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Running Fuel (Tuesdays on the Run)

19 Aug
Tuesdays on the Run

Every Tuesday I am joining a link up with MCM Mamma Runs, Run the Great Wide Somewhere and My No Guilt Life. You can find out more about the link up here.

This weeks topic: Fueling for a run!!

Over the 3 years that I have been running half marathons I have found a fueling regimen that works very well for me. It involves being conscious of my diet in the days leading up to a long run or race, what I eat before and during a run/race and what I eat to recover afterwards. Some parts of the process I feel I have down to a science at this point, where as others I think I am still figuring out.


In the days leading up to a long run or race I will be very conscientious of my water intake – I make sure to drink a ton of it! I’ll also sometimes add Nuun to the water to boost the electrolytes. I also make sure to up my carb intake some. I have found that carb-loading really helps my performance.

Before a long run or race I will eat a simple breakfast of granola and almond/soy milk. Early on, I tried the whole peanut butter/bread/banana thing and found that the peanut butter was too heavy in my stomach and the banana…well it caused some gastrointestinal issues ifyouknowwhatImean. Granola and almond or soy milk has served me well! I try to eat at least an hour before the run. I also sip a little bit of water but not too much.

If I am feeling a little sluggish, going on a really long training run (12 miles or more), or am doing a race I also eat a pack of Sport Beans 30-40 minutes before I run. SportBeans (source)

The little bit of caffeine and sugar really helps me to get moving.

During the Run

During a run I follow a very strict 45 minute fueling rule. This is something I started using when my runs hit more than 7 miles for the first time and has worked well for me.  If I am planning to run for longer than an hour and a half, every 45 minutes starting at 45 minutes into the run I take some kind of fuel. Typically I’ll stick to Gus. I am LOVING the Chocolate Outrage flavor right now, but also try to mix it up and currently have Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter and Mint Chocolate in the rotation. I’ll usually have a few different flavors over the course of a run to keep things interesting.GuChocolateOutrage (source)

During marathon training, I have also added Swedish Fish to my running fuel.

SwedishFish (source)

During the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2013 I got really tired of eating Gus by the end of the race. I was looking for something with a slightly different texture and flavor and saw these as a popular choice so I gave them a shot and am so happy I did. So every other time that I fuel during marathon training and the race itself I have 6-10 swedish fish – this gives me about 60-100 calories (a Gu is 100).

I take the Gus or Swedish fish when I see a water stop coming up so that 1) I can drink some water immediately after eating it and 2) I can throw the wrapper in the provided garbage. On training runs I make sure to take a few sips of water after I eat them as well. I have found this to be very important for me.


Post-run is where I tend to struggle to be honest. I have yet to figure out the best thing to eat to aid in my recovery. After my 15 and 16 miler I immediately sat down and drank 16 ounces of chocolate milk. This has seemed to help with soreness and stiffness. Other than that I try to drink water throughout the rest of the day. I do get pretty hungry a few hours after and will eat whatever I can find, but honestly I don’t have any specific go-tos. I tend to just eat what my body craves and until I feel satisfied.

Running Mantras (Tuesdays on the Run)

12 Aug
Tuesdays on the Run

Every Tuesday I am joining a link up with MCM Mamma Runs, Run the Great Wide Somewhere and My No Guilt Life. You can find out more about the link up here.

This weeks topic: Mantras!

When things get tough during a run there are a few things I often repeat to myself to keep myself going:

  • “You got this, you got this” – Simple. But it works! I repeat it until the discomfort goes away or my mind drifts. 🙂
  • When I saw Shalane Flanagan speak at the Heartbreak Hill Festival she said that she often “yells” at her legs to keep them going. I have incorporated this a bit, by thinking “Come on legs, suck it up” when I feel uncomfortable while running – usually during tempo runs or speedwork.
  • I also do a TON of mental math games in my head during long runs to keep me going. During this past weekends 15 miler I kept telling myself it was “only 2 miles more than a half”, and counting down to milestones: “1/3rd of the way done! ” “Half way there” “Under 10 miles left, you’ve got this!” “Less than a 5k left, you can do that easy peasy.” I find not focusing on the WHOLE long distance at once is really helpful.

Running mantras also help me get out the door and into my run. Pinterest is a great source if you need some motivation.

My favorite mantra to get me out the door is “You never regret a run/workout that you do, but you always regret the one you skip.”

Obviously this is a generalization that doesn’t take injuries or other things into account, but I find it super helpful (and super true). I even have “Never regret a run” on my RoadID. 🙂

One of my instructors at the gym is awesome with the mantras – she reminds us that “you have to feel uncomfortable to get results” and “anything that’s hard is worth it”.

The last thing I do to motivate myself isn’t a mantra but is simply to remind myself of how great I will feel post-run or post-workout. Most of the time that coupled with a few mantras while I’m out running is enough to get me out the door and keep me going til I hit my mileage goal for the day.

What’s your favorite running mantra?

Running on Vacation (Tuesdays on the Run)

22 Jul
Tuesdays on the Run

Every Tuesday I am joining a link up with MCM Mamma Runs, Run the Great Wide Somewhere and My No Guilt Life. You can find out more about the link up here.

This weeks topic: Running while on vacation.

I have often found ways to incorporate running into my vacation. However I stand by one golden rule: if it’s going to impede your primary goal of vacation (usually relaxation) it’s just.not.worth.it. Recently when I traveled to Miami with some friends we were go go go the entire time. Waking up early to run would have exhausted me and prevented me from enjoying the late nights. I packed my running shoes and clothes but no running happened, and I was completely, 100% okay with that.

When I am going on a vacation that I think I’ll be able to incorporate running into there are a few things I do.

1. Pack Appropriately – I think through how many times I will run during that vacation, realistically. I make sure to pack anything I would run with at home – Garmin, Road ID, etc – so that there is no reason (except for the golden rule above) to not do it.

2013-11-05 11.44.19

2. Do the Research – Before leaving home I’ll look up running routes using mapmyrun.com, and also look at the hotel website to see if they have a gym with treadmill available. Once I’m at my location if I am staying at a hotel I will often ask the front desk for good, SAFE running routes. I ask questions like “are there many people running there?” “is it a safe place for me to be running by myself?”. It’s important to not only be informed on where you can run but how safe your environment is. 

2013-11-04 06.30.39

Quick story – I was in Phoenix, Arizona for a conference a few years ago and the hotel gave me a card with a running route on it (super impressive). Unfortunately the route led me into some areas I was VERY uncomfortable with, so listening to my intuition, I turned around. I later found out that there had been an outbreak of crime in the area I ran through – particularly violence against women. Lesson learned. Now I do as much research as I can before I leave. and of course, always listen to your intuition.

3. Run Early – I don’t want vacation to be primarily about my running so I try to fit it in in the early mornings before the hubby is even awake (if he is traveling with me). This works well for work trips too as there’s when there’s often long days followed by dinners and happy hours. Additional bonus: if you are at a gorgeous location you are treated to wonderful views of the sunrise that you wouldn’t get at home.

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Caught the sunrise before my bridge/hill work this a.m.

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4. Race! While not every vacation can be a race-centric there are often opportunities to run in local races in the location you are visiting. This gives you the opportunity to see areas you may not have have had the opportunity to check out otherwise and meet some of the locals. Runningintheusa.com is a great resource to find local races within the United States.

5. If it doesn’t happen, move on. Don’t beat yourself up if you are unable to fit in your runs like you hoped. Remember the primary reason for why you are out of town. If it’s not a race-centric trip your runs will be there waiting for you when you get home.

I think that running is one of the best ways to explore new places and keeping these things in mind I have been able to successfully keep up my running through many vacations.

Disney, Illness, New Shoes & Gobbleritos!

25 Nov

I cannot believe it is November 25th! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas is a month away. That is crazy!!! After my trip to Richmond at the beginning of the month I had less than a week until the hubby and I set off to go to Disney to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. It was a crazy few days of unpacking and repacking but, almost two weeks ago we boarded a plane to head to warm Florida.

It was really nice to be in Disney – we spent part of our honeymoon there and really enjoy being “adults in Disney” and being able to do what we want to do, eat at some nicer places, and relax some.Image

The only problem we had was that I got sick. 😦 Literally, during our layover in Philly, I started feeling sick to my stomach and had a ton of sinusy stuff going on. By the time we got to Disney all I wanted to do was nap. My appetite was zero and I just felt like crap. I hoped it would pass but unfortunately it didn’t. It went from a sinus infection that I tried to treat with over the counter meds that we found at Disney, to a throat, coughy thing and a nasty eye infection. Despite the fact that I felt sick during our entire trip, we made the most of it.

We paced ourselves nicely since I really had no choice, and often went to the parks in the AM and came back to chill out at the hotel in the evening. Though I hated feeling crappy on vacation, it was really nice to take our time at the parks and take everything in. Usually we are a little more rushed about it.

We got to see the Osborne Lights in Disney’s Hollywood Studios which was really the highlight for me.ImagehImage

The lights twinkle choreographed to music – it is really amazing to stand there and watch. I could have stood there all night, I swear.

And despite feeling crappy, I did eat more than a few of these…Image

Everything is better in Mickey form, I swear. 🙂

We got back last Tuesday and I slept from the time we got home until the time the walk-in doctor’s office opens. I went right when it opened and the doctor gave me some meds for my cough, eyes and to hopefully knock this thing out of me. He said I was “highly contagious” which meant no work for me last Wednesday or Thursday morning. Luckily I had my favorite kitties to snuggle with all day.


My eyes cleared up quickly with the meds, and my cough is slowly but surely going away.

I felt well enough this weekend to hit up BodyPump on Saturday and I did a slow 3.5 miles on the treadmill yesterday.

Oh, and here’s a tangent… I got new running shoes! I wasn’t due for them, but the hubby and I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and had a ton of time in between the ceremony and reception, so we stopped at a little local running store. The guy working there was SO SO nice. And he fitted me “just for fun.” And ended up recommending Altra Intuitions. Altra’s are a zero drop shoe, which I got really excited about (my kinvaras are a only 4mm toe drop which I love). He also told me a supinate, big time (no surprise there), and have wide feet. I always assumed the calluses on the outside of my big toes were just a fact of life if I was going to run. Enter, the Altras. They have a huge toe box, so he recommended them to me. I didn’t buy them then (I had to sleep on it) but I did buy a bunch of pairs of running socks to give them some business – (love local businesses!). ….end tangent. 🙂Image

Anyhow, my first run my Altras felt great. I could tell that I was being “forced” to mid-foot strike (instead of heel strike), and despite them being a slightly heavier shoe than my Kinvaras, my stride felt more efficient. I ran the 3.5 miles faster than I usually do an easy run and it felt easy. Also – no smooshed toes or pain on the side of my big toes (which I considered normal). I’m excited to continue to wear them and see how they feel compared to the Kinvaras.

Last thing I’m going to share, promise. Over the weekend, the hubby and I went to lunch and a movie. Lunch was…. GOBBLERITOS!

A Gobblerito is a special that a local mexican place has during the month of November. It’s a tortilla shell filled with mashed potatoes, corn, black beans, stuffing and turkey (or tofu). Covered in gravy, with cranberry sauce on the side.


Check out the cross section….


OMG it was so good. It was my lunch AND dinner yesterday. 🙂

After Gobbleritos, we went to see Catching Fire – the second movie in the Hunger Games series. I highly recommend it, it was SO well done. My husband even enjoyed it, and he is a HUGE movie critic.

Alright, now I’m all caught up. 🙂 I’ll catch you later.

No routine…

11 Nov

Hey guys! How’s everything going? I know I’ve been a little MIA. Going into November I knew it was going to be one of those months. Those months full of fun but busy stuff, with little time for routine. And I am a creature of routine. So this is a little tough for me, not gonna lie.

Last week I was in Richmond VA for 4 days for a conference for work. I presented at it, which was super fun but also super nerve wracking, but I also want to do it again – sort of like a Half Marathon – haha.

I did manage to get in a few runs along their “canal walk” but honestly, the route I took (recommended by the hotel) was not populated enough for me to really relax and feel safe while I was running. I felt constantly on alert. bummer. Better safe than sorry though.


If the hotel had had a gym I probably would have been able to squeeze more than 2 runs in. Oh well.

I spent thursday and friday of last week trying to get into a little bit of a routine – cooking again, BodyPump and running. Friday included an (insane) work happy hour (lots of alcohol… lots), and we had a wedding to attend on Saturday and I spent yesterday trying to eat half normally again (and spinning and BodyPumping).

When I went to BodyPump and Spinning on Sunday my body felt so off – I think because I haven’t been eating the best or really been able to maintain a regular exercise routine. I have never had that happen before, but I realized how much indulging when in Richmond and then at happy hour has affected how I feel overall. Luckily, I have been craving greens (but not wanting to by salad ingredients for home for fear they would go bad). So, yesterday and today I picked up salad bar salads, trying to do what I can.

The rest of November includes more traveling and than the Thanksgiving holiday. It will all be really fun and exciting, but I think I need to focus more on eating properly even when I’m away from home (and limiting the alcohol…). The way I have been feeling has just not been the best and I need to treat my body better in these situations where I’m away from my normal routine.

Apologies in advance if my posting gets (even more) sporadic over the rest of this month. 🙂