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Thursday randoms

7 Feb

Gooood morning! That is me trying to be enthusiastic that it’s only Thursday, ha!

I’m feeling good about my runs and workouts so far this week.  Though I’ve been stuck on the treadmill, I got in three 3-milers, and I do feel like I’ve been able to go a little faster than usual, so that’s a nice feeling. Having the pace shown on the treadmill screen is a nice motivator. 😉

Kickboxing yesterday was awesome. The instructor told me that I can start working on speed because my form is there, and wow that felt good! Kickboxing is totally out of my comfort zone and for a while I would even get nervous before class. But I feel like I’m really starting to get it now, and my muscle memory is getting better, so much so that I don’t even have to think about it much to do the combinations.

I did have to miss Zumba Tuesday night, but for good reason. I got to see Chris Powell talk! If you haven’t heard about him, he is the trainer on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. He was totally inspirational, and I’m working on getting a post together to share what he had to say.

In other random news, I made a pretty awesome smoothie this morning.

020713smoothieYes it’s half gone. I don’t pretend to be a good photographer, or have much patience. 🙂

My standby concoction is usually peanut butter + vanilla protein powder + spinach + ground flaxseed + Almond milk. But today I decided to mix it up. I was sort of craving some fruit after my run. So I took spinach + frozen pineapple + frozen strawberries + vanilla protein powder + ground flaxseed + Almond milk (I use original unsweetened). It took me a few tries to get it to blend well in the magic blender, I think because of all the  frozen stuff. But I just kept adding Almond milk and it came out deeelicious! It almost tastes tropical which is a nice since it’s 19 degrees outside.

That’s all I’ve got. Have a good Thursday!


Monday Randoms

20 Feb

Happy Monday!

I hope your weekend was fabulous!

We spent our weekend getting a lot of stuff done… including our taxes…. super exciting, I know, but I’m glad to just have them done. When you total all of what we owe and are owed together we come out about $50 bucks richer, which I guess is good but isn’t very exciting. 🙂

During the last week you may (or may not) have noticed that I never mentioned running. Well, I’m going to give a generic excuse. Life got in the way. It just… did. and I know I’m being vague here but it just happened. So my first run in about a week and a half was yesterday.

4 miles done and done.

You know what sucked though? my legs felt heavy and my shins started aching within the first mile. So I trudged through the four miles and got them done. But I seriously have to figure out what is making my legs feel so heavy lately. I thought taking some time off would help but it didn’t. so now I’m suspecting its my shoes. They have about 350 miles on them which is usually around when I have to switch them out. Luckily I have a new bright pink pair waiting in my closet. Here’s to a better run next time!

In other news, I have now tried all of the new Chobani flavors, and I’ve got to admit I’m not really a fan of any of them.


Apple Cinnamon


Blood Orange


Passion Fruit

I wanted to like them, I really did. But for some reason the apple cinnamon tasted weird to me when mixed with the flavor of greek yogurt, the blood orange seemed a little sweet and the passion fruit was too sweet for me (though I didn’t mind the seeds to be honest).

Oh well, you win some you lose some I guess.

I’ll probably be sticking with pineapple, mango, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry.

Here’s this weeks workout schedule:

Monday – Hot power yoga
Tuesday – Zumba
Wednesday – 3 miles
Thursday – rest
Friday – Speedwork: 4 Mi, inc Warm; 2×1600 w/800 jogs; Cool
Saturday – rest
Sunday – 5 miles

Have a good Monday. and if you’re off for presidents day today I am super jealous!

we need a sugar intervention

16 Feb

Okay. seriously.

Things are getting out of hand.

Last weekend was the hubby and my moms birthdays. That means my grandma made cookies, pie and cake. We ended up with some of the leftovers.

Tuesday was Valentines day. My mom bought the hubby and I some valentines treats.

I like to bake, and in hinesight I STUPIDLY made some “smores bars” last weekend – they’re like rice krispie treats but with golden grahams, mini marshmellows and chocolate chips.

And my mom just texted me to tell me that our girl scout cookies came in.

This is just insane.

The current stockpile of sugar in our apartment consists of:
– 1 box chocolate covered macadamia nuts (from my brother in Hawaii)
– 1 peanut butter meltaway candy bar
– half a dozen chocolate chip cookies
– a few brownies
– a couple mint chocolate cookies
– maybe a dozen or so smores bars
– 2 slices of blueberry pie
– 3 pieces of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
– a heart-shaped box of Russel Stover’s chocolates – luckily this is a small box, only 2 pieces are left.
– heart-shaped marshmallow peeps
– a bag of reeses hearts

and frankly, I’m sure there’s more than that.

and we’re going to get 3 boxes of girl scout cookies in the next few days.

Seriously, I think we need to stage an intervention or something.

I hate wasting food so I don’t want to throw it out, and it’s such a random conglomeration of sweets I’m not sure taking it into work would be appropriate.

but seriously, the hubby and I can’t eat all of that, and frankly we shouldn’t.

someecards.com - Let's get high on fructose

A week long break and 11 things

10 Feb

Whew. This week has been a little crazy to say the least.

and in the midst of it all I ended up taking a break – from blogging, and from running. I didn’t even look at my work out schedule this week. The only workout I did was Zumba on Tuesday since that’s a class I’ve paid for, and it’d be silly to miss it.

And I’m feeling great! I really needed the break I think. I wasn’t planning on it, but it just sort of happened and I’m really glad it did.

I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself over the past couple weeks to exercise enough, eat better, blog more consistently, etc. Frankly, it was making me completely stressed out, and this transferred to me just feeling unhappy and down.

This break was needed, and it was great. We all need that sometimes I think right?

I decided to get back into it this evening when I got an email that I was tagged in 11 things! So without further ado…

Thanks Kathy from Life, Really for tagging me!

The jist of 11 things is, post 11 random facts, answer the 11 questions from the blogger who tagged you, and then tag 11 more bloggers.

11 randoms about me:

  1. I took dance lessons for 11 years through elementary, middle and high school.  I took mostly modern dance with some lyrics, ballet, jazz and hip hop mixed in. I LOVED it.
  2. I never, ever, ever, ever, ever thought I would be a “runner.” Ever.
  3. My husband and I met online. Thanks okcupid.com!
  4. I actually enjoy doing laundry, though I wish it didn’t take as long as it does.
  5. Very few TV shows or movies make me laugh out loud. The only ones that do are Friends and Modern Family.
  6. The gingerbread house I made in December is still sitting on top of our TV stand. Whoops… I guess we should probably pitch it.
  7. My favorite color is PINK!
  8. Lately I can’t stand running on the treadmill. I didn’t use to mind it as much as I do now.
  9. I don’t use credit cards and neither does the hubby. It was a decision we made when we got married.
  10. I find grocery shopping cathartic.
  11. I love buying my kitties toys when I go to a store that carries them. Usually they don’t even play with them.
11 randoms from Kathy from Life, Really:
  1. What do you think is the most annoying blog trend? Yogurt messes with tons of stuff mixed in. I just don’t really get it. I like yogurt, I like it with granola sometimes. But I don’t really get adding oats, cereal fruit, chocolate chips, chia seeds, etc all mixed in as well.
  2. What is one thing you wish you liked, but just don’t? Mushrooms. Yuck. But liking them would make food choices so much easier.
  3. How long were you friends with your best childhood friend? Until she moved from town when we were in elementary school. We weren’t really friends for too long but we got close.
  4. How many blogs do you read on a consistent basis? There are 50 in my google reader. Some are updated more frequently than others though.
  5. What’s your favorite fro-yo topping? Fro-yo isn’t really a fad where I live yet, but I would imagine I would looove the oreo cookie pieces.
  6. Did you go to college? If so, where and why that school? I did. I went to Juniata College in small town PA. I went there because I wanted to leave my hometown for school and I liked that it was a small school since my high school was huge. I also really liked that it is a liberal arts school because it forced me to take electives in a lot of areas of study, which I feel made me really well rounded. When I took the campus tour I loved the campus, and I knew it was where I wanted to go to school, and it was the only place I applied. Whew. that was a long answer haha.
  7. What’s your all-time favorite TV show? Friends!
  8. Did you have an invisible friend growing up? Not that I remember.
  9. Is there any social media that you refuse to adopt? Foursquare. Its too creepy stalkerish for me.
  10. What is one thing you see other people doing that makes you say, “You couldn’t pay me enough”? Eat meat. I really have no desire to. When I tell people I’m a vegetarian they always ask “but don’t you miss [insert food here]?” And honestly, no, I don’t.
  11. What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? Check my phone to help me wake up.

I think a lot of people have already done this so I’m going to break the rules and just tag a fw folks. I’m tagging Girl Gone Veggie, Eat Live Run, Happily Ever After, and Just Call Me HaHa. And you ladies can just answer the same questions I did and then tag some folks. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!!!

fluffy robes

2 Feb

It’s Thursdayyyy!

And typically I’d do a Thankful Thursday but I think I’m going to start switching things up a bit. I felt like I Was falling into a rut with doing Thankfuls every Thursday, so I think I’m going to cut back to every other Thursday or Thursday when I feel in those reflective moods.

Today is not one of those days.

I woke up early and got a run in – I was super proud. I was thisclose to staying in bed when the alarm went off.  It was a little more chilly than yesterday – mid 30s, so it took a little longer to get dressed in tights and layers than it did yesterday. Anyhow, after my run I was REALLY looking forward to showering and putting on my  fluffy robe.

The hubby and I went on a cruise for part of our honeymoon in October 2010. On the cruise a “romance package” was gifted to us via our honeymoon registry. (Yes, I’m well aware that some people hate honeymoon registries whereas others think they’re a great idea. For us and for our circle of family/friends it worked great. That whole debate is another post for another time.) Anyhow, part of the romance package was two fluffy robes that we wore constantly on the cruise and got to take home with us.


The robes have been just kind of hanging in our bathroom for over a year, and I recently had a DUH moment when I got out of the shower one morning. I should wear my fluffy robe! Duh!

So every day since, when I run in the mornings, after my shower I put on my fluffy robe and wear it as I dry my hair and get ready. It’s something I actually really look forward too because its comfy, warm and brings back lots of memories from our honeymoon. It just makes me happy.

Sometimes it’s the little things right?

Anyhow, I’m super happy that I have a rest day tomorrow. My legs and whole body really need it I think. Wearing my compression sleeves yesterday seemed to help with the lead leg syndrome, but just in general I feel tired and lethargic.

Tonight we’re heading to the Groundhog Day party I’ve mentioned a few times. (By the way, I’m so annoyed with the whole six more weeks of winter thing. Grr) I’ll be sure to post some pictures tomorrow of our food shaped like an animal!

Planned workouts for the week
Monday – Hot Power Yoga
Tuesday – Zumba
Wednesday – 30 minute run
Thursday – 30 minute tempo run
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 7 miles
Sunday – Rest