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A tale of running shoes

24 Jun

If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed that I shared a photo of a new pair of running shoes…

Brooks PureCadence 2s!!!

I have struggled with finding a pair of running shoes that works for me over the past year.

In September-ish of last year I ordered a new pair of my beloved Saucony Kinvara 2s. 


This is the shoe I swore by for many many years. The only problem was that I consistently had blisters on the side of my toes. I figured this was just a “just deal with it” situation. Until, on a whim, the hubby and I had to kill some time between a out of town wedding and reception and got randomly fitted for shoes at a local running store. The person at the running store recommended the Altra Intuition 1.5s for me, suggesting that the wider toe box would be perfect.

So in November of last year I purchased a pair.

I loved them, for many miles. My blisters went away, and my running was pain free. I have always loved a shoe with a minimal toe drop so they were perfect at a 0 drop! However, after a few months, I tore a hole through the back of the shoe – something that has never happened to me with a running shoe. When I put them on for the Pittsburgh Half they were SO uncomfortable and rubbed the back of my foot in a weird, uncomfortable way.

It was then that I knew I would have to buy a new pair. I was a little bummed because I got slightly less mileage out of these shoes than normal, but gave Altra the benefit of the doubt (and I still do) – they are a (relatively) young running shoe company. I loved their shoe strategy overall though, so I went looking for a new Altra shoe that would fit my needs.

The new version of the Intuition adds more overall padding, which I am not a huge fan of, so I decided to try out the model The One. It had a 0 toe drop (as do all Altras), and minimal padding. 

I ordered the shoes, got them, tried them on, and they felt horrible on my feet. Like they were too long or something. Clearly they were not right for me. (Note: I am not saying anything bad about Altra, just that I had trouble finding a shoe that worked for me after.)

Back to the drawing board.

After the Pittsburgh Half and for the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half Weekend I reverted back to my Kinvara 2s. Immediately my toe blisters came back, but it was nothing I couldn’t deal with temporarily.

I hit up the Shoe Fitter booth at the Runner’s World Heartbreak Hill Half Weekend Expo (my experience in the previous link) and the awesome guy working there recommended three types of shoes for me. They would be tighter around the heel, thus preventing my foot from slipping forward, which he suspected caused my blisters. After researching the three shoes, I settled on the Brooks PureCadence 2s – the fact that they were on super clearance helped. 😉

So far, I am loving them. I have worn them on the treadmill and outside, for a max of 9 miles in one run, and so far so good.  

Hopefully I have finally found my match! 🙂

St. Patrick’s Day Virtual 5k

20 Mar

Last night I had 3 miles planned and used it as my St. Patrick’s Day Virtual 5k! You can find out more about this virtual race here.

I felt really really awesome during this run. And after the first mile or so I made it my goal to keep speeding up until the end, and to beat my 3 mile time from last week (which I think was 36:16?).

Anyhow I did both and towards the end I was running an 11 minute mile which felt great. Knowing I was doing a virtual race really pushed me to go faster. I finished the 5k in 36:56 and 3 miles in 35:4o-something. So goal achieved! I feel really good about this 5k time too!



This was also my first run in my new Kinvara 3s.

kinvara3Honestly I was a little worried because when I first put them on they felt pretty different than the 2s did on my feet. But after about a mile of running they felt great! Nice and squishy too (for the time being at least)!

This virtual 5k marks race #6 of 2013. I’m half way to my goal! I added a 13 in 2013 section on the right side over there —> which will keep count of how many races I’ve done towards my goal of the 13.


An ode to my running shoes

19 Mar

When I did my run yesterday, I realized that for about a week I have had consistent shin splints. This usually happens to me at one time and one time only. When my running shoes are ready to move on to their new life as my Zumba and kickboxing footwear.

Checking my shoe mileage confirmed it. kinvara2mileageI usually get between 300-350 miles on them, but I’m guessing the Goofy Challenge training made them wear down a little faster this time.

The treads on them are pretty flat too. Looks like it’s time to pull out the pair of Kinvara 3s that I’ve been storing in my closet.

Maybe this is going to sound silly, but honestly I’m a little sad to see my Purple Kinvara 2s go. They’ve served me well.

They have taken me through many, many walking and running miles of Goofy Challenge training,

purple and green saucony kinvara 2s

and I crossed both finish lines and became a Marathoner in those shoes.


I hit my first 100 mile month in those shoes,

and they have stood by me through the winter, many treadmill runs and a few vacations.

yaktraxDelray Beach (7)


Though I have only run in them for about five months, they are perfectly molded to my feet and held up through some of the toughest running of my life.

To my Purple Kinvara 2s, thanks for sticking with me through some of the most intense running of my life. You will always have a special place in my heart. 🙂