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Another Monday

5 Dec

Another monday. Another weekend recap.

I’m currently eating Thai green curry leftovers from the weekend for lunch. I’ve been looking forward to this all morning (I love Thai leftovers)!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was full of random errands (when is it not?), some DIY crafts, Thai food, volunteering and gingerbread houses.

On Saturday I slept in and finally rolled out of bed around 9:30 to get in a quick run. I’ve got to say, this is the first time in MONTHS that I have started a run (or race) and my legs have not felt like lead from the very beginning. Maybe the cross training I worked to incorporate last week is really helping? All I know is that it was awesome.

After a 30 minute run I got a quick shower and then went out the door to run a few errands and meet a friend for lunch. I stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods to use a gift certificate I had that was going to expire. It was for $20 and I didn’t really want to spend more than that unless I found something I really needed for running. I looked for a running vest – and they had none. Then I tried on a bazillion sports bras and found nothing that worked for me. Sooo since I couldn’t fulfill my needs I bought a pack of 6 pairs of running socks (for $16) and 3 Gus in different flavors to try. So it worked out, I’m just bummed I couldn’t find anything I really really needed. I literally spent an hour in the store, so I had to book it to meet my friend for lunch at Applebees.

I haven’t been to Applebees in years so I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find a menu item without meat or seafood in it (except fried mozzarella and french fries…), so I ordered the “Sizzling asian shrimp and broccoli” from their 550 calorie & under menu. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was and how well seasoned the shrimp tasted, but since I’m trying to cut all seafood from my diet, it was a little bit frustrating and felt like a cop out. But lunch was good overall, and it was fun to chat with an old friend. After lunch I ran to the fruit farm to stock up on some cider and applesauce at the hubby’s request.

When I got home we ordered Thai for dinner and after eating I decided to work on a little DIY project that I found via Just Call Me Haha and then pinned to my boards. I wanted to make this wedding invitation ornament for my friend who just got married last month but I didn’t have a chance to pick up the supplies before the wedding. So I put it together now to mail out so they’ll hopefully get it before Christmas. 🙂 I am not crafty at all but this was SO easy to make. I hope they like it!

Sunday morning started by volunteering at a local half marathon. It was so fun! I was assigned to the finish line and gave the runners water and cut their timing chips off of their shoes (the local running club reuses them). I definitely feel like I “gave back” to the running community and it was so fun to cheer the runners on and experience the start line excitement without the anxiety of actually running it. I encourage everyone who runs races to volunteer at a race. I came away feeling very humbled at the hard work the volunteers put forth, and also really happy that the running community is full of really nice people for the most part. So many runners thanked me for what I was doing and everyone had such a feeling of camaraderie.

After volunteering, I came home, ate a quick plate of leftover Thai food and headed out again to a friends Gingerbread House party. I haven’t made and decorated a gingerbread house in YEARS so I was definitely the newbie there (my friend has had this party annually for 10 years now!) but I did my best and liked what came out of it. I’ll be more prepared next year I think. Some of the houses that people made looked like local buildings, castles, had a wizard of oz theme, etc. It was nuts. Those ladies are SERIOUS about their Gingerbread Houses!

This really helped me last week, so I’m gonna try it again this week!
Workouts planned this week:
Monday – 30 minute run
Tuesday – Yoga
Wednesday – 30 minute run*
Thursday – EA Active arms and abs*
Friday – Zumba
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Longer run
* I may switch Wednesday and thursday based on what I discovered last week. We will see.

Snakes on a run

12 Aug

I got off of work at 11am today and headed straight to the bank and Michael’s to take care of some stuff. When I was at Michaels I came across these:

Halloween decorations! For real?! It’s mid August. I’m not ready to think about mid-fall yet, sorry. Then I turned the corner and saw these:

Now that is just absurd. I am in no way ready to think about CHRISTMAS thankyouverymuch. It’s 70 degrees out! Sometimes I feel like stores really rush the holidays which makes it hard to enjoy the present.

Lunch today was at the Olive Garden with my brother and grandmother.  It’s tough to eat healthy there with their awesome breadsticks. 🙂 After lunch I went home to digest and clean up the apartment some.

Once I felt my lunch was more or less settled I set out to do a 60 minute run.  I found a new path near by and followed it 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back. The new route kept it interesting for sure! I ran into my very first snake while running. It was black, long, and icky. Thank god there was someone on the path that pointed it out to me. It definitely made me pick up my pace though – instant speedwork I guess, haha. On the rest of my run every stick I ran near looked like a snake – I was sooo paranoid. I got back after an hour, hot, sweaty and tired – perfect!

Dinner was Thai with my parents and brother. I had Penang curry, veggie style. YUM. Again, not the healthiest but I ran close to 5 miles so I think I earned it. 🙂

I’m off to get some things together for the weekend. I probably won’t be checking in until Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

Happy Weekend!

23 Apr

Happy Weekend, Happy Belated Earth Day and Happy Early Easter! My weekend is going pretty damn good so far.

Yesterday I had off of work so I got up early with the husband and got in some errands, and then did abs n arms followed by Polly’s Runners Yoga. Wow my hamstrings are tight! Then I met my grandma and brother for lunch at Red Lobster. I’m still trying to figure out how I fall on the fish thing with being a vegetarian/pescatarian. I know this can be a blurry and controversial line. I don’t eat fish regularly unless there is nothing else available on the menu. But shell fish is where I struggle. On one hand it bothers me to eat shell fish when I think about what I’m eating. But it’s difficult for me to cut out crab and lobster. Shrimp I’ve almost cut from my diet partially because I feel pretty sick after I eat it. I know I *should* cut out crab and lobster but I guess for now I’ve been taking baby steps and slowly minimizing it in my diet. So yesterday I was put in a situation where my grandmother really wanted Red Lobster and I wasn’t about to tell her no on my account. I ordered a cup of Lobster Bisque, which is new on their menu and super awesome. Then I ordered Jambalaya which came with sausage and shrimp, so I asked them to not put the sausage in, and I just ate a few of the shrimp. What can ya do.

This morning I woke up super early (6:30am) and met my dad for a run at 8am. The Cleveland Half is coming up in 3 weeks and I need to get in a few long runs to build my confidence. We banged out 9 miles, with a couple walk breaks. I felt pretty good with the exception of some serious GI issues around mile 1.5 and my achy shin. I need to ice that sucker a bunch today. The hubby and I are going to leave soon to go to our favorite Indian restaurant ever, I can’t wait. Then we’ve got a few errands to run and it’s back to the apartment to relax and straighten up and finish laundry. Then we’ve got the Easter Vigil at our church tonight at 8pm until late.

Well, I ran

29 Mar

I came home from work, decided to hop on the treadmill, and cranked out 10 minutes. Not much, but it’s a start. I still felt achy from my fall on Sunday and didn’t want to push it. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling better and can get back into training for the Cleveland Half in mid May by doing some speedwork.

After I ran the husband and I went to a super awesome restaurant in town that serves local veggies and locally raised meat. I got a bowl of potato soup, the hubby got some butter nut squash soup that was AMAZING. My “Entrée” was 4 mini crab cakes that were about the size of chicken nuggets. I felt perfectly full, it was a really good dinner. This evening I plan on putting my feet up and relaxing.

I do need some ice cream though – pronto. Major bummer that there is none in the apartment, but you better believe I’ll be picking some up when I go grocery shopping next!