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29 Jul

Hey guys!! I know it’s been a little quiet. I’ve always been one of those bloggers who won’t post just to post. I feel like I have to have something to say. So if things get quiet for a few days (or a week), it just means that things are rolling along as planned and I don’t want to bore you with the details of my typical life. πŸ™‚

Last week went well with training. I hit all my runs and feel good about the paces I kept. This past weekend was (finally) a stay-at-home weekend. For the first time in four weeks the hubby and I were at home, not hosting anyone. It was glorious. It felt like we had so. much. time!Β 

Oh, random thought coming up. I have become obsessed with the TV series Friday Night Lights.


It is PERFECT to watch while I am on the treadmill. I’m not sure why I find it such a good show – I’m not a big football fan by any means – but I just keep hitting “next episode” and I am officially sucked in. haha.

I’ve also had a crazy case of Runger for the past 2 days or so. I just cannot eat enough. Last night I had to get out of bed because my stomach was grumbling so bad, and I went down and ate a cheese stick. I don’t know what is up with my hunger levels lately, but I’m just trying to keep tracking my intake on MyFitnessPal (username: becca474). I’m focusing on getting enough protein and not blowing my sugar intake out of control. I’ve been tracking for about 3 weeks, and haven’t seen much of a difference in my body yet (and I don’t own I scale so I can’t talk to the lbs) but I’m hoping that being patient will pay off.

So that’s what’s been going on. I’m off to finish my protein shake and have a cheese stick. πŸ™‚

Sugar Sugar

16 Jul

Thanks for the kind comments on my last post. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who is struggling with weight-loss issues that are more than just calories in minus calories out.

I have been extremely diligent about tracking my food intake since last thursday. I have been under my sugar intake every day but Saturday. Saturday was the bachelorette party so there was lots of alcohol + juice mixtures. But I wasn’t going to not enjoy myself. I just tried to make smart choices (like declining the twizzlers my friend brought along for the bus ride, and taking a smaller piece of cake). If I’m going to eat sugar I want it to be on something that I really LOVE (ie. delicious ice cream or red velvet cake!), so no random pastries at work or random candy from the candy bowl.

For the most part though, the only sugar that I have had has been in the form of fruit. I’m finding watermelon is great for my sweet cravings after dinner, and at about 9g of sugar for a cup it’s much healthier than a cookie or ice cream. πŸ™‚ Anyhow, I’m tracking on MyFitnessPal so if you are interested in becoming on friends on there feel free to add me. My user name is becca474.

Anyhow, other than that things have been rolling along. My runs have been going well (I hit some 11:30s in my intervals yesterday, yay!) and I got back to spinning this morning after missing it last week. It was SO good to be back. The instructor had a good playlist of 80s music this morning and we went up many hills and spent a long time in the out-of-seat positions (I have no idea if that is what they are called, haha). I always feel so strong coming out of Spinning, it is great.

I’m heading out of town again next weekend again so I am (again) working to get in all of my runs and stuff before I go out, including a 7 mile long run. Wish me luck. πŸ™‚

So… I had a breakdown

11 Jul

Hey there. I know I’ve been a little quiet this week. Things have been pretty crazy at work (what else is new?) and I’ve been trying to get my act together for a Bachelorette Party I am attending this weekend. I had to run out and buy a gift, dress ($17 – YES!) and of course shoes. I’ve also been speeding up my workouts this week so that I don’t have to worry about them over the weekend when it is PARTY TIME!

Anyhow, on a more serious note, I had a little bit of a break down on Tuesday night.

First some background. When I graduated from college I was 40-50 lbs overweight. I didn’t exercise much during those four years (“I didn’t have time”), and I ate like crap. So by the time I graduated I was much larger than I wanted to be. I moved out on my own to the Philly suburbs where I had found a job and for the first 6 months or so I still didn’t exercise, or really eat right. I guess I was trying to find my groove and enjoying making my own decisions with my food.

In December 2007, I’m not sure what motivated me, but I decided to start going on the elliptical at my apartment complex’s gym. The first few days of “working out” exhausted me. I remember going to bed at like 8pm those evenings and sleeping so deeply! A few years later, I took up running. Needless to say, until about a two years ago the weight was just falling off. Mainly because I was exercising and then running which upped the intensity.

For the past two years my weight has been consistent. I maybe fluctuate a few lbs here and there but I usually stay within 1-3 lbs. The problem is, this place where I have plateaued is about 10-15 lbs heavier than I “should” be, and also 10-15 lbs where I want to be.

I’ve put in a little bit of effort trying to make a change by tracking my calories on and off for a few years now. I have noticed that I am pretty regularly able to stay below my calorie limit on a daily basis. But still my weight has stayed the same.

I have even re-calculated my caloric needs multiple times using multiple equations, etc. And still, no change. And then every so often because of the lack of loss of weight I give up on tracking (because, lets be honest, it’s a PITA, especially when you aren’t seeing results).

I exercise a lot. Someways I even exercise twice. I incorporate intervals into my running. I’ve tried strength training. Switching up cardio and doing things like Zumba and Spinning. Doing yoga.

The fact is, nothing that I am doing is making a difference in the number on the scale. I know, I know, the number doesn’t matter. I understand that. But I’m tired of my arms feeling flabby and my stomach not being flat enough.

So on Tuesday I sort of broke down because I was so frustrated. I cried. Asked my husband to tell me what to do. Looked up Weight Watchers plans. And then I asked my husband to take a look at my MyFitnessPal app.

He noticed something that I never noticed. Or maybe never wanted to notice.

The quality of my food sucked.

Yes, I have a green smoothie almost every morning for breakfast, but sometimes I have a greek yogurt, that though well-intentioned, is super high in sugar. For lunch I was taking mason jar salads for a while, but around 2:30 I’d hit up the candy bowl at our Secretary’s desk. Our dinners tend to be based around veggies, quinoa or 100% whole grain pasta. But then I feel like I’m “allowed” to snack on ice cream around 8pm.

You see where I’m going here? I have been ingesting far too much sugar (and white flour, let’s be honest) and not enough protein or healthy fats.

So I guess it makes sense that despite being under my caloric goals, my body still feels like it’s not where it should be. And the number on the scale agrees.

My husband made me promise me to stay under my daily sugar max (32g) for the next 4 weeks, and I’m working to make my calories from carb/fat/protein be a more consistent 40/30/30.

I hope this hard work will pay off. I’m only a day in, and damn do I crave the sugar. And sure, I will still indulge. But maybe once a week, if I have the room in my sugar “budget”. Not once a day. I am checking the sugar content of everything (including the greek yogurt – yikes) and watching it closely.

We will see how this goes.