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Weekly Workout Recap – 7/6-7/12

13 Jul

weeklyworkoutheaderWeek of July 6, 2015 – July 12, 2015

Hey there. I hope your weekend was a good one. Last week I think my body had an “OMG I am exhausted” week.   My runs just felt rough and my legs felt heavy and sore pretty much all week.  Since I’m not actively training for anything I took it easy and got in a few miles here and there, but nothing significant.

Over the weekend I spent a ton of time reading, and doing exactly the opposite of what I had planned.  I had originally thought I would go to a Yoga event on Saturday, but woke up feeling pretty spent so I decided to take it easy for the day instead. I still managed to get in over 10k steps by walking around with a friend for a good portion of the day, so that was good. On Sunday I actually planned to run a 5k but woke up and my legs were still feeling sluggish. I opted instead to hit up BodyPump (and reduced my legs weights a lot) and then stuck around for a 60 minute BodyFlow (basically, Yoga) class after. I’m feeling a bit re-energized this morning and hoping I cant get back into some stronger, longer runs soon. Obviously there’s no pressure right now though, so I’m enjoying some more relaxed weeks as far as running is concerned.

Monday – BodyPump in the AM, GRIT Cardio in the PM.

Tuesday – BodyAttack in the AM.

Wednesday – 2.5 easy miles in the AM. GRIT Cardio + 30 min BodyFlow in the PM.

Thursday – BodyPump in the AM.

Friday – BodyAttack in the AM, 3.1 miles easy over lunch.

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Saturday – Rest

Sunday – BodyPump + BodyFlow

Friday Fitness Recap – March 22

22 Mar

This week was all about getting back into my routine after being on vacation. Getting back into my routine felt gooood.

Yoga didn’t work out this week because of my work schedule, but hopefully I’ll be able to add that back in next week. I also decided to take a break from Zumba for the next session (about 6 weeks). It was getting to the point where it felt like a chore so I figured some time off would be good.

I took more rest days than usual this week but I’m cutting myself some slack as I get back into the groove of things.

Saturday – Rest
Sunday –  Rest. Totally skipped my planned 8 miles today. I just didn’t have it in me after a long day of traveling the day before.
Monday – 5 miles on the treadmill with some speedwork. (1:08:18)
Tuesday – St. Patrick’s Day Virtual 5k. (36:54)
Wednesday – Kickboxing
Thursday – 4 easy treadmill miles (54:45)
Friday – Rest

Total miles: 12
Total time: 3.5 hrs

This weekend’s plan includes a 10 mile run tomorrow. Though as I look outside and the snow is falling I’m really not sure whether running on the treadmill or outside in 30 degree snowy weather would be more pleasant. I really do want to get some runs in outside but I guess I’ll have to see how chilly it feels tomorrow.


Oh, one other thing, I have a guest post over on Comeback Momma’s blog today, all about How to Start Running. Check it out!

Have a good weekend!!

Hilly Treadmill Workout + Friday Fitness Recap – March 8

8 Mar

Last night I had “Four hilly miles” on my plan and decided to stick to the treadmill. Before I ran I googled “hilly treadmill workouts” and found a bunch that I sort of altered to fit what I wanted. I actually had a TON of fun with it (and burned a ton of calories). I normally HATE hills but this was so fun!

Below is the workout I did, in a fun graphic format in case you want to Pin it.

I really enjoyed this workout, it’s basically 3 hills, a small one, followed by a more steep and gradual one, and then another small one.

This week has been a little hectic on the personal front since we have been trying to get ready to head on a vacation next week! As a result I ended up taking an extra rest day and passing on the 30 day shred. Sleep was more important. 🙂 I got all my runs in though as well as a long hot yoga flow class over the weekend.

Saturday – 5 miles easy outside (1:09:00)
Sunday –  75 minute hot yoga flow class
Monday – 4 miles on the treadmill with middle two miles at 5k pace (52:52)
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 3 miles on the treadmill, easy (40:57)
Thursday – 4 hilly treadmill miles (55:02)
Friday – Rest

Total miles: 16
Total time: 4.9 hrs

We’re heading out on vacation tomorrow but I’m hoping to at least run 4 times this week while on vacation. I always feel so great after a morning workout so I prefer to keep up my schedule when possible.

No excuses!!

Have a good weekend!!