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Rock n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon (Race Recap)

15 Oct

On September 15 I ran the Rock n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon.

This was my tenth half (!!!) and also the place where I ran my very first half marathon back in 2010, so I was excited to be back. I was also training for a PR with an awesome training plan from Jen.  Spoiler, unforunately I didn’t PR. and didn’t even hit my secondary time goal. But I have never felt stronger during a half and I 100% attribute that to the training plan.

The course for Rock n’ Roll Philly is really nice. It starts by the art museum, you loop through the city, and then back along the river, cross the river, loop back and end at the art museum. It is flat, (should be) fast, and relatively shaded (except for the last 2-3 miles).

I felt really good before this race and was especially proud that it was my 10th half marathon. Who would have thought I would hit double digits?

RocknRollPhilly201310 fingers for 10 halfs!

I felt really good for the first 5 miles or so of this race. After that I just couldn’t keep up with the paces I was supposed to. I’m not sure why – maybe my legs were dead from the Harrisbrug Half Relay the week before, maybe I didn’t hydrate right, maybe the weather was too warm, maybe my mental game wasn’t there. The fact is I just couldnt hit the paces I needed to.

I finished in 3:19:50. Not gonna lie, I found my dad in the finishing area and started crying. I was really disappointed in myself. But I tried to be positive – I finished ANOTHER half marathon. I should be happy to have finished or been able to run at all. It is what it is and I couldn’t change it.

I’m not sure if you heard about the medal problems they had at RnR Philly, but apparently a bunch of finishers medals were stolen from the finish line. I had SO been looking forward to the receiving the Philly medal from the time that they revealed it on their facebook page.

Instead I was given a generic Rock n Roll Medal.RnRPhillyMedal

Though nice (and I appreciated that they had a medal to give us at all), it wasn’t exactly what I was looking forward to, and after missing my PR (by a LOT), it was just like salt in the wound. The walk back to our hotel was a huge bummer for me, especially as I saw so many people with the “real” Philly medal. I couldn’t help but think that if I had hit my PR I wouldn have gotten that medal.

Naturally, I started stalking the Rock n Roll Philly facebook page on the drive home to see if anyone else was as upset as I was. I was not alone. Competitor Group, the company that runs the Rock n Roll race series, assured us that they would mail out the proper medals to all those who had received the generic one at the finish.

I received an email from them, and sure enough, less than 2 weeks after the race, I got a package in the mail with my Philly medal and a nice, apologetic note from them.

RnRPihllyMedal2In case you can’t read it:

Thank you for joining us at the Rock n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon on September 15th. It was a beautiful weekend to race in Philadelphia and we are proud of what each participate accomplished.

We know that those moments of victory at the finish line are invaluable. We sincerely apologize that you received a generic Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series medal when you crossed the finish line. Sadly, we had medals stolen from the race that were hanging on at the finish line and a supplemental shipment did not arrive…”

I have heard varying experices at RnR races around the coutry so I am so, so, appreciative that they made the crappy medal situation right. Thank you Competitor Group!