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21 Sep

It’s wednesday – hump day! woo!

I spent the morning at home (more on that later) and wrestling with my work email to get it to work properly. Super fun.

Yesterday after work the hubby and I went to pick up our CSA. We got lots of eggplant and one of these things…we had no idea what it was so I posted the photo on twitter asking for opinions. I quickly (gotta love twitter) found out it’s kohlrabi. I guess its a relative of the cabbage? So I’m going to try to figure out what to make with Kohlrabi and eggplant in the next week. Should be fun. 🙂

After we picked up our CSA I went for a 30 minute run and felt pretty amazing. I wore an Air Force Marathon tech shirt I bought at the expo so maybe that was part of the reason. The hubby and I settled down to watch Dodgeball around 7:30 so that was our evening.

This morning I got to work about 8. Around 9am I started feeling super duper nausea. I knew it was probably from the medicine I’ve been taking for a week or so for my acne (it’s a known side effect). It was bad though. So I texted the hubby and asked him to come pick me up and take me home (we carpool to work together in his stick-shift car  so I couldn’t drive myself home). So from about 9:30-11 I chilled on the couch with the kitties and watched Regis & Kelly. I felt much better around 11 and got up to drive myself back into work.

Then I spent about an hour wrestling with my work email system. So wow, my morning flew by, though it wasn’t too fun.

Lunch today is egg salad on whole wheat, a green apple and the same chips I brought yesterday. The most boring lunch ever. But at least it’s in a lunch cube. 🙂Heated Yoga tonight! As long as my nausea doesn’t return at least.

Friday mystery vegetable

2 Sep

Happy Friday!

After a pretty busy morning at work, I had a half day at work today so I got out at 11am. I went straight to the grocery store and got our weekly shopping done. I saved $10 by using coupons – that’s pretty good for us since a lot of what we buy doesn’t have coupons. I was pretty psyched! The grocery store was a little bit of a mad house because the first home football game of the local team is this weekend + it’s labor day, so I got out of there as fast as i could. I had to stop by Target for a few things and I was shocked at how empty it was by comparison – it felt like a ghost town!

After running errands I came home, put the groceries away, got changed and got out the door for a long run. I’m really liking being able to squeeze them in on Fridays because then my long run is checked off the list before the weekend even really begins! I had 90 minutes planned, and I got those 90 minutes done. My ipod died within the first mile which was a bummer but I just went with it. Hearing only the sounds of my footsteps was actually a pretty nice change. I also experimented with Honey Stinger Energy Chews. They tasted good and were easy to eat but I didn’t feel the extra energy I normally feel after taking Gels. I’ll give them another shot though.

When I got home from my run I hopped in the shower. I was starving by the time I got out and luckily I had a Wegmans Frozen Bean, Cheese & Veggie burrito that I could microwave up. The burrito + some grocery store brand gatorade was the lunch of champions.

It tasted better than this picture looks.

drink of champions

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry, watching TV on and off and chopping up CSA veggies.

Lots of green beans

I came across another mystery veggie. This one is yellow and roundish. When you cut it open it looks and tastes exactly like a cucumber. So I’m guessing it’s probably another type of cucumber. Any thoughts?


The hubby and I just got done watching Forks over Knives on Netflix instant queue. I highly recommend it if you’re interested in understanding the potential impacts of diet to health. It’s not as emotionally charged as Food Inc, and instead focuses on scientific data and studies and what they show.

wow I didn’t expect to be so long winded. 🙂 I hope your Friday night is a good one!

Colorful CSA

10 Aug

Last night the hubby and I watched Food Inc. on PBS. We’d seen it before. In fact, the first time I watched it was what caused me to finally cut meat out of my diet. It was good to watch it again and really made me glad when I thought about the choices we make and where we put our food dollars. Part of that has been being a part of a CSA that a local farm participates in. We split a small share with my parents and it has provided us with plenty of veggies for the past few months.

I haven’t been sharing our CSA finds lately because it’s been a lot of the same stuff – Kale, Lettuce, Cabbage, Squash, Zucchini. But yesterday when we picked up our share I got so excited about the colorfulness and variety of this weeks box!

Here’s what was inside:

  • Watermelon – I cannot wait to sink our teeth into this, it smelled amazing
  • Tomatoes
  • Green Pepper – I have part of this packed to eat with hummus for lunch today!
  • Eggplant – This will be perfect for some stir fry
  • Cucumber – I chopped this up for hummus and snackin’
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Hot peppers – Not sure what we’re going to do with this but the hubby loves em
  • Cantaloupe (not pictured) – A whole one! I’m so excited for some fresh fruit!

CSA Box – better late than never!

19 Jul

So here were the contents of last weeks CSA box, along with how I plan on using them. Just in time to pick up our new box tonight 🙂

  • Cucumbers – chopped for salad (they were so good! they’re already gone!)
  • Small potatoes – I think I may make chips or maybe just bake them with some EVOO? Not sure
  • Yellow squash – chopped for salad and stir fry
  • Zuccini – chopped for salad and stir fry and sandwiches
  • Onion – haven’t done anything with this yet… probably will add to dinners throughout the week
  • TONS of string beans – perfect for snacking and stirfry 🙂
  • Miscellaneous greens for salads!
  • Not pictured was a little bit of kale – I made some kale chips, super yummy!

Last weeks CSA box

10 Jul

This weekend has been quite the whirlwind. Friday night we had a rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and dessert reception for a wedding the hubby was in yesterday. Lots of food was eaten, nothing particularly noteworthy.

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6am to get in a 5 mile run with my dad in the morning. It felt great to get exercise out of the way before the craziness started. I dropped the hubby off with the other groomsmen in the late morning and picked up a wegmans burrito with lots of tofy to keep me full until what I knew would be a pretty late dinner. The wedding was gorgeous – in a traditional church with gorgous stained glass. I had two hours to kill between the ceremony and cocktail hour so I actually came home, changed out of my dress and relaxed on the sofa for about an hour. It was nice. That’s the beauty of small town living 🙂

Cocktail hour was good – I consumed lots of White Zinfandel. The reception was full of eating, dancing and glow sticks! oh and more White Zin. 🙂

I haven’t drank that much in a while so this morning I’m feeling it, but focusing on rehydrating, eating and relaxing. The recipe for the perfect Sunday!

We picked up our CSA last Tuesday but in the craziness of the week I didn’t get a chance to even look through it, much less chop and clean stuff until today.  Here’s what we got and how we plan to use it:

  • Carrots – chopped for stir fry
  • Cabbage – chopped for stir fry
  • Green onion – chopped for salads
  • 1 regular potato, 3 red skinned potatos – I think we’re going to try to make homemade potato chips with them. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Kale – added to my growing stash to make a batch of kale chips
  • Various other lettuces – perfect for salad
  • A mystery veggie – see that green thing above the red skinned potato? We have no idea what it is (or how to use it). Hopefully google can help with that.