Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training (Week 10)

18 Apr

I was able to get back into a groove this week since I wasn’t traveling mid-week, and it felt good! I am getting excited that there are only 2 more weekend long runs until race day! yay! In addition, I am loving BodyAttack more and more!!! I took at 6am class this week which was a GREAT way to start the day. I plan on swapping out one of my RPM (Spinning) classes to do this when possible.

Saturday – BodyPump

Sunday – Hershey 10k! Recap coming soon!

Monday – 3 miles easy + RPM – I got to do this run outside over my lunch break, it was great to run outside in the nice weather we were having that day. Made it an easy one since my calfs were feeling a bit tight from the hills during the Hershey 10k the previous day.

Tuesday – 3 miles easy + Sh’Bam + BodyPump – I got to do this run outside too, yay! I did it in the early morning instead of over lunch to free up my work day a bit. My legs were still really tight so I took it real easy with plenty of walk breaks. Also did Sh’Bam and BodyPump in the evening.

Wednesday – BodyAttack – My gym is trying out a 45 minute format and it was awesome and super intense. Being done by 6:45am was great though. I had a major endorphin rush!

Thursday – 3 miles hills on the treadmill + BodyPump – Was planning to do 5 miles but, I had limited time, read yesterday’s post about the trouble with mid-week longish runs for my thoughts on my struggle with planned runs like this.

Friday – P90X3 Yoga X – The hubby is currently doing P90X3 and since my legs and hips have been feeling tight I did the Yoga X video this morning. It was great to get up and move despite it being a rest day. But I also don’t feel like I pushed myself *too* hard. I should be good to go for tomorrows long run!

*Links for more information: BodyPumpRPM, Sh’Bam, BodyAttack

Total Miles: 15.2
Strength Work Classes: 3 (goal of 3 a week)
Cardio Classes: 3 (goal of 2 a week)
Yoga Classes: 1 (goal of 1 a week)

Tomorrow I have an 11 mile run planned, and Sunday I’m hoping to squeeze in the first 45 minutes of a BodyPump class before I have to head out to shower and head to Easter Brunch.

Have a great weekend guys and a great Easter if that is your thing!

The trouble with mid week long-ish runs

17 Apr

Overall, I have been pretty happy with how my training has gone for the Pittsburgh Half in 16 days (so close – yay!). But there has one thing that has been difficult that I’ve got to figure out.

Mid week runs longer than 3 miles.

I’m not sure what it is – lowered motivation since it’s wednesday or thursday, genuine lack of time, boredom of running, or something else – but I have struggled this entire training cycle with fitting in runs over 3 miles during the week days.

Weekend long runs are no problem – I get up saturday morning and get out the door to get the miles done. But doing 5 miles on a wednesday or thursday – I just cannot. do. Almost every time I end up cutting down to 3 miles. I am pretty good at making excuses – some are legit (when I have plans with friends or someting), and some aren’t as legit (when I’m just not feeling it or my legs feel a little lethargic).

This may be a slow-runner problem too – a 3 mile easy run takes me about 40 minutes. 5 miles, we’re talking over an hour. That’s a large chunk of time to try to fit in and be motivated for after the workweek has been going for a while.  

I have tried running in the mornings before work, which requires waking up superearly since I have to get to work at 8. I can’t do these runs over my lunch break at work – it would take to long for me to get to the gym, run, shower change and get back to my desk. and the evenings in general are tough for me for running – my motivation is low and in general I feel very tired.

I promise I’m not trying to shoot myself in the foot here, I’m just explaining what I have tried and why I haven’t been able to be consistent with it.

Maybe I need to shift my running schedule around so I do the longer mid week ones on monday before the tiredness of the work week kicks in. Maybe I just need to give it up and plan my training with 3 3-mile max runs during the work week. 

I’m not really sure what the right answer is, but I’ve gotta figure it out before I start marathon training in the next few months.

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training (Week 9) & Hershey 10k Goals

11 Apr

This past week was a bit rough, my runs just weren’t feeling so great. I also was traveling from work tuesday to wednesday so we know how that goes – had to shift some things around and take an extra rest day. My cross training was also not fabulous this week, but what can ya do. I’m trying to roll with it. :)

Saturday – 10 miles easy pace
Sunday – BodyPump* + RPM*
Monday – 3 miles hills
Tuesday – 3 miles on the hotel treadmill quickly before heading out to a networking dinner.
Wednesday – Rest day – presented at the conference, drove back from Pittsburgh and crashed on the couch.
Thursday – BodyPump + 3 miles easy – was supposed to be 5 but wowsa my calfs were tight. I just listened to my body and cut it short.
Friday – Rest day

*Links for more information: BodyPumpRPM 

Total Miles: 19
Strength Work Classes: 2 (goal of 3 a week) sadface
Cardio Classes: 1 (goal of 2 a week) double sadface

Tomorrow I am hoping to hit up an early BodyPump class before heading to Hershey!!! My FIRST RACE of the year is this weekend at the Hershey 10k! yah00!! Last year I was such a racing maniac that I had done a ton of races earlier in the year than this but since this year I am focusing on quality over quantity, I have tried to hold back a bit until the spring race season really gets going.

I am pretty excited about the Hershey 10k, though I honestly have no real goals (ha, tricked you with the title, huh). Last year I was aiming to PR, and I did. This year I just want to enjoy it and have fun. If I end up surprising myself with a PR I’d be thrilled but with the Pittsburgh Half in 3 weeks I am by no means holding out hope it’ll happen.

So that’s what I’ve been up to on the running front. In other news, the basement is almost done being finished!!!! I can’t wait to post an update on how it’s turned out soon. I love it, and the process has been pretty painless but in all honesty I am ready to get back to my normal routine and have our house back in order. Hopefully that will all happen soon. :)

Have a good weekend!!!

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training (Week 8)

4 Apr

Saturday marks 4 weeks til race day! It’s coming up quick and I’m getting super excited!

Yesterday I stocked up on some fuel options. :)

This time I am experimenting with eating some sports beans before longer runs/races. I was using Gus for this in the past but found it was sometimes difficult to find water to drink with it right before the race started.

Our basement is progressing, it should be finished by the end of next week which is really exciting! I got in most of my runs on the work gym treadmill this week. You do what you gotta do!

I also checked out a new class at the gym this week – BodyAttack. It is also a Les Mills class – according to the Les Mills website, BODYATTACK™ is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises. 

I really enjoyed it – it was lots of running and high knees, some strength work (we did a bazillion pushups), ab work and lots of jumping! I get more than enough cardio throughout the week but I think I will be incorporating this class into my schedule when I can. It was fun to mix it up!

Saturday – 3 miles race pace
Sunday – BodyPump* + RPM*
Monday – 3 miles hills
Tuesday – 3 miles speedwork + Sh’Bam* + BodyPump
Wednesday – RPM + 5 miles at race pace. I did take a walk break every mile during this run because I was on the treadmill and needed to break things up. I did all the running portions at race pace or a bit faster, so yay!
Thursday – BodyPump + BodyAttack*
Friday – Rest

*Links for more information: BodyPumpRPM and Sh’Bam and BodyAttack.

Total Miles: 14
Strength Work Classes: 3 (goal of 3 a week)
Cardio Classes: 4 (goal of 2 a week)

This weekend I have a 10 miler planned for tomorrow, and BodyPump and maybe RPM on Sunday. I’m feeling excited/nervous about 10 miles tomorrow. I know I can *do* it – but I haven’t run over 10 miles since the Wineglass Half in October!

Next week I am traveling for work for one night so my schedule will be a bit off, but I will be focusing on getting in the mileage I need to, though I may end up missing out on a BodyPump class.

Have a good weekend!! :)

Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training (Week 7)

31 Mar

Whoops – friday and the weekend sort of got away from me!

Our basement renovations are in full force and we spent saturday furniture shopping and seeing Divergent in the theater. We found a great sectional for the basement, and as far as Divergent…eh. Read the books for sure. The hubby thought the movie was entertaining but I personally did not think it did the book justice. It was okay, but the books are better, in my opinion. ;)

Last week was the first full week that I didn’t have use of my home treadmill due to the basement renos. I know, I know #firstworldrunnerproblems right? I got the mileage in for the most part but it took shifting things around and running at the gym at work over lunch, which is an interesting experience for sure. Going back to work with an endorphin rush is a bit of a double edged sword – I’m all energetic and happy, but it also makes it a little bit tough to focus for the first hour of the afternoon.

Anyhow, here’s how things went.

Saturday the 22nd – 9 miles easy
Sunday – BodyPump* + RPM* – RPM felt really really hard this time. I think because of the 9 mile run the previous day. It is great for shaking my legs out and keeping them loose but I may have to back off on Sunday morning RPM as I get into higher mileage.
Monday – 3 miles hills (treadmill) – did this in 38:58, wowsa. Something about a different treadmill sped me up I guess.
Tuesday – 3 miles speed work + Sh’Bam* + BodyPump
Wednesday – Unplanned rest – I was exhausted so I opted to skip morning RPM. Definitely the right choice!
Thursday – BodyPump + 4 miles easy. My plan called for 5 miles, but I was meeting some friends for happies so I had to cut my run a mile short.
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 3 miles. I planned to run a 5k this morning but I woke up feeling dizzy, not sure why. After we furniture shopped and went to the movie I managed to make it to the gym and run 3 miles on the treadmill in 37:27. Pretty happy with that!
Sunday – BodyPump + RPM

*Links for more information: BodyPumpRPM and Sh’Bam.

Overall I got it done. Hopefully this week will go a bit smoother since I know how to fit things into my schedule now!


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