2014 Goals Update

31 Jul

It’s (past) the mid year, so time to check on the goals I set for myself for 2014 at the beginning of the year.

Healthy Living

Strength Training. Strength Training. Strength Training.  I have pretty consistently been attending BodyPump 2-3 times a week and am loving the gains I am seeing. Doing well on this one.

Run Marathon #2 – Wineglass Marathon in October.  Training in Progress. ;)

Focus on water intake.  I was doing really awesome at this one for a while but in the past month or two have slacked. Time to refocus on this.

Yoga. What is it about yoga and my inability to commit to it? Ugh. I am trying to work in BodyFlow on the weekends if I can, especially as my running mileage increases. I still struggle with prioritization of this even though I know how good it can be for my hips and running.

Quality over Quantity with races.  I only have one more big race this year – the WIneglass Marathon. I do miss having lots of Halfs to look forward to but I’m hoping it’ll all be worth it when I finished the marathon. :)

Focus on fresh and unprocessed. This will probably always be in progress, but I am getting more and more comfortable cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients. Meal planning and prepping on weekends has been super helpful to success in this area too.


Focus on far away friends. I need to focus on this more for the remainder of the year.

More reading.  I am getting better at making time to read though I do feel like it’s still less time than I would hope for.

Focus on living in the now. This is something I do struggle with but am still working on doing. I do feel overall less stressed out during the daily grind lately, and try not to get overwhelmed with minuscule things. A work in progress for sure.

At Home

Finish the basement of the house.  DONE! So happy with how it turned out and so glad the renovations are over. :)

Paint the interior. No progress on this, not gonna lie I find it super intimidating.


I’ve got some things to continue to work on so it was nice to revisit these goals and seem where I’m at!

ProCompression Calf Sleeves + Discount Code

28 Jul

As part of my Sweat Pink Ambassadorship I received a pair of ProCompression Calf Sleeves for free in exchange for a review on my blog. I volunteered for this opportunity, and all opinions are my own.

I am a huge fan of ProCompression socks as evidenced by my photos from the Hershey 10k earlier this year. Hershey 10k 2014 (1)

I love the variety of colors they offer and feel that their products are the perfect amount of snugness for me. While the photo above shows me wearing them for a race I usually opt to wear them for recovery after a run.

I also own a bar of Zensah compression sleeves that I bought when I was training for my first half marathon that I LOVE. They are a good option for recovery when I want to be able to wear flip flops or not have my feet covered.

When I had the opportunity to try out the ProCompression Calf Sleeves I jumped on board because I was interested to see how they measured up to the socks and the Zensah compression sleeves.

I have worn them twice for recovery – once after my 12 miler a few weeks ago when I was going to be driving for a few hours afterwards, and once last week after a 7 mile tempo run.



I have to say, I really really like them. Compared to the ProCompression socks, they feel like very similar fabric and weight and are very snug just like the ProCompression socks are.

As far as comparing to the Zensah Calf Sleeves I already own, I think the ProCompression Calf Sleeves are much snugger. The Zensah sleeves also seem to be a slightly different material (they feel more sweat wicking, but I couldn’t find the materials for both pair of calf sleeves to compare for sure). I honestly will continue to use all three products (ProCompression socks, calf sleeves and Zensah sleeves).

If you want to try out a pair (or 2 ;) ) of ProCompression Socks or Calf Sleeves you can use the code “PINK” to get 40% off an entire purchase. This is a great (cheap) way to try out ProCompression products if you have been curious! (Note that I don’t get a kickback from you using that coupon code or anything, it was provided to the Sweat Pink community to provide to our readers. :) ).

Tweet: I #KeepItTight w/ @PROCompression! Use the code PINK for 40% OFF your entire purchase! http://ctt.ec/W2UDL+ @fitapproach #sweatpink

Happy Recovery!

Wineglass Marathon Training (Week 7)

25 Jul

Holy crap week 7!

I’ve really enjoyed the change in running plans I’ve made over the past 2 weeks. The mileage is higher during the week, and it is a bit intense but I am loving the change of pace (literally). Every time I hit the prescribed paces for the workouts I feel really confident that I can do this. :)

I have a Half Marathon this weekend but I didn’t really taper this week running-wise because well, my end goal is the Wineglass Marathon. So we will see how it goes with no real tapering. :) I did cut back on my cross training though – honestly it wasn’t intentional but I have felt soooo tired. Maybe its from changing my training plan, I dunno. But I decided to listen to my body and go with it so that I don’t burn myself out. Mainly that meant I missed my BodyPump classes this week and a spinning class.

On Friday of last week I squeezed in my 12 miler before hitting the road to go to Philadelphia to visit a friend. We had a great time that included doing a color run! I am never one to turn down the opportunity to do one of these, so though this was my fourth we had an awesome time. We walked it because my friend is still recovering from knee surgery and had a great time taking in the sights and chatting while getting doused in color.

Saturday – Color Run 5k!

Sunday – BodyPump* + BodyFlow* (Basically yoga) – I switched from RPM to BodyFlow last minute but was really glad I did. My hips were feeling like they were in a vice and this definitely loosened me up. I may do this more and more as my mileage increases.

Monday – 3 miles of speedwork (some 1200s and 800s)

Tuesday – BodyAttack*

Wednesday – 7 mile tempo run (1 miles warm up, 5 at pace, 1 cool down)

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Rest

Total Miles: 13 (3 walking), though maybe it’s more like 25 since the 12 miler *should* have been during this week. Haha. I gotta stop moving things around.

*Links for more information: BodyPump, BodyFlowBodyAttack

Tomorrow I’ll be running the half marathon and sunday I’m planning to take a full on rest day so I can hit the ground running next week.

Have a great weekend!

Change of (Training) Plans

24 Jul

Remember when I wrote about being scared to be fast? (It’s perfectly acceptable to think “uh… no” haha) At the end of that post I mentioned that I made a plan to get faster, to make myself feel uncomfortable, to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Since I was only/already 5 weeks into Marathon Training I didn’t want to change things up too much but I wanted to find a way to push myself a little bit. After a good deal of research, and talking with some folks knowledgeable in these things I decided to look into the FIRST Run Faster, Run Less Program. I downloaded the eBook and downloaded the app (there’s probably an iOS version too).

The jist of the program is 3 runs per week, one with some speed work, one as a tempo run, and one long run. Every workout has a set of prescribed paces that are based on your most recent 5k time.

I decided to do one week of it and see how I felt and then decide if I wanted to continue so I found the week that corresponded to how far I was away from my marathon. The long run distances and total weekly mileage matched up almost exactly to where I was in my training plan, and I was already incorporating speed work and race pace runs every week so I hoped it would be an easy transition.

I loved the first week. The constantly changing paces and workouts kept me really interested.

So I continued onto the next week, and after finishing up my tempo run yesterday (7 miles, 5 at pace!) I am hooked.

The paces prescribed for me for speed work and the “pace” part of the tempo runs are faster than I am used to, but totally completely doable. I finished yesterday thrilled that I was able to hold the prescribed pace for 5 miles straight!

In other training plans the word “tempo” would freak me out – I would mentally defeat myself before I even stepped out the door to run. But this time around I am loving them and loving the feeling of achievement I get afterwards. I’m betting that means the paces that I have to run are pretty much perfect – not too fast that it feels impossible, but still challenging.

I’m still trying to ease into this new plan but so far I am really enjoying it. Cutting down to 3 runs a week from 4 is actually really really refreshing. The one thing I struggle with is in the book they say to only do specific types of cross training – cycling, rowing and swimming. I am planning to take a spinning class at least once a week but also want to work in some weight lifting in the form of BodyPump. My plan for now is to listen to my body and if it feels like too much, I’ll have no issue cutting out a class. I also plan to lower my weights on the leg tracks.

So that’s where I’m at right now in my training. :)


Running on Vacation (Tuesdays on the Run)

22 Jul
Tuesdays on the Run

Every Tuesday I am joining a link up with MCM Mamma Runs, Run the Great Wide Somewhere and My No Guilt Life. You can find out more about the link up here.

This weeks topic: Running while on vacation.

I have often found ways to incorporate running into my vacation. However I stand by one golden rule: if it’s going to impede your primary goal of vacation (usually relaxation) it’s just.not.worth.it. Recently when I traveled to Miami with some friends we were go go go the entire time. Waking up early to run would have exhausted me and prevented me from enjoying the late nights. I packed my running shoes and clothes but no running happened, and I was completely, 100% okay with that.

When I am going on a vacation that I think I’ll be able to incorporate running into there are a few things I do.

1. Pack Appropriately – I think through how many times I will run during that vacation, realistically. I make sure to pack anything I would run with at home – Garmin, Road ID, etc – so that there is no reason (except for the golden rule above) to not do it.

2013-11-05 11.44.19

2. Do the Research – Before leaving home I’ll look up running routes using mapmyrun.com, and also look at the hotel website to see if they have a gym with treadmill available. Once I’m at my location if I am staying at a hotel I will often ask the front desk for good, SAFE running routes. I ask questions like “are there many people running there?” “is it a safe place for me to be running by myself?”. It’s important to not only be informed on where you can run but how safe your environment is. 

2013-11-04 06.30.39

Quick story – I was in Phoenix, Arizona for a conference a few years ago and the hotel gave me a card with a running route on it (super impressive). Unfortunately the route led me into some areas I was VERY uncomfortable with, so listening to my intuition, I turned around. I later found out that there had been an outbreak of crime in the area I ran through – particularly violence against women. Lesson learned. Now I do as much research as I can before I leave. and of course, always listen to your intuition.

3. Run Early – I don’t want vacation to be primarily about my running so I try to fit it in in the early mornings before the hubby is even awake (if he is traveling with me). This works well for work trips too as there’s when there’s often long days followed by dinners and happy hours. Additional bonus: if you are at a gorgeous location you are treated to wonderful views of the sunrise that you wouldn’t get at home.

4. Race! While not every vacation can be a race-centric there are often opportunities to run in local races in the location you are visiting. This gives you the opportunity to see areas you may not have have had the opportunity to check out otherwise and meet some of the locals. Runningintheusa.com is a great resource to find local races within the United States.

5. If it doesn’t happen, move on. Don’t beat yourself up if you are unable to fit in your runs like you hoped. Remember the primary reason for why you are out of town. If it’s not a race-centric trip your runs will be there waiting for you when you get home.

I think that running is one of the best ways to explore new places and keeping these things in mind I have been able to successfully keep up my running through many vacations.


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