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20 Nov

I hope your weekend is going great! I meant to post last night, but I fell asleep at 9:30… yea, 9:30. I guess I was tired!

Yesterday started with a trip to the vet for the kitties. Not to fun for them but they got their shots and a clean bill of health which is always good. After that the hubby and I made a quick trip to the fruit farm for some cider and apple sauce.

Once we got home I got busy in the kitchen pre-making some weekday meals to make things easier this week.

Stuffed peppers (I just stuffed them with rice and black beans mixed with chili powder and some cheddar cheese)…

And alfredo spinach lasagna. This is a new recipe, I’ll share it if it comes out good. 🙂

I also got to work chopping up some veggies for crockpot goodness for today.

After chopping and cooking I went to the theater to see Breaking Dawn Part One. I have no shame in going to movies by myself if the hubby isn’t interested (I didn’t have the heart to make him sit through it) and none of my friends are.

The movie was pretty good, though my favorite is still the first movie; Twilight.

Dinner last night was some vegetarian meatball subs and a red velvet woopie pie from the fruit farm.

Yum so good. (Side note: can you find Geisha in that photo? haha) After eating we turned on a movie and I folded some laundry.

After folding I proceeded to fall asleep super early.

After 10 hours of sleep (I don’t think I’ve slept that much since college) I woke up and threw all of the chopped veggies in the crockpot to make a vegetarian curry.

I’ll share the recipe if it’s good.

After getting the crockpot meal going I hit the road for a 5 mile run with my dad. Done and done.

For the rest of the day I’m gonna be finishing up the pile of dirty laundry, meeting a friend for coffee and possibly getting some baking in. Though I didn’t realize I needed two sticks of room temperature butter and all of my butter was in the freezer. So whether I’ll be able to bake depends on how quickly the butter will room temperature-ize. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Everything in slow-mo

8 Jun

I feel like I’ve been in a haze all day yesterday and all day today. The hubby seems to think I’m low on iron since my supplements ran out last week and I’m procrastinating on refilling because of the cost. He may be right. I haven’t had the energy to do much around the house, much less exercise and I doubt this is still the result of a super crazy night on Sunday at the concert. So we’ll be heading to the health food store after work today to pick up my iron supplements.

I didn’t even have the energy to make up my egg salad for my sandwiches this week, so I’m going to have to get on that tonight. Lunches have been soup from the pantry and salad. Nothing exciting.

In other news, our second CSA box came yesterday.

The contents:

  • Romaine – cut up for salads
  • Green Onions – cut up for salads
  • Asparagus – we’re planning on marinating in EVOO, salt and pepper and baking it for a side sometime this week
  • Bok Choy – I really don’t know what to do with this (besides make chinese food or soup) – it’s too hot out for soup. Any suggestions?

A concert recap with photos will be coming soon, promise. When I get my energy back.

Our first CSA

2 Jun

We got our first box from a local CSA on Tuesday. I have been super excited since we signed up because I thought it would be a great way to get more veggies into our diet. Our first box was full of lettuce, kale, spinach, green onions and radishes.

The first thing we did was chopped and cleaned and talked about how we’re going to fit these new veggies into our meals for the week.

– Lettuce and spinach went into a container to be used for salads to take in our lunches.
– Radishes were chopped up and will be added to salads.
– Green onions were chopped up and we’re planning on adding them to quesadillas we had planned for later in the week.
– The kale was something I really didn’t know what to do with. I’ve heard it tastes bitter so I knew it wasn’t a good salad or green monster green. So I decided what the heck, let’s try to make a batch of the kale chips I’ve been hearing so much about in the blogosphere. Somehow I managed not to burn them and they came out okay. I added sea salt and pepper to them and after tasting them I added cayenne powder to some and garlic powder to others just to try it. If we get any more kale I think I’ll definitely try to make kale chips again and experiment with different spices even more.

I have a big CSA salad packed for lunch, I’m super excited to try the fresh and locally grown veggies!

Time for the weekend

21 Apr

I banged out a 30 minute run when I got home from work today, yay! My shins are feeling pretty tender though, icing is definitely in the plans for the evening. For dinner the husband and I split a frozen Amy’s pizza, yum. Now that those onion rings from yesterday are out of my system I’m feeling much better.

Tomorrow I’m off of work and for the first time in a while it’ll be a pretty low key day off. We planned our meals for the week tonight so first things first I’ll be heading to Wegmans and Target. Then I’ll fit in some Yoga and maybe Abs n’ arms and then I’ve gotta make quick run to the mall. I’m psyched to have some time to relax tomorrow.

I’m off to have a little ice cream and watch wipeout with the hubby. Wipeout seriously cracks me up. It’s like human super mario – I love it.

Hey, I put my new shoes on

14 Apr

One of my cats is currently “mosh poshing” on my stomach as I try to type. haha.

I did my first run in my new shoes today. It took a little time to get used to them but they’re great overall. Just gotta adjust a little bit. Running in new shoes is always awesome because you feel like you’re running on clouds. 🙂

Dinner was simple – just left overs! Left over veggie lasagne and veggie stir fry. Weird combo huh? Husband added a smart dog to the mix too, haha. Over dinner we planned out our meals for next week and I just spent some time looking for coupons online and I managed to find quite a few. One thing I always try to do is look at the coupons I have after we plan our meals. That way it’s less tempting to buy things just because we have a coupon. Instead we buy things we really need, and if we can find a coupon, great, if not, that’s okay too. It works out well for us. I’ll go grocery shopping tomorrow after I get off of work (only have to do a half day). After I go shopping I’m hoping to get a run in, so that Saturday I can rest and do yoga before my 5k on Sunday.

Speaking of the 5k, I was slightly perturbed because I looked up the course – which I had been assuming hadn’t changed since last year – and unfortunately it’s a loop in the opposite direction. Last year when I ran this race I PRed by like 2 minutes, I was so psyched. I was hoping to at least match if not beat my time this time around. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen now because the race was a gradual down hill the whole way, and this time it’s a gradual up hill. Major bummer.

Oh well, I’m off to snack on another banana muffin and watch The Office with the hubby!