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And we’re back

19 Jan

We’re baaaack! Or we have been for a few days. I took a few days off of work and now am lying low with a bit of a cold. The hubby is sick too. I’ve read it’s normal to get sick after a Marathon though so I figure this is just sort of par for the course and my body clearly needs to rest right now.

I’ve been stalking Disney’s professional race photography website for the last few days and we bit the bullet and bought our photos from the races. We got about 40 photos and most of them surprisingly came out really nicely. We’ll only have our first Marathon and Goofy Challenge once so we might as well go all out right?

All that to say that I don’t have the race reports together yet but hope to soon. Especially now that I have the professional photos in addition to my personal phone/camera pictures.

I did head to Yoga on Tuesday to loosen everything up. It was a basic stretching class with heat and felt really nice without pushing myself. I went to kickboxing on Wednesday too which felt nice to sweat. But other than that I’ve just been chilling out. I wanted to run yesterday before work but that’s when I started to feel crappy so I skipped it. If you can’t cut yourself slack after running 39.3 miles in a weekend than when can you?? I’m hoping to get back into the regular running thing this week, and do a sort of long run over next weekend – 6 miles or so. We will see though. It’s all about recovery and listening to my body and feeling better now.

I did it!

13 Jan

Yesterday I ran a half marathon. Today I became a MARATHONER. And completed he Goofy Challenge at Disney. I am so proud of myself. I promise full race reports and other stuff after we get back from Florida. Thank you for all of your support!!!

I have no words…

14 Dec

…just prayers and thoughts to those affected by the horrible tragedy in CT.

Checking in

14 Aug

Hey there!

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted.

Running-wise – Since my last post I ran the Cleveland Half, did a Warrior Dash, The Color Run and have been busily training for my next half in about 3 weeks.

Blog-wise – I’ve added my “Running Bucket List” to the homepage (more about this in a future post) and updated my running & races page. I’m also working on getting together some MUCH overdue race reports and other posts.

I’m hoping to update more frequently again (though not daily by any stretch) and catch back up!

Happy National Running Day!

6 Jun

Long time no see!

Just wanted to log in and wish everyone out there a Happy National Running Day! Whether you run, walk, bike, swim, whatever, I hope that you’re able to get out there and do something active today!

I hope to check in again with a Cleveland Half Report soon (spoiler: Cleveland now has the distinction of holding my PR and PW for the half).