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A quiet Tuesday

24 Jan

It’s been a quiet day over here.

Hot power yoga last night was nuts, as expected. The instructor even made us do yogi crunches and about a billion squats. I definitely had one of those moments where I hated the yoga teacher, until I realized how awesome I felt beyond the temporary discomfort. Yoga is awesome that way.

Work today was the same ol’ same ol’. Lunch was random.

Zumba was a crazy sweat fest. It felt great.

Now I’m just watching Sunday’s Pan Am episode and procrastinating with taking care of the tons of dishes in the sink. I’m probably going to grab a couple spoonfuls of red velvet ice cream in a second. 🙂

I hope your Tuesday was a good one!

Planned workouts for the week
Monday – Hot Power Yoga
Tuesday – Zumba
Wednesday – 30 minute run
Thursday – run 7×400
Friday – EA Active Abs n Arms
Saturday – ZUMBATHON!!!
Sunday – Run 5k for speed


Will run for pie

23 Jan

Happy Monday folks!

How was your weekend? I had every intention on blogging a couple of times over the weekend and it just never happened.

Friday after work I went right to Hot Power Yoga. It kicked my butt, again. It hurt so good. After yoga I went to the grocery store and happened upon this:


Now, I love Red Velvet cake, and Ice Cream is my favorite food EVER so Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream is pretty much a dream come true. It’s described as “Red Velvet Cake Batter Ice Cream with Red Velvet Cake Pieces & a Cream Cheese Frosting Swirl.” My mouth is watering just thinking about it. As soon as I got home I had a few spoonfuls right from the container, and it did not disappoint. It is amazing. Throughout the weekend I had a few spoonfuls here and there and I’m happy to report that I made it through the weekend only eating about a 3rd of the pint. This is a big deal to me – I could finish one of these containers off in an evening if I wanted to, haha. I’m trying to make this one last so I can enjoy it for longer.

Saturday I had plans to go for a run but I woke up to this:

We got a few inches of snow, and the roads (and sidewalks, and trails) were a mess. Running was a no go.

So instead the hubby and I cleaned the apartment like CRAZY – I’m talking scrubbing floors, toilets and the bathtub crazy. In between the cleaning, to keep my sanity I also baked up a few recipes I found on Pinterest.

First up was Cake Batter Pudding Cookies from Chef in Training.

CakeBatterPuddingCookiesSo good! They’re so fluffy and soft in the middle thanks to the cake mix that’s incorporated into them. I’ll definitely be making them again.

Next up was Forgotten Kiss Cookies from Tasty Kitchen.

forgottenkisscookiesforgottenkisscookies2These were good, though the hubby said he preferred the Cake Batter Pudding cookies. I think it may be because I couldn’t find mini-hershey kisses per the recipe, and skipped the chocolate drizzle?

After baking and cleaning, we met my parents for dinner before falling a sleep embarrassingly early for a Saturday night.

Yesterday I got in a 4.5 mile run in the morning. It was supposed to be 6 miles, but I ran a different route than normal and got back to my car in 4.5. And it was so freaking cold (like the teens, ugh) that my face and legs were frozen and I couldn’t force myself to go out for another 1.5.

I received this in my google reader this morning. LOVE IT.

I think that’s pretty accurate, though you could really swap any food product in for the pie as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

Planned workouts for the week
Monday – Hot Power Yoga
Tuesday – Zumba
Wednesday – 30 minute run
Thursday – run 7×400
Friday – EA Active Abs n Arms
Saturday – ZUMBATHON!!!
Sunday – Run 5k for speed

Hm, I just realized there’s no rest days in there. I may have to take a rest day friday rather than doing some arm work.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

Monday randoms

9 Jan

Good Morning.

So I’m still not sure that I learned the difference between hot power yoga and regular hot yoga but I do know it kicked my ass. I think I’m ready for more though. My muscles were shaking for a few hours after class yesterday. it was crazy.

In other news, the hubby, my dad and I all signed up for a Warrior Dash! It’s this summer, actually two days before my birthday, and I am psyched. I’ve always wanted to do one of these!

Also, my Steelers lost last night. In the most painful way possible. What a crappy way to end the season.

www.nataliedee.comOh well, at least I can watch the rest of the playoffs without really caring about who wins?

Planned workouts for the week
Monday – 30 min easy run
Tuesday – 6×400 speedwork
Wednesday – Rest (happy hour that day after work)
Thursday – Yoga
Friday – EA Active abs n arms + Zumba
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – 6 miles

Have a good Monday!

An old stand by

4 Jan

Shoot, I knew I wouldn’t be able to check in yesterday so I thought I scheduled my NYE race report to go up. Oh wells, I’ll schedule it to go up later today.

It’s already Wednesday! This week is going pretty fast, though the time I had off from work went MUCH faster unfortunately. We don’t have anything planned this weekend so I’m excited for it to be a little bit low-key.

Last week when I went to the grocery store, I spotted granola that I love and decided to bring back an old standby for breakfast.

Greek yogurt and granola! I figure the granola will help me deal with the weird texture of greek yogurt that tends to bug me, and fill me up too. I ate this combo for literally a year before I got tired of greek yogurt and had to switch to non-greek yogurt and/or bagel thins. Hopefully I’m ready to bring it back this time.

Yoga kicked my butt last night. The  instructor that focuses on vinyessa puts together really tough flows. It’s been nice to challenge myself by going to her classes though.

I’m glad I don’t have a run planned for tonight – it was a whopping 9 degrees this morning when I left for work. I’ve got all the cold weather gear to run in, but 9 degrees?? yikes, no thank you. Hopefully it’ll warm up some tomorrow. 🙂

Happy Hump Day!

Planned workouts for the week
Monday – 30 min easy run
Tuesday – Yoga
Wednesday – EA Active abs n arms
Thursday – 30 min tempo run
Friday – Zumba
Saturday or Sunday – 5 miles, and possibly a yoga class


A gift card day

27 Dec

How is your Tuesday going?

We’be spent the day showing my sister in law around town. It’s been a gift card kind of day. Last night when she got into town we had dinner at Olive Garden using gift cards from my parents. We started today with Starbucks lattes (gc from my boss) and an AWESOME peppermint brownie pop.


So good.

We showed her around town and stopped at a great small local restaurant for lunch (gc from my parents). After lunch we came home and all fell asleep.

Gelsey chilled out in my underwear drawer…


Up next is some hot yoga for me and sis-in-law and a delivery dinner+movie+wine.

Tomorrow we’re hoping to go see the new Muppets movie, with a gift card from my parents.