed everything we felt.

The year since has been filled with new jobs for both of us, a move across the state and learning to live together.

It has been busy for sure. It has been filled with happiness, stress, tears and lots of fun.

But I can’t wait for the next year, and each year after.

Happy 1st Anniversary to my wonderful hubby!