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Traveling yoga!

20 Apr

Happy Friday! End of the week, yess!
Work has been crazy for me this week and its left me exhausted at the end of each day. Here’s a few highlights from my week though…
Last Saturday I planned on a 9 mile run. Well my garmin died about half way through and I ended up found 10.25. No complaints here! I’ve got 10 planned for tomorrow, and then its taper time!
Tuesday was zumba time. I’m still loving it.
Wednesday I had a girls night, which was perfect timing because work was the craziest Wednesday afternoon. I had wine and lobster risotto, which hit the spot.
Thursday I went to “traveling yoga.” As a group we walked to various spots around town and at each spot did about 10 mins of yoga with different instructors. At the end of two hours we ended with sun salutations at sunset. The yoga was great and the weather was sunny and gorgeous. It was pretty amazing to be practicing outside. And very eye opening – here were other people walking around and staring at the group and I seriously could not have cared less what other people thought. It was get freeing.
Thursday I also had the most amazing salad ever.


Greens, a sliced apple, candies walnuts, a blue cheese wedge and an apple vinagrette. I am on a mission to recreate this when ever possible. It rocked. And it kept me full for a while too.
So that was my week in a nut shell. This weekend I’ve got a 10 mile run planned, a 5k race on Sunday (that I’m just planning to do for fun) and we seriously need to buy some blinds for the house…getting changed in the closet is getting old.
I hope you have a great weekend!


yoga, 6 miles and sushi x2

12 Mar

This weekend started with yoga and ended with a 6 mile run. With sushi x 2 and a ton of packing thrown in the middle. Now for the details…

Friday after working from the bookstore and getting a ton done (which was freaking awesome) I headed straight to the yoga studio. Class was great, and I realized how awesome it is to start the weekend off with yoga. It really set the tone for the weekend, so I think I’m going to try to switch to Friday yoga instead of Monday.

After yoga I went as a sweaty mess to the grocery store, haha. I got a call from the hubby while I was there telling me to pick up some sushi for dinner, and it was perfect! We split three veggie rolls once I got home and it hit. the. spot.

I fell asleep around 10 on friday while we were watching a movie, I am definitely a friday night partier haha.

Saturday we slept in before spending a good chunk of the day packing. We are now living with piles of full boxes…packedboxes1and more packed boxes…packedboxes2 and a pile of empty boxes ready to be packed…packedboxes3

It’s getting pretty cramped in the apartment with the boxes everywhere but we’ve only got about a week and a half to go.

We’re doing pretty good on the packing front with most of the kitchen packed (except for a few essentials), and most of the bedroom packed. We just have a few boxes of random stuff to pack up this week/weekend.

Saturday night we met my dad for sushi. It was good again. haha. I was digging the sushi this weekend!

Yesterday I woke up early to get in a run with my dad. The jumping 1 hour ahead thing messed with me, though it is so worth it to have more daylight in the evenings! Anyhow, we ran 6 miles at a comfortable pace. I walked up the hills so as to not push myself too hard so it took longer than normal. But I was just happy to cover 6 miles!

Work today went pretty quickly, but in a not-having-time-to-go-to-the-bathroom type of way. It was a little rough. After work I came home and banged out three miles. The first two were actually at a sub-12 minute mile pace, the last I took a bit slower to keep my heart rate in check. I am feeling pretty good now – gotta love those endorphins!

I hope your weekend and Monday was great!! Catch you later!

A weekend full of sweat

27 Feb

Good Afternoon 🙂

I hope your weekend was fabulous!

Mine was pretty stinkin’ good. I have no complaints!

Friday I met a friend for dinner and drinks. My drink was super fruity and not too strong which was exactly what I was in the mood for.

Saturday I spent most of the day at a church retreat.churchretreatcenterpiece

I’m not a super religious person but I was glad that my mom convinced me to go. It was a great way to kind of “reset”. I came out of it feeling really really refreshed. So refreshed that I decided to bake… or rather no-bake.


I made No Bake Granola Balls. They are awesome. I found them thanks to Pinterest (what else is new…) The original recipe is here. I made a few slight modifications – I used a little less oats than the recipe calls for because I ran out, and I used ground flax seed instead of hemp seed. They came out DELICIOUS, healthy and they fill you up to0. They are perfect for a snack when you need a little something sweet. I will definitely be making these again… and again.

Sunday was the day of sweating lots of sweat! In the morning I went for a long run with my dad – 5 miles in a little over an hour. The run was awesome – it was one of those runs where you feel amazing, and I was on such an endorphin high when I got home. It was great. 🙂 After some foam rolling, a shower and eating lunch, I headed out again for a Zumbathon! This is my second one and it was a blast! Though by the end my legs were definitely feeling the effects of my double work out day. When I got home I had plans to make some soup for dinner but instead the hubby and I decided to order a pizza. 🙂 It was the perfect end to a really good day.

Here’s what my workouts this week look like:
Monday – Hot Power Yoga
Tuesday – Zumba
Wednesday – 4 mile easy run
Thursday – Rest
Friday – 4 mile tempo run
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 6 mile long run

I hope your week is off to a good start!

Friday randoms in list form

24 Feb

It’s Friday! SWEET!

I haven’t been around the past couple of days but there’s been a lot going on at work and at home. I was at an all day work retreat yesterday and by the time I got home my brain was fried. I had that I-just-took-the-SATs feeling.

Anyhow, here are a couple of highlights from the past few days in a nice organized list.

  • I finally got my first Shamrock Shake of the season. This is the only thing I ever get at MickeyDs and omg it is so worth eating whatever it is made of.  I drank the whole thing in probably less than 10 minutes. oops… but I’m not sorry. SO GOOD.
  • Geisha has to wear an Elizabethan collar for 2 weeks. She’s been chewing on her paws and I took her to the vet on Wednesday. The vet took some fur samples to get analyzed but in the meantime she has to wear it so she wont chew or lick her paws. She looks so sad all the time, I really hate seeing her like that. I can’t wait until we can take it off of her. 😦
  • Yesterday I got in a 3.5 mile run with 2 miles at a faster pace. It felt good. I bet I looked super awesome wearing black capris, my black running vest, a grey shirt underneath and my bright pink shoes. 🙂 Maybe I at least looked fast?
  • At work today I’m getting a bunch of little, mundane, boring tasks done. You know how those add up so fast? After yesterdays work retreat, my brain still feels fried so I figured I would use today to take care of some things that have been hanging over my head for a while and get back to the real work on Monday after having the weekend to decompress.
  • Speaking of this weekend, it’s going to be busy but fun, so I’m looking forward to it. Tonight I’m meeting a friend for dinner, tomorrow I’m going to a church retreat for the morning, and Sunday I’m going to be getting my doubly sweat on with a 5 mile run with my dad in the morning and a Zumbathon later in the day. My legs will be pretty tired by the time Sunday is over I think.

Head games

13 Feb

Happy Monday! well that’s my attempt at being excited about a new week, haha.

I hope your weekend was great and your week is off to a good start!

Our weekend was pretty low key. We spent Saturday at my parents place taking care of some miscellaneous things and doing a “first draft” of our taxes. Yesterday was spent being super lazy, with random bouts of productiveness here and there. It was a good mix of productivity and not doing anything. I like weekends like that. 🙂

Oh and I didn’t run or do any other type of sweating. I was thisclose to going to yoga yesterday morning and then decided against it, feeling like I should give myself a full week break from major exercise.

But it’s back to the grind today.

I spent some time getting together a plan for my next Half on May 6th and I’m ready to get back into it. I’ve incorporated some speed work too, because I really need it!  I’ll be running 3 days a week, and adding a 4th day around the end of March. Cross training will be a day of yoga and a day of Zumba.

I hope this plan will build my confidence and my speed, both of which I desperately need. I really play a lot of head games with myself when I run and it’s become more and more difficult to push through discomfort. I really need to get a handle on the negativity that goes through my head. And hopefully, starting at a low mileage for my long runs and slowly building up to 11 miles before the race will help with this. I try my hardest to be positive, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. And the negative thinking really affects my performance when I run – a lot. I always say that running is seriously 90% mental for me.  It can make or break a run or race.

I’ve been building up my Work Outs pinboard on Pinterest with all things inspirational so that I have ideas I can go back to when the going gets tough.

Anyone else deal with negative thinking during exercise and have suggestions on how to push through it?

So, with all that said…

This weeks exercise plan:

Monday – Hot Power Yoga
Tuesday – Zumba
Wednesday – 3 mile run
Thursday – Strength?
Friday – 2 Mile Tempo Run with warm ups and cool down
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 4 mile long run

Lets make it a good one!