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Running on Vacation (Tuesdays on the Run)

22 Jul
Tuesdays on the Run

Every Tuesday I am joining a link up with MCM Mamma Runs, Run the Great Wide Somewhere and My No Guilt Life. You can find out more about the link up here.

This weeks topic: Running while on vacation.

I have often found ways to incorporate running into my vacation. However I stand by one golden rule: if it’s going to impede your primary goal of vacation (usually relaxation) it’s just.not.worth.it. Recently when I traveled to Miami with some friends we were go go go the entire time. Waking up early to run would have exhausted me and prevented me from enjoying the late nights. I packed my running shoes and clothes but no running happened, and I was completely, 100% okay with that.

When I am going on a vacation that I think I’ll be able to incorporate running into there are a few things I do.

1. Pack Appropriately – I think through how many times I will run during that vacation, realistically. I make sure to pack anything I would run with at home – Garmin, Road ID, etc – so that there is no reason (except for the golden rule above) to not do it.

2013-11-05 11.44.19

2. Do the Research – Before leaving home I’ll look up running routes using mapmyrun.com, and also look at the hotel website to see if they have a gym with treadmill available. Once I’m at my location if I am staying at a hotel I will often ask the front desk for good, SAFE running routes. I ask questions like “are there many people running there?” “is it a safe place for me to be running by myself?”. It’s important to not only be informed on where you can run but how safe your environment is. 

2013-11-04 06.30.39

Quick story – I was in Phoenix, Arizona for a conference a few years ago and the hotel gave me a card with a running route on it (super impressive). Unfortunately the route led me into some areas I was VERY uncomfortable with, so listening to my intuition, I turned around. I later found out that there had been an outbreak of crime in the area I ran through – particularly violence against women. Lesson learned. Now I do as much research as I can before I leave. and of course, always listen to your intuition.

3. Run Early – I don’t want vacation to be primarily about my running so I try to fit it in in the early mornings before the hubby is even awake (if he is traveling with me). This works well for work trips too as there’s when there’s often long days followed by dinners and happy hours. Additional bonus: if you are at a gorgeous location you are treated to wonderful views of the sunrise that you wouldn’t get at home.

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Caught the sunrise before my bridge/hill work this a.m.

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4. Race! While not every vacation can be a race-centric there are often opportunities to run in local races in the location you are visiting. This gives you the opportunity to see areas you may not have have had the opportunity to check out otherwise and meet some of the locals. Runningintheusa.com is a great resource to find local races within the United States.

5. If it doesn’t happen, move on. Don’t beat yourself up if you are unable to fit in your runs like you hoped. Remember the primary reason for why you are out of town. If it’s not a race-centric trip your runs will be there waiting for you when you get home.

I think that running is one of the best ways to explore new places and keeping these things in mind I have been able to successfully keep up my running through many vacations.

Miami + Wineglass Marathon Training (Week 4)

7 Jul

My weekly recap is delayed because I spent much of last week and weekend recovering from an epic road trip and weekend in MIAMI.

Yes, Miami. It was so worth every mile of that long drive from Pennsylvania to about as south in Florida as you can get!!! We had a great time filled with many drinks, late nights, and oh yea, cuban pastries. Not to mention driving there and back!!!

Needless to say, running completely fell of the radar while I was out of town (I took my running shoes with me, but realized quickly it just wasn’t going to happen). I did my best to get in the miles I could once I was back home. In all I missed just 2 runs in the training plan, so I think I did pretty okay. 🙂 I also napped a TON over the holiday weekend (Happy Independence Day to those who celebrate, by the way!), so hopefully this week will be somewhat back to normal. 🙂

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday – Miami and Traveling Home!

Wednesday – 3 miles that were pretty speedy thanks to fresh legs.

Thursday – Yoga in the AM + BodyAttack* and BodyPump* in the PM. I woke up early to run but my legs were just.not.having.it. So I did P90x3 yoga instead!

Friday – 10 miles 2/1 run/walk intervals. Slow and really difficult. Glad I took advantage of the holiday weekend to get my long run in early though!

Total Miles: 13

*Links for more information: BodyPumpBodyAttack

No routine…

11 Nov

Hey guys! How’s everything going? I know I’ve been a little MIA. Going into November I knew it was going to be one of those months. Those months full of fun but busy stuff, with little time for routine. And I am a creature of routine. So this is a little tough for me, not gonna lie.

Last week I was in Richmond VA for 4 days for a conference for work. I presented at it, which was super fun but also super nerve wracking, but I also want to do it again – sort of like a Half Marathon – haha.

I did manage to get in a few runs along their “canal walk” but honestly, the route I took (recommended by the hotel) was not populated enough for me to really relax and feel safe while I was running. I felt constantly on alert. bummer. Better safe than sorry though.


If the hotel had had a gym I probably would have been able to squeeze more than 2 runs in. Oh well.

I spent thursday and friday of last week trying to get into a little bit of a routine – cooking again, BodyPump and running. Friday included an (insane) work happy hour (lots of alcohol… lots), and we had a wedding to attend on Saturday and I spent yesterday trying to eat half normally again (and spinning and BodyPumping).

When I went to BodyPump and Spinning on Sunday my body felt so off – I think because I haven’t been eating the best or really been able to maintain a regular exercise routine. I have never had that happen before, but I realized how much indulging when in Richmond and then at happy hour has affected how I feel overall. Luckily, I have been craving greens (but not wanting to by salad ingredients for home for fear they would go bad). So, yesterday and today I picked up salad bar salads, trying to do what I can.

The rest of November includes more traveling and than the Thanksgiving holiday. It will all be really fun and exciting, but I think I need to focus more on eating properly even when I’m away from home (and limiting the alcohol…). The way I have been feeling has just not been the best and I need to treat my body better in these situations where I’m away from my normal routine.

Apologies in advance if my posting gets (even more) sporadic over the rest of this month. 🙂

Back from the Beach

18 Mar

Hello there! I hope you all had a great week. I hope the guest posts I had lined up kept you entertained while I was away. 🙂

Last week the hubby and I were down in Delray Beach, Florida. My grandma has a timeshare down there that she offers to her kids and grandkids every year. It is a great little community and we use our time down there to RELAX. My week consisted of laying by the pool, walking along the beach, eating yummy food and lots of running. It was great and I am now sporting a tan which is pretty humorous considering they are predicting snow this afternoon. It was perfect. Not much to write about though because we really spent our time relaxing and reading and swimming. But the running I will certainly tell you ALL about. 🙂

We arrived on Saturday around 4pm, and after a decent nights rest I woke up bright and early (damn you Daylight Savings Time) to hit the road to run a local 8k. Whenever I know I’m going to be traveling I always search local running websites to see if there’s a local race I can join in. It’s a great way to break a sweat and as experience the area you are staying in! I happened to find a race that was about 20 minutes away which was perfect. Plus an 8k fit pretty nicely into my training plan. I got there early and registered. I didn’t register ahead of time in case I changed my mind. I was planning to do a 1 mile warm up, the 8k race (8k is right around 5 miles), and then a 1 mile cool down. My warmup was done in 13:18, a tad fast for my easy pace. I ended up doing the race in 1:06:37. This is not the time I wanted at all. I was hoping to do it between a 12:20 and 12:45 pace. This was about 13:15. It was a case of starting off too fast. I don’t have my garmin splits with me but I’m pretty sure my fist mile was around 11:30. oops. I just got so caught up in the start line excitement. A silly mistake. But despite my not so great finishing time, the race was really nice. It was warmer (!!!), relatively flat and pretty scenic. I loved wearing a tank top to run. 🙂

Delray Beach (1)


Monday I was planning to run, but I ended up moving it to Tuesday. My legs were still pretty tired. I did 5 miles in 1:12:05. Again not ideal, but I sort of got caught up taking pictures of the beach and my surroundings. 🙂

Delray Beach (6) Delray Beach (7) Delray Beach (8)Wednesday was better. I made the hubby run with me, knowing that he would make me go fast and nix the walk breaks. This was supposed to be an easy run per my plan, but since I sort of bonked the previous two runs I decided to make this one count. We finished 3 miles in 36:13.

Friday was my last run at the beach. 😦 It was hill run day! Since I had a good time on my last hilly run I was pretty excited. There was a drawbridge nearby so I used that as my “hill” and made sure to run up and down it once a mile for four hills total. I had a good time again – the hills really pass the time and give me something to focus on. 56:30.

Delray Beach (11)We flew home on Saturday, and our plane literally landed in snow and slush. Welcome home right? ha.

This morning I did some speedwork with a warm up and cool down for a total of 5 miles.I hit the speedy sections at an 11:44 pace, 11:36 pace and 11:30 pace. No complaints there. 🙂

So that’s what I’ve been up to vacation-wise and such. We’re slowing getting back into the groove of normal life. It stinks to be back in the cold weather though!

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Thanks to those awesome Sweat Pink ladies for helping me out!




I’m back

31 Oct


Our trip was interesting to say the least.

Between Tropical Storm Rita hitting Mexico and snow when we landed back in Philly, I think we’re ready to take staycations for a while.

But the times that were good and relaxing were truely good and relaxing. but the times that sucked – really did.

But we have an interesting story to tell.  And I’ll be sharing it here too, as soon as I can get myself together and photos uploaded and such.

Until then…

Happy Halloween!