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Walt Disney World Half Marathon (Goofy Challenge Part 1)

21 Jan

We flew out the Friday before race day to head to Florida for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. We caught an 8am flight – and took off to a gorgeous sunrise.
WDWHalf01We left behind the cold Pennsylvania weather and snow. It was glorious!!

My dad picked the hubby and I up from the airport (he had arrived a few hours earlier) and after a quick lunch at Chipotle and a stop at Publix to stock up on Gatorade, we headed to the ESPN Wide World of Sports to pick up our race packets. Β The bib pickups were separate from the goody bag pickups which was a little bit annoying. I’m not a fan of having to carry my bib around without being able to put it in a bag or something. I always get nervous I’m going to misplace it. The bib pickup for Goofy folks was super short – no line.

The T-shirt/Goody bag line was super long at another building.Β The line stretched so long that it even went outside. It moved pretty quickly though and we didn’t mind being in the Florida sunshine. πŸ™‚


We got three super awesome long-sleeved tech shirts for the Half, Full and Goofy, in Yellow, Blue and Orange respectively. They’re so nice I’m not sure I’m going to be running in them much. They’ll probably be used for lounging around/bragging more so. ha.

After we picked everything up and walked around the Expo a little (it was SUPER crowded) we checked into our hotel super quick and headed to Downtown Disney for dinner. We ate at the House of Blues and all of us got salads (I got Caesar – my pre-race tradition) and pasta with marinara sauce. It hit the spot. After dinner we headed straight back to the hotel to put our legs up and sleep.

My alarm went off at 3am the next morning and I woke up without an issue. I changed, ate my cereal + Almond Milk and we met up with my dad and made the walk to the busses. I think we were on a bus around 3:45ish. There was no line or anything.

WDWHalf03 I dressed up as Minnie for this race – I haven’t dressed up for a Disney race yet and though the Half would be a perfect opportunity. I found the red running skirt at TJ Maxx, the red tech shirt at Wal-Mart, the Minnie ears online and used white sticker dots from Staples. Most of them fell off over the course of the race though, as you will see in the photos. I found the gloves at Target for 50c, and basically just wore them for this photo. It was already in the 60s by the time we were waiting to walk to our corrals.

I also ran this race as part of the Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Half Marathon. I wore the bib on my back. Unfortunately I did sweat a lot so the bib ended up ripping off of my back but I tucked it in my SpiBelt so that I carried those kids with me for the 13.1 miles. I saw a lot of other people with these bibs too. It amazes me how the running community can come together to support a cause. It is a great thing.

WDWHalf04After walking to our Corrals and making out way to the start, we crossed the start line around 6am. We were on our way through a 39.3 mile journey! yikes!!


The first four miles went pretty quickly. Our strategy was to run as much as possible in the first few miles and then switch to 3/1 run/walk intervals once we felt we needed to. Around mile four I started to feel light headed. I attribute this to taking a cup of powerade at the first water station. After that I just took two cups of water at each one and felt a lot better. We ran down Main Street (such a rush!!) and snapped a picture in front of the castle.


The sun was starting to get hot though, and it was really sticky and humid. My husband was also starting to feel a little discouraged around mile 7. We told my dad to go ahead and I stuck back with him as we ran/walked our way to mile 10ish. I knew this wasn’t going to be a great half for me time-wish. Around mile 10 it was getting even hotter (I’m pretty sure it got into the low 80s while we were out there) and we were on highway which meant hot asphalt. It was tough. My husband was also getting discouraged, because it seemed like we had so far to go. I gave him as much positivity as I could.

It was awesome to see the Epcot ball and know we were close.


After going around the Ball, I knew (from the Princess Half a few years ago) that we didn’t have long to go. Β We also found my dad who had stopped to wait for us so we could cross the finish together.


We crossed in 3:27:21 (chip time). Not a good finishing time for me by far, but I wanted to stick with my husband, and with the heat I knew it wouldn’t be smart to push it given we had 26.2 to cover the next morning.



Finishers photo!! I felt pretty good after the race. My feet were tired but that was about it. We made our way to the buses and got lunch at the hotel. I got a breakfast platter and drank a bottle of chocolate milk. It was perfect. I took an ice bath before we showered, hoping it would help my legs to feel as fresh as possible the next day.

We grabbed dinner that night at Portobellos in Downtown Disney, which was a great carb-infused meal for Marathon Eve. We went to bed early because we had a 3am wake up call again the next day and I slept like a log.


Warrior Dash Race Report

30 Dec

I know that I am posting this race report about 6 months late. It’s been a busy 6 months, but now that I have some free time from work over the holidays I figured I would catch up with some much-needed race reports and other blog related things.


On June 16th, my husband, dad and I did the Pennsylvania Warrior Dash. If you aren’t familiar, the Warrior Dash is a race held all over the country, and is a 3.5ish mile obstacle course/mud run. We went into the race knowing we would take our time, run/walk between the obstacles, and skip whatever obstacles we felt were too daunting.

I purposely dressed in clothes that I would be okay just pitching. A white tank top (for maximum dirt catching), shorts from goodwill, old sneakers, and knee-high block socks. I figured the high socks would protect my shins somewhat, and they definitely did. I also put a super tacky tattoo around my arm – I figured the tackier the better. πŸ™‚Warrior Dash (2)

We signed up for a wave when we registered for the race. We got there about an hour before our wave which was plenty of time topark, Β turn in our waivers, pick up our race packets, head back to the car to drop things off and pin our bibs before getting lined up with our wave. Then we were off.

We ran to the first obstacle which was honestly the scariest for me. It was a thin piece of wood, probably about the width of a balance beam, that was angled up and then down. At it’s highest point it was pretty high. And I pretty much crawled along it. My balance is awful.

The other obstacles I didn’t find nearly as challenging. There was a few mud crawl type things and various walls to climb over. There was some interesting obstacles, I just didn’t get many photos because everyone else was busy tackling them when I was.

I did skip one of the walls – it was just too tall and looked too dangerous if you loose your footing, for my liking. πŸ™‚

The last few obstacles included a cargo climb that went parallel to the ground and then sloped up so you had to basically climb up it and down. It was fun but my arms were shot by the end of it. Thank goodness it was the last obstacle that needed a lot of strength to finish it. There was also a “small” fire to jump over.

The very last obstacle was the mud pit that the Warrior Dash is sort of known for. It was really fun to just crawl into the mud and sort of float through it. When you came out you were a muddy mess.

They had a fire hose for everyone to hose off as much as possible. Β This is what I looked like after I hosed off….still pretty dirty.

Warrior Dash (3)

When we got back to the car I basically changed all my clothes and threw everything I was wearing in a bag to be thrown out.

I did end up with a few minor scrapes on my knees and palms of my hands, but the knee-high socks definitely helped not to skin my legs up too bad.

We finished in about 1 hr, 24 minutes. We definitely took our time and had a lot of fun and challenged ourselves. It was a lot of fun to get down and dirty!

Pacing a friend

29 Dec

I know that I am posting this race report about 6 months late. It’s been a busy 6 months, but now that I have some free time from work over the holidays I figured I would catch up with some much-needed race reports and other blog related things.


This summer I had the neat opportunity to pace my friend to a new 5k PR.

In July I signed up for a 5k race and it just so happened a friend of mine who now lives in North Carolina was up visiting, and planning to run the race as well. After I did my warm up I could tell my legs weren’t feeling super fresh. It was the morning after my high school reunion which could have had something to do with it. πŸ˜‰

When the gun went off I just stayed with my friend to take it easy. She started talking about how last time she ran the race and came in at 45:00 and how she would love to beat it. Challenge accepted.

It was a neat experience to help her push her pace – as a back-of-the-pack runner it’s not something I get to experience very often.

We finished in 43:17 – well under her 45 minute 5k PR.

The Color Run

27 Dec

I know that I am posting this race report about 6 months late. It’s been a busy 6 months, but now that I have some free time from work over the holidays I figured I would catch up with some much-needed race reports and other blog related things.


On July 8th I ran The Color Run in Philadelphia, PA with two of my friends. The race is dubbed “the happiest race on earth” and it really lives up to it, as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

Packet pick up was by the Philadelphia Art Museum. It was super hot out (I’m pretty sure it broke into the high 90s that weekend) but luckily they had tents out so we were able to wait in line in the shade. They give you a bib but it doesn’t really do anything except show that you’re registered for the race. There are no professional photos and no timers. So for that reason I have no idea how long it took us to complete the 5k course.

The morning of the race we got to the race area early, we were hoping to be in one of the first few waves to start. For this race they didn’t have people sign up for specific time slots, though I’ve seen them do this for other city’s races.

As instructed we were dressed in white. I picked up a cheapo white tank top at target, they gave us the headbands and tattoos and I bought a pair of sunglasses (in pink!) too. I was really glad I had them because I didn’t have to worry about getting the colored powder in my eyes.

ColorRun (1)

They did a great job pumping all the runners up as we waited at the start line. We ended up being in the second wave which was awesome

The first color station was pink (they are roughly every 1k or so). It was so cool to run through the powder! My only complaint is that the volunteer threw it at my mouth, causing me to cough up pink powder for a good 5 minutes. Luckily my friend had a water bottle so I could clear out my mouth. This is me after the powder-in-mouth incident. ha.ColorRun (2)

The next station was blue. This gives you a good idea of what the color stations look like – pretty cool right?

ColorRun (3)

We developed a pattern of walking the color stations so we could get as much color as possible, and running in between them. Below is station #4 – Yellow. I didn’t grab a photo of the orange one.ColorRun (4)

After we crossed the finish we were pretty colored. Β But we still joined the after-party. The Color Run post-race party has a rockin’ DJ and everyone is given an individual color packet to throw up in the air. This is where we got a lot more color. It was a lot of fun, and probably the only race where I have actually stuck around afterwards.

ColorRun (7)ColorRun (5)ColorRun (8)

Post-race we headed back to the hotel to shower. Everything came off easily with a little scrubbing. My scalp was the only thing that maintained a little blue color for a few days after.

I threw my shorts, bra, headband and socks in the washer with detergent and they came pretty clean (I have worn them all again).

My shoes definitely got some color, but I purposely wore an old pair of running shoes so it didn’t bother me.

As for my white tank top, I followed the instructions on The Color Run’s website, and sprayed it with white vinegar, ironed it and then washed it in hot water, and it maintained a good amount of color. I wear it to bum around the house and work out.

Overall, I definitely recommend one of these races if they come to a city near you. They are a ton of fun!

As promised!

25 Sep
Bird In Hand Half Marathon with Bart Yasso

My dad and I with Bart Yasso at the Bird In Hand Half Marathon! woo!